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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Ending Illegal Support For American Government

There's been some speculation what the world reaction might be to the illegal Senate-White House agreement to continue engaging in Geneva violations.

This outlines a state-level plan to end illegal support for the American government's war crimes, Geneva violations, and illegal conduct.

[May be of interest to Ron, #10 ]

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* * *

This plan targets all contractors, entities, and person who illegally support the American war crimes planning, support, infrastructure, and operations.

If the illegal activity is not stopped, more of this may happen: Ref

What You Can Do

Apply the lessons of the NSA-FISA reviews at the State-level. Encourage your friends, as you did with the State proclamations and NSA-privacy issues, to directly contact your state legislators and Attorney Generals. Encourage your state officials to review the options below, and lawfully end all cooperation with illegal contracts and other efforts which support the US Government war crimes, unlawful planning, and illegal policies.

Sample effort: State Contact Program on Privacy

Contact your State officials and attorney general here: Visit, as was done with the State Proclamation effort.

Encourage this organization to initiate, using the information below, a similar state-level outreach program to investigate, prosecute, and end all state-level illegal activity which supports the US violations of the law.

Visit blogs like this and this and encourage them to continue their work, and share your ideas on how they can focus their energies to help end the illegal state-level-support for the US government.

Visit these blogs, pick your favorite random numbers. [For stellar blog-gods/goddesses, quickly spend 30 seconds, click all the numbers to open -- For fun, click even-numbered links if your eyes are a light/fair shade of color; to be different, click odd numbers if your eyes are a dark shade of color]: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 49 50 51 52 54


Article I Section 10: States may enter into agreements when faced with imminent danger. That Members of Congress have failed to enforce the law, prevent grave breaches of Geneva is no longer imminent, but a foregone conclusion.

Article IV: All states and their sworn Constitutional officers have the power and duty to enforce the law and Constitution when primary actors at Federal Government fail, refuse, or violate the Supreme Law. This power has been asserted by states when investigating the illegal release of private data in violation state privacy statutes.

Article IV: States shall afford full faith and credit to all proceedings in all other states. When one state finds evidence of illegal support to the US Government, that activity cannot lawfully be hidden from public examination. Threat to prosecute the media for disclosing these illegal plans are not enforceable.

Article IV Section 1: Congress may make rules, but this is not an exclusive power. When Congress is silent, state proceedings are applicable in all other states. State findings of fact about illegal state-level support for the US government must be recognized by all other states.

Article IV Section 2: The President is considered "a person" for prosecution, state level action, and State judicial review. States have power to prosecute felonies. State findings of fact related to illegal war crimes planning, Geneva violations, or other US Government planning can be used to prosecute the President for violations of State law while the President is in office. [This is lawful, here's how ]

Article IV Section 4: The US Shall Guarantee to each state a republican form of Government. When that guarantee is violated, States may lawfully organize themselves, work with other nations to restore order and protect the Constitution. Congress and the Executive have no lawful power to prevent the States from taking lawful action to enforce the Geneva conventions, prevent violations, or prosecute state level contractors that illegally support illegal US Government activity.


Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal: Those who fail to prevent illegal war crimes can be indicted for war crimes.

Nuremburg: Civilian contractors may be indicted for war crimes when they support illegal combat or unlawful violations of Geneva.

State-level efforts to review privacy statutes, and compel discovery of contactors which violate state law.

States have brought suit against the contractors involved in the illegal NSA surveillance. States may lawfully target all contractors, entities, and persons who engage in illegal activity within their state. Vermont New Jersey.

* * *

The President and Members of Congress have illegally agreed to continue illegal and unlawful Geneva violations. Under the laws of war, other nations may lawfully retaliate in kind against American prisoners of war, which may include the Congressional leadership, civilian prisoners, and other detained non-combatants. The illegal course of conduct puts at risk the lives of American citizens and unfairly jeopardizes their Constitutional guarantees.

Article IV requires the United States to Guarantee a Republican Form of government. A Republic no longer exists when the Supreme Law, Geneva conventions, and laws of war are ignored, and their violation is sanctioned through illegal agreements. The illegal agreement unlawfully denies judicial review or other oversight to review the existing illegal Geneva violations 1997-2006. The unlawful agreement illegally destroys all State's guarantee to a republican form of government.

The Constitution provides states with a remedy. Article IV permits the States to lawfully organize, seek foreign assistance, and engage in State-level efforts to Protect their republican form of government.

