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Monday, February 19, 2007

Alleged War Criminal McCain Fatally Asserts War Crimes, Maladministration Well Known For Years

Alleged war criminal McCain has fatally asserted that the GOP maladministration of the Iraq war has been known for years. This is a stunning assertion and warrants review by the German war crimes prosecutor:

___ Did Members of Congress, despite this known maladminstration, not fully assert their oath 5 USC 3331 and explore the legal issues they knew or should have known required review as they related to alleged Geneva Convention violations [rendition, prisoner abuse, illegal warfare]?

___ To what extent can McCain's assertion -- that the maladminstration was well known for many years -- be corroborated by admissible GOP memoranda showing Members of Congress knew well of the legal implications of the recklessness, but refused to fully assert their duties as required under Article 82 of the Geneva Conventions?

___ Once Members of Congress learned of the management problems as McCain implicitly suggests they knew, did Members of Congress timely document their concerns with Title 28 and Title 50 exception reports?

* * *

Ref One of the leaders in the GOP has made a statement contrary to interests.

McCain's statement is admissible to the War Crimes Prosecutor as it relates to whether the GOP Senators and Members of Congress did or did not do their job as required under 5 USC 3331 their oath of office.

It is a problem when one of the leaders of the Republican party openly admits that maladminstration problems related to the Iraq invasion have been well known; and that the problems have been going on for years.

* * *

___ How long has McCain had the ie that "lives were wasted" but he didn't take advntage of his Chairmanship in the GOP to reveiw these issues? Ref

___ Where are the title 28 and Title 50 investigationsSenate McCain "should have" done if he was really 'Concerned" that these lives were wasted?

* * *

The absurdity is for the GOP Senators to blame the President for a mismanaged war.

McCain would have us believe that this is a well known problem, yet he has, despite the time to observe this problem, to formulate with the GOP a solution. Stunning how the "inability to solve a problem"-argument got swept away as soon as the GOP lost control of Congress.

McCain arguing that this mismanagement has been known for years gives the GOP another black eye.

___ Where was McCain while this "well known" problem was spreading?

___ What got in the way of McCain of reviewing the issues?

___ If this problem -- a "well known management problem" -- was known for years, what is McCain's excuse for not as a member of the Majority GOP to have done something about it?

* * *

War Crimes Discovery

____ What evidence does McCain have documenting the knowledge inside the GOP that there were problems with the war's mismanagement?

____ After the GOP -- as McCain admits -- first learned of this mismanagement problem in Iraq, when did McCain and others in the GOP document their concerns in writing, as is the option, their Title 28 and Title 50 concerns?

___ To what extent, if any, were Members of Congress, reckless in not reviewing whether the "mismanagement" of the war criminal?

___ How long have members of Congress, according to McCain, known about the mismanagement, but not reviewed the audit reports detailing the mismanagement?

___ What review, if any, did McCain and GOP Members of Congress make of the audit reports; or were they reckless in not fully asserting their oath?

___ Does McCain have a reason why in 2007 he is openly admitting that this maladminstration problem was well known, but there is no evidence the Congress reviewed this issue?

___ Why is McCain thinking he can be President when, despite this "well known problem" McCain can't point to any Member of Congress statement, leadership, or debate that would have reviewed this "well known problem"?

___ Does McCain have a reason, despite the "well known problem" why Members of Congress in the GOP are not willing to review this issue, explore the facts, or debate the issue?

___ How does McCain explain why anyone should support him for President, yet McCain has "known" about a maladminstration problem for years, but cannot point to any hearings, letters, or other direction by him to the DOD IG to review the matters and timely report the issues?

___ When McCain first learned of the "well known" maladminstration problem over Iraq, how did he generalize the information in terms of how these indicators, lessons and other observations about at "well kwon problem" were or were not occurring in other areas related to DoD: NSA oversight, FISA compliance, and administration of resources needed to fully comply with Statute?

___ Does McCain have a reason for waiting this long to fatally admit [in effect] "we've known about this for a long time, but haven't done our jobs as required under Title 5 USC 3331 oath of office"?

* * *

"Mismanagement" is a serious, fatal admission for McCain to make, raising many questions about the scope of the mismanagement, the illegalities, what Members of Congress knew, and to what extent activity what should have been investigated was not reviewed as required under the oath of office.

Contrary to McCain's claim that Rumsfeld will be remembered as the worst SedDef, the GOP may be remembered as one of the worst parties. It remains to be seen whether a new party is created.

For McCain to say "we" are paying a high price misses the point: The GOP, after recklessly assenting to this illegal activity, paid a high price before the November 2006 election -- American civilian rejection of the GOP agenda.

* * *

McCain's statement of "regret" is rejected, meaningless, and in no way meets the required contrition needed for his alleged complicity with war crimes.

* * *

What is most absurd is that McCain is on the Senate Armed Services Committee. He, as a member of the GOP, had the power to review the legal issues related to DoD, but refused.

If The President and GOP did not agree on the number of troops required, then McCain fails to make the case that he had a solution. He chose inaction. That is arguably reckless.

___ Where are the hearings? None.

McCain may go down as one of the worst Presidential Candidates in history: Despite the lessons of Geneva in Vietnam, McCain assented to war rimes, then showed up after the GOP losses to blame the Secretary of Defense for things McCain and the GOP had the power to review, challenge, and adjust. McCain chose to be a Presidential poodle.

* * *

At his retirement, McCain said Rumsfeld deserves our respect; but in Feb 2007 McCain says the SecDef should be labeled the worst for his maladminstration.

McCain [implicitly] is asking the public to respect maladminstration. We the People rejected that.

* * *

McCain failed to make any credible statement about how the US would or would not succeed in Iraq; or that the strategy, even if it was new, would achieve new results; or why additional troops would or would not work.

There is no reason for the US to be in this mess if the GOP has known, as McCain suggests that this was known for 3.5 years.

___ Where are the hearings?

___ Where are the Senate statements related to the problems?

___ When did the GOP and McCain direct DoD IG to review the information?

___ When did McCain, 3.5 years ago, have a plan to conduct hearings on this issue he says [apparently] was well known going forward?

No answers, just excuses. More finger pointing. Look in the mirror, McCain: You sat on your rear end, no hearings, and lazily making excuses for inaction -- Arguably criminal violations of 5 USC 3331, the oath of office

* * *

McCain is talking about "moving forward" but still complaining about the past; then pretends that holding a grudge is bad. This is non-sense.

McCain's life is about talking about the "lesson of Vietnam" while failing to apply the lesson of Vietnam: Review a leader's reckless decisions.