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Monday, February 19, 2007

DNC Leadership of GOP

With the right leadership form the DNC, the GOP might be able to buy into a solution to the problems the GOP created.

Put the monkey on the GOP back to dive into their mess, develop a solution; then give We the People and DNC the chance to evaluate the GOP results. We don't have to wait until 2008 or an election: This oversight of the GOP can start now.

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* * *

I was reviewing the illegal obstruction training: GOP Members of Congress know or should know what is going on inside the GOP, White House. The Republicans are in an excellent position to do something about the party mess they created; and should be able to explalin what did or didn't get in the way of the Republican Members of Congress to conduct oversight.

* * *

The DNC should throw the known problems on the GOP: Remind the public -- the GOP has had the chance for six years to resolve these issues, and refused.

Just because the DNC is in charge, doesn't mean that the GOP can't be tasked with doing something else. The GOP knows or should know the details behind the illegal activity; and who to talk to.

It's make or break time for the GOP: If the DNC delegates to the GOP the responsibility to solve these known problems the GOP refused to address; then put the GOP solution to their mess up for debate, that might be interesting.

___ Does the GOP take the chance to show, despite being a minority party, that they can finally solve a problem?

____ Once the GOP returns with their assessment and solution, what is the GOP explanation fro this not having been done earlier?

___ How long would the DNC want to give the GOP to review these issues and formulate a solution to the problems the GOP should have reviewed, is apparently well connected to, and should have no reason to have trouble getting access to information.

* * *

The DNC leadership should do a 180-degree reverse on the GOP, and tell them:

A. This is your chance to prove you can do what you refused to do 2001-2006;

B. Give the GOP the chance to lead or not lead without any DNC blockage;

C. Put the monkey on the GOP to explore, in a non-partisan manner, the legal issues confronting the GOP;

D. Compel the GOP leadership to present "their plan" to address the issues they failed to review 2001-2006; and what a solution would be to compel other parties to be held accountable for what the GOP failed to do 2001-2006.

If the GOP refuses to cooperate or has no input, then We the People can devise our own system to make the GOP respond; then for eternally legally abuse them for their recklessness.

* * *

If the GOP fails to respond or perform, it's more evidence that they can't be trusted with power; and are unable to create a leader who might win the White House.

If the GOP succeeds, the question becomes:

___ Why didn't they do this earlier?

It was only the catalyst of We the People, through the House, that awoke the GOP to their responsibilities. They cannot be trusted with more power, or work without oversight.

* * *

I'm for approaching the GOP-mess with this approach: Making the GOP lead the effort to dig through their mess, discuss a solution, and present that solution to the Congress to debate.

If the GOP does nothing, it's evidence of their stupidity.

If the GOP finally gets around to reviewing the issues, the question goes back to whether their solution is or isn't credible or going to work.

There's nothing stopping the DNC from overseeing the GOP.

___ Make the GOP list the success criteria for the plan, and put that criteria up for debate;

___ Make the GOP list the basis to assess whether their plan, approach, and review is or isn't credible; and then

___ Open the GOP approach and their recommended success criteria for public debate: Is the GOP able to provide the leadership or not?

* * *

Just as the President requires close oversight, this isn't a ploy to give the GOP a chance to assert power, but the opposite: A chance to show they have not woken up, are unable to take advantage of the breathing space they have, and even as a minority party aren't part of the solution.

Then throw "their plan" in the same bucket with the ISG on Iraq:

___ Why is one plan getting attention but another not;

___ Is there a reason why the GOP ignores the ISG plan on Iraq, but there is another basis to suggest that GOP plans for America should be given attention?

___ Why is the GOP ignoring plans of independent groups like the IS; but GOP, when given total control over their work, are unable to make a strong case that their approach, solutions, or plans -- to solve their problems, and address what they failed to do 2001-2006 -- are workable?

* * *

My view, as with the State proclamations for impeachment, the DNC should keep launching more requirements on the GOP to respond, provide plans, and achieve a result.

Perhaps, with the right DNC leadership, the GOP will succeed. The public will know: It wasn't the GOP that did this -- but the leadership and guidance of the GOP.

Force teh GOP to confront their peers; make the Republicans decide or not decide t confront the issues or solve problems.

The mess isn't one for the DNC to approach as if new; the DNC can reasonably expect the GOP to provide some assistance -- not that the DNC needs it, just that the GOP, with its closeness to the illegal activity, should be able to provide.

Then the public can review:

___ Are the Republicans serious about responding to the call for change;

___ Despite them having no options, is the GOP able to respond to leadership;

___ How much supervision does the GOP need;

___ When given the chance to review the matters, and outline a solution that they might be happy with, is the GOP interested in doing what needs to be done; or are they making excuses.

___ How successful is the GOP in reviewing issues they are well aware, and have had the opportunity to address; what is the explanation for them not having done this earlier?

___ Where is the leadership in the GOP; why does it require people in the DNC to imagine this possibility?

* * *

I don't think the answer is "Making GOP Cooperate With Congressional Oversight" -- rather, its giving the GOP the opportunity to do what they should have done; and get them to buy into the solutions they realize need to be implemented.

The success of this rests on the DNC; and