This plan outlines the list of issues your state attorney general may wish to review with your State leadership, Governor and elected officials.

* * *

The illegal agreement between the Senate and President to continue violating Geneva is contrary to public policy. State level officials must review the precedents of Nuremburg to review their legal obligations. State officials in New Jersey and Vermont, among others, have correctly reviewed their legal obligations to enforce state law against contractors who have violated State laws, and have started investigations to review illegal activity within their states.

Similarly, state officials have a duty to cease and desist any and all support for the Federal Government. All State officials are required to review any and all state contracts, memoranda of agreement, and other arrangements. The current support which State level officials must review falls into three General categories: (1) Material support; (2) Financial support; and (3) Human resource support.


States may prosecute US Attorneys, DOJ Staff, and other Federal government general counsels who violate State laws in supporting illegal Geneva violations. The States, through the State Bar Disciplinary board, must organize their investigation efforts, and lawfully target for disbarment all Federally-assigned personnel assigned to their state which have allegedly been linked with illegal war crimes planning, operations, policies, illegal orders, or unlawful opinions. Ex 1 Ex 2

The basis for prosecution may include disbarment for violation of the US law, war crimes prosecutions, and any other cause of action related to violation of specific ministerial duties. All state licensed employees are required to take an oath to the US Constitution. Where the US government fails to enforce Federal law, the States may lawfully bring suit to enforce this law. The Federal Government has no legal standing to prevent enforcement of the law, especially the State level statutes which require all citizens, contractors, and entities to only engage in lawful conduct.

It is a violation of Federal and State law and Constitution to engage in war crimes. The States have standing to enforce this requirement, and lawfully prosecute all Federal officials assigned to their state jurisdictions. States may prosecute state citizens and entities which engage in war crimes, cooperate with the illegally enterprise, or otherwise fail to remove themselves from the illegal Federal Government activity.

States may also engage in discovery to enforce state law, openly share their findings, and the judicial findings of fact by one state are admissible and enforceable in all other states and in Federal Court.

* * *

Here's a sample discussion on working with Maryland to lawfully shut off all power to the NSA. Visit The NSA modernization programs can lawfully be jeopardized. Where Congress and the President illegally violate Article 1 Section 9, and illegally spend money on unlawful things, all infrastructure related to that unlawful conduct can be lawfully shut down, and denied energy, electricity, fuel, and other material support otherwise required to support the illegal activity.

Here is the range of activity you can expect the Congress and President to take in the coming months: More illegal orders, agreements, and abrogation.

* * *

The Federal Government's illegal agreement between the Senate and President to engage in war crimes is unlawful. All procedures, rules, orders, or policies which spring from this illegal agreement should be presumed to be illegal.

The States must lawfully target for immediate end of operations all economic support, contractual arrangements, and anything the state provides to the Federal government.

Financial support includes transferring funds to the Federal government under any financial arrangement. It is the burden of the Federal government to provide in Federal court that these contracts do not serve an illegal objective; and that the state-federal government contracts remain in full force.

State officials have the power to compel State auditors to review under Statement of Accounting Standard 70 (SAS70) the internal controls of any and all state level institutions which do business with the Federal Government, and report publicly whether the state entities do or do not have sufficient internal controls to detect cooperation with illegal activity, war crimes, or unlawful Federal Government objectives.

State officials may lawfully prosecute any and all individuals, labor resources, management, and other individuals who illegally continue to support unlawful Federal Government war crimes. The states may lawfully issue cease work orders, and lawfully compel any and all entities which continue their illegal support for the unlawful Federal government actions to appear under subpoena and provide evidence. The Federal Government has no lawful power to thwart the State level efforts to conduct this inquiry, nor may the Federal Government lawfully threaten individual in any state with retaliation for enforcing the US Constitution, or taking action to prevent illegal Geneva violations.

State level officials may lawfully review all resources, contracts, and other material support for the Federal Government. There is no lawful basis for the Federal Government to thwart State review of this illegal activity, or prevent the states from prosecuting state level entities for illegally supporting unlawful Federal Government objectives, plans, and policies.

* * *

All state laws in all states prohibit illegal activity. It is irrelevant whether the illegal activity is domestic, at the Federal level, or overseas. State law and public policy does not recognize illegal support to criminals. It is irrelevant that the alleged criminals are Members of Congress and the President.

State officials can and must assert their oaths, enforce the law, and refuse to support illegal activity.

There is no lawful foundation for Congress to say that the state action interferes with exclusive Article 1 Section 8 powers of Congress to regulate trade between the states. Congress does not have the power to permit illegal activity, or prevent states from regulating illegal activity within their state that may or may not come from outside their state.

State Government Action

States are lawfully permitted to refuse to work with contractors, trucking companies, freight, rail lines, utility companies, and other entities which illegally support unlawful Federal operations.

States may review any and all records of any state level entity that provides power, shipping, fuel, or any other logistics support to any Federal entity with their states jurisdiction.

States may lawfully prosecute any and all truck drivers, freight supervisors, or fuel dispatchers, utility boards of directors, or any other corporate officer or employee who illegally delivers, promises, or sells fuel, energy, supplies, food, water, or any other material support to any Federal entity.

The states may lawfully shut down all shipments of food, water, power, and any other commodity to Federal facilities within their state which supports illegal war crimes.

Sates may shut down, lawfully block, and interfere with illegal shipments of commodities when those shipments are related to illegal war crimes.

Sates may shut down rail lines, block railway freight, and take over efforts to deny Federal installations of delivery when that material may be used for illegal war crimes.

States may force the contractors working in support of illegal government activities to prove their activities are legal, unrelated to war crimes, and only for lawful purposes.

States may lawfully require all public corporations, boards of directors, and all state certified employees to report in writing under penalty of perjury that they are aware of these requirement; do or do not have knowledge of illegal US government activity; and that they have or have not removed themselves from the illegal government operations.

The states may lawfully prosecute any state certified employee, board of director, or state charted institution for false statements related to their failure to correctly, timely, or accurately report whether they are or are not in direct or indirect material support with physical resources, equipment contracts, financial, or human resource support that directly or indirectly supports illegal US government activities, violations of Geneva, or war crimes.

States may lawfully require public and private auditors to increase audit scope per Statement on Accounting Standard 99 to detect, identify, and report on indicators of unlawful activity related to illegal US government activity.

States may lawfully compel auditors to provide in writing certifications of their Statement on Accounting Standard 70, which requires an auditor to test the internal controls of a corporation, and report publicly their findings whether the state level entity, target of the audit engagement, or other audit related target does or does not have sufficient internal controls in place to detect activity which may directly or indirectly support illegal US government operations.

States may lawfully shut down all logistics support to all material and logistics centers to any Federal entity which supports illegal war crimes or provides services, support, planning, and indirect support for illegal activity, Geneva violations, or other unlawful government operations, planning, and arrangements.

States may lawfully compel state-level entities, contractors, employees, and other intermediaries to provide a public certificate of compliance that they are not directly or indirectly providing resources, support, or assistance to the Federal Government for purposes of engage in, supporting, or otherwise assisting in illegal war crimes, violations of the laws of war, or other illegal activity. Failure to display this certificate as required could result in prosecution, and probable cause to issue a warrant for the arrest of the government-related contractors for alleged war crimes related activity, planning, organization, support, or involvement.

* * *

States have the legal obligation to refuse to cooperate with the illegal Federal government agreements, plans, and other objectives which violate the laws of war.

State governors and their attorney generals may lawfully craft policy, rules, procedures which enforce their state criminal statutes. All states have the explicit and implicit statutory requirement to prosecute any person, entity, contractor, or intermediary which illegal provides direct or indirect support to illegal violations of state and federal law.

State officials through the state corporate charters may lawfully imprison boards of directors and all personnel who illegally provide assistance to DoD or DoJ unlawful plans or objectives.

State may lawfully investigate any and all state licensed attorneys who may be engaged in illegal activity, are assigned to the Department of Justice, Congress, Department of Defense or any other entity which illegally plans to continue violating the laws of war.

State are no longer required to honor Memorandums of Agreement with the Federal Government when those MOAs support illegal war crimes, unlawful federal objectives, or illegal policies.

States may lawfully shut down, investigate, and review any and all entities, personnel, and firms currently engaged in illegal war crimes planning. Discovery may include copies of all memoranda, working papers, briefings, notes, and other documents related to the current war crimes planning.

Federal law does not recognize executive privilege, secrecy, or claims of immunity when there are issues of fraud as is the case here. The president, Department of Justice, and other US Attorneys may not lawfully threaten prosecution, lawsuit, or take legal action against any State employee who enforces state law.

States may lawfully prevent state entities from providing food, fuel, energy, gasoline, spare parts, jet fuel, batteries, energy supplies, utility maintenance, and other contact services designed to assist, support, or modernize the Federal government operations used to support illegal activity.

* * *

The President and Members of Congress are alleged war criminals. Their authority is no longer legal. Although the US Federal government has yet to provide lawful replacement, it is legal for the State officials to presume that all Presidential orders, directives, and other direction are illegal until the President proves that the orders are lawful.

State officials may prosecute any citizen who illegally assists, supports, or assents to any illegal Presidential order. State officials must remind their state citizen that they must refrain from supporting, assisting, or providing any assistance to the United States government, President, or Members of Congress.

No state, entity, corporation, agent, person may lawfully cooperate with or lawfully recognize the President's illegal activities, or agreements with Congress. All Presidential orders should be presumed to be illegal, with the sole objective to support directly or indirectly illegal warfare, Geneva violations, or other unlawful objectives.

State officials may lawfully refuse to recognize all Presidential signing statements. The President has failed to enforce the law, and may be presumed to be engaged in illegal activity.

The Congress, courts, and executive have no lawful power to compel any US citizens to cooperate with illegal activity. All lawful orders and other contracts unrelated to illegal activity remain in full forces.

* * *

States may lawfully seek assistance from foreign governments to recover losses. This may be a difficult time. However, the Federal government has a major problem: It relies on limited energy supplies. Even if the Federal government threats the states with retaliation, the batteries within US weapon systems require recharging. Once the diesel supplies are shut down, and the weapon systems are forced to transition to emergency stand by power, the weapon systems will become inoperative within a short time.

The key to this approach is to remember: The Federal government is in the wrong. They have a limited time to come into compliance with the law. They do not have an infinite supply of fuel. They also have a limited amount of auxiliary and battery support.

All stats must work with their investment bankers to ensure there are no open market purchases to resupply the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. States may lawfully thwart shipments by state contractors, fuel companies, and other state licensed railway fuel cars which provide illegal fuel supplies to the DOD to backfill their withdrawals from the SPR.

States may unlawfully seek international assistance to recover funds, find alternative sources of income, and seek direct financial assistance for lost wages. Recall, the American government has a very narrow window to operate, and will quickly grind to a halt. The state officials should encourage business to work with the poor who will like have financial disruptions, and ensure there are other arrangements to handle the disruption in payment streams.

International assistance may lawfully be requested in these circumstances. The Federal Government has illegally agreed to engage in continued war crimes. This activity is not lawful.

The states may seek international assistance to track funding flows, and other financial data to identify the source of illegal funding for unlawful US government operations.

The States may lawfully ask for, seek, and assist other nations in providing humanitarian assistance to the Untied States. Humanitarian intervention is warranted. The sates may lawfully cooperate with other nations, their combat forces, and covert operatives to ensure that illegal US government activities are thwarted, shut down, and prosecuted.

Combat forces from allied nations may lawfully be supported, assistance, and protected by State level entities when their objective is to assist the states in prosecuting war criminals in the United Stats Congress and staff working directly or indirectly for the President.

Citizens are reminded that if they choose to engage in over acts of violence, illegal activity, or engage in combat operations, they are no longer a protected civilian. US combat forces working for the US government may lawfully detain, prosecute, and execute you for war crimes. This notice is not a solicitation to engage in any violence or illegal activity.

States may lawfully seek assistance from international partners and actors to lawfully shut down fuel supplies to the Department of Defense when those fuel supplies will be used to violate the Geneva conventions or support illegal activity.

States may seek foreign assistance to shut down funding, payments, financial flows, bond purchases, and other efforts to provide funds directly or indirectly to the illegal activities of the US government. Investment bankers who refuse to cooperate with state investigations may lawfully be prosecuted for obstructing justice and assisting alleged war criminals in Congress and the Executive Branch.

State may lawfully seek information on US government personnel threats of violence against state officials, entities, or other contractors for their refusal to cooperate with the unlawful US Federal government activities.

States may lawfully work with international partners, allies, and other entities to seize American government assents overseas, secure evidence, and lawfully detain American government personnel engaged in illegal support of Geneva violations.

States may lawfully work with international actors, combat forces, and other lawful use of military force when that force is directed at identifying, locating, lawfully seizing, then rendering that alleged war criminal to The Hague for war crimes prosecution.

States may lawfully permit foreign fighters to enter US soil, use State resources, and engage in combat operations when those lawful combat operations are designed to enforce US law, protect innocents, or engage in lawful rendering of alleged war criminals in the US Congress and the Executive Branch.

* * *

The States may lawfully organize with other states to create an internal blockade, and shut down all shipments of food, fuel, resources, material, and spare parts to the Federal Government.

The federal government has no lawful power to federalize private contractors, or compel them to deliver resources, or honor contractors which the States have determined serve an unlawful objective, or illegal support US government violations of Geneva. The Federal courts have judicial power to review these findings, but precedent establishes that State findings of fact, when they related to allegations of war crimes or illegal activity, shall be respected in Federal court, unless those state findings of fact are clearly erroneous.

State citizens should write their state-level legislative and executive officials to advise them on the ongoing lawful efforts to end illegal support for the American government. The effort has already started. This is a multi-nation action, and citizens from multiple nations have ignored the American government threats and continue to refuse to engage in business or support the illegal activity.

State citizens and state officials should contact international partners to end all support for the Untied Sates government. All threats against any entity cannot lawfully be classified a secret. All directions, orders, and other memoranda that the US Attorneys may issue are admissible, and may be used to prosecute US Attorneys for failing to remove themselves from illegal activity. It is not lawful for US Attorneys to abuse their power, threaten prosecution, or use subpoenas to dissuade states, citizens, and other entities from refusing to honor illegal contracts which now support unlawful federal government entities.

States should work with international, and domestic partners to gather evidence of illegal activity.

State officials may lawfully interfere with all national guard units, shut down fuel supplies, and order their forces to refrain from illegal activity. State officials have the lawful power to direct state forces currently engaged in illegal combat operations to remove themselves from the unlawful conduct, and return to lawful duties stateside. Presidential orders that direct state level combat units to support, assistance, or provide any material to support to any illegally-used US combat forces are not enforceable and contrary to public policy.

States may lawfully work with any international prosecutor seeking to channel information to war crimes prosecutors. States may lawfully engage in contracts, deception efforts, and other activities to hide, protect, and otherwise ensure that evidence related to Federal government war crimes is available for international war crimes prosecutors. States are advised not to destroy or prevent original copies from being removed from original storage locations.

States may lawfully communicate with intermediaries located in any country to lawfully prepare The Hague for war crimes tribunals, memorialize documents, and transfer resources and personnel to assist in the war crimes prosecutions of the President, Executive Branch personnel, and Members of Congress.

* * *

States may lawfully prosecute any US federal government official for engaging in illegal activity in their state.

States may lawfully work with other nations to enforce the Geneva conventions, shut down illegal support for unlawful US government activity, and lawfully prosecute all contractors, entities, and citizens who illegally agree to be federalized to support unlawful combat operations or Geneva conventions.

The states may lawfully advise their citizens that they cannot enjoy legal protection if they follow Presidential orders that are related to illegal activity.

The States have the power to work with other nations to assert the Rule of Law, enforce the Geneva Conventions. All state officials have an oath to the US Constitution, which includes all treaties. It makes no difference that the US Congress and President have illegally agreed to abrogate, ignore, violate, or not enforce Geneva. This Congress-Presidential agreement is unenforceable, cannot be recognized, is contrary to the oath, and no state official can lawfully take any action to recognize, support, to condone this illegal abuse of power.

All states may initiate state investigations, conduct inquiry, and lawfully target any and all citizens, contractors, and entities within their state. States may lawfully share data about illegal US government operations. The Department of Justice and US Attorney may not lawfully threaten any state citizen or state official with prosecution for disclosing to the media, commenting publicly, or openly sharing with anyone evidence related to illegal US government actions.

The US Government has no lawful power to classify evidence related to illegal activity. The rule of law and judicial precedents do not allow the US Attorney, DOJ Staff, White House, President, Members of Congress, or anyone to assert any claim of privilege on these matters.

All activities, contracts, evidence, memoranda, and messages related to the ongoing illegal activity cannot lawful be classified, hidden, or destroyed. Any federal government employee who destroys this evidence, blocks state inquiry, or attempts to intimidate any state citizens to comply with these illegal Presidential-Congressional agreements is allegedly complicity in supporting war crimes.

All states shall recognize, freely communicate, and openly share findings of fact, progress, feedback, and other memoranda the DOJ Staff and US Attorneys provide.

All subpoenas from the US government related to efforts to investigate, prosecute, or thwart state officials from enforcing the Geneva Convention cannot be classified, are illegal, and cannot be legitimately protected. These illegal subpoenas may be retained, stored, and shared with international war crimes prosecutors as evidence of the US Attorney and DOJ Staff complicity with illegal efforts to stifle state action to lawfully investigate, prosecute, and adjudicate violations of state law and the Geneva conventions.

The FBI and NSA has no lawful power to target anyone with illegal surveillance using FISA waivers. Congress has no power to permit this illegal activity, or thwart Article III powers of the court to review and enforce the FISA statutes and violations. It is contrary to public policy for the United Sates to thwart, interfere with, or retaliate against any state official who seeks to enforce the rule of law, and assert the Geneva conventions against all state actors.

All proceedings which state officials may engage shall be reviewable. The Federal government has no power to require the evidence remain secret. The Federal government has no lawful power to claim the illegal state-level support for Geneva violations is classified, protected, or related to national security. These are matters of international criminal law.

All States shall accept as true all other state findings of fact, unless clearly erroneous. All states shall give full faith and credit to all adjudications against state contractors who have been prosecuted for providing any illegal support, fuel supplies, material shipments, or freight support to the US government.

All state findings of fact, prosecutions, and conclusions of law shall be recognized in all other states. The United States Department of Justice has no lawful power to interfere with these state level data transfers, common agreements, or other alliances.

All state Memorandas of Agreement with the Federal Government are no longer automatically enforceable. When those MOAs serve a lawful interest or objective, they may be enforced. When the MOAs are directly or indirectly support violations of Geneva, or illegally provide material support to US government facilities which are engaged in illegal war crimes planning, those MOAS are not enforceable and cannot be recognized as lawful.

It is the job of the Federal Government contractors to review their MOAs, renegotiate them, and lawfully remove themselves from contract negotiations where illegal terms are imposed, or there exists any requirement for any party to enforce any term compelling performance on a contact term related to illegal Geneva volitions, war crimes, or other illegal US government activity. The United Stats government, because of its illegal activity, has effectively abrogated the agreements, and the States may prosecute Federal Officials for imposing illegal contract requirements, or threatening to retaliate against state officials who refuse to honor illegal contracts.

The United States government employees, agents, and Members of Congress are liable parties to alelged war crimes. They are not immune to state prosecution for violating state laws with expressly forbid any activity that advances illegal objectives. All State officials should review their contacts to determine which Federal Entity shall bear the costs of litigation when the States refuse to perform the illegal contracts which directly or indirectly support illegal US government activity.

It shall be illegal for any US official to compel any state official, employee, contractor, intermediar, or agent to honor an illegal Memoranda of Agreement; or support any US government facility, contractor, or intermediary that provides direct or indirect support to illegal US government operations, plans, and policies; or provide any inducement, reward, or benefit to dissuade state officials from investigating illegal state activity which unlawfully supports illegal violation of domestic and international law.

The Commonwealth of Virginia and State of Maryland are advised to continue your monitoring, surveillance, and tracking of alleged war criminals living in your state, including David S. Addington, Chief of Staff for the Vice President; and all other Federal officials who have allegedly been implicated in the war crimes planning, support, and illegal Geneva violations.

States should work with the media to openly discuss the details, particulars, and status of ongoing prosecutions against the DOJ Staff counsel assigned to your state bar disciplinary board.

All state officials are reminded of your oath: It is to the US Constitution, and all treaties, not to illegal Congressional-Presidential agreements to thwart the law, abrogate Geneva conventions, or fail to prevent war crimes. You have the solemn obligation to enforce the state law; investigate and prosecute any contractor, entity, or person that provides illegal support, assistance, or material contribution to the illegal war crimes planning, policies, and objectives.

No state official should be intimidated by the Congressional-Presidential joint agreement to violate Geneva, abrogate the treaty terms, or engage in a course of conduct designed to violate the laws of war. These agreements are not enforceable, and evidence of alleged war crimes by individual members of Congress and the President. All policies, memoranda, orders, and other written directions from this illegal agreement are not enforceable, but admissible as evidence of the alleged war crimes.

The States, Republics, and Commonwealths may promulgate any rule, procedure, investigative device, or other lawful scheme to lawfully coordinate their actions, protect their republican form of government, and work with any international organization in order to Protect the US Constitution from the domestic enemies in the US Congress and White House.

The Congress and President have no lawful power to enforce these illegal agreements. The agreements may be used as evidence during a war crimes trial. Any state official who recognizes this agreement may similarly be prosecuted. All state officials who cooperate with these illegal Congressional-Presidential agreements may lawfully be investigated, targeted for prosecution, and similarly prosecuted by international war crimes tribunals.

The international data exchanges continue. This is a multi-national effort. American violations of the rule of law and Geneva conventions amount to grave breaches of international law. It makes no difference that the Congress and President have illegally agreed to ignore, abrogate, or not enforce Geneva. State officials have a duty to not honor this agreement, and lawfully prosecute any citizen, entity, or intermediary located in their state which illegally supports the unlawful US government actions.

States have already started litigation against state telecommunications efforts. The Department of Justice is powerless to prevent the States from investigating, prosecution, and imprisoning state-level, commercial actors which illegally support unlawful war crimes, or provide any financial, resource, or human support to ongoing illegal US government planning, operations, and objectives.

The United States government illegal activites can lawfully be shut down through State intervention, investigations, and prosecutions. The United States government has limited power. All power not delegated to the Federal Government remains with the States. The States have the absolute power to prosecute individual Members of Congress, contractors, and other intermediaries when they actively work to implement, not stop, and carry out illegal war crimes.

It is time for the states to choose which side of the rule they are on. The Congress and President have poorly chosen.

* * *


There should be no question about the world reaction to the illegal Senate-President's agreement: The world no longer has any legal foundation to continue recognizing this President’s illegal orders as enforceable.

States have the Constitutionally protected right and duty to enforce the law, shut down illegal funding and unlawful assistance to the United States Government.

State officials should seek assistance of competent counsel to work with financial institutions, and lawfully develop a method to continue payment streams for affected contracts.

The Federal government is no longer afforded the privilege of being presumed to be engaged in lawful activity. Rather, all Department of Defense and other Federal Government activities and facilities may no longer lawfully be supported. Until Federal entities demonstrate with clear and convincing evidence that they are not related to illegal planning, unlawful organizing, or other illegal activity which may directly or indirectly support war crimes, all states may lawfully presume that federal entity is engaged in unlawful activity. No state is required to work with any contractors, person, entity, or agency that illegally supports, works with, organizations, plans, or promulgates any policy which violates the law, federal statute, Constitution, laws of war, or Geneva Conventions.

It is lawful under the laws of war to reciprocate against entities and firms which illegally violate the Geneva conventions. This does not mean violence is appropriate. Rather, it means that any financial assistance which has been shut down anywhere is the reasonable basis to impose like policies against the United States government. Financial institutions related to wall Street may no longer lawfully work with the Federal Government in raising debt, providing funds, or providing financial guarantees for defense-related contractors related to illegal combat operations, planning, or ongoing illegal violations of Geneva.

All other lawful contracts which are unrelated to illegal activity shall remain in full force. The Federal Government, and all associated organization, entities, personnel, and intermediaries have the burden of proof to demonstrate their conduct, planning, organization is unrelated to any illegal activity.

* * *

Congress is expressly DENIED the power to immunize itself, its members, or Federal Employees for international war crimes. Only an Article III court has the power to adjudicate these matters. The Senate-Presidential agreement is not lawful, cannot be enforced, and is admissible as evidence of the range of illegal war crimes this President, his agents, and Members of Congress have allegedly known about, failed to prevent, and have plans to continue to commit in violation of the laws of war.

The President is expressly DENIED the power to (1) prevent, thwart, block, interfere, or affect any State from (a) enforcing any state law; (b) investigating or preventing violations of the Constitution, state laws, laws of war, or Geneva conventions; or (2) retaliate, or threaten to retaliate in any way against any and all individuals, contractors, states, commonwealths, republics, nations, agents, employees or intermediaries for refusing to cooperate with the ongoing, illegal combat operations, violations of Geneva, or other unlawful war crimes planning, policies, and activities.

Any exercise of these DENIED powers shall be construed to be linked with one objective: To commit, fail to enforce, or not prevent Grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions, in violation of the laws of war.

The lawful punishment for these alleged war crimes, if through adjudication by a war crimes tribunal or lawful court, may include the penalty of death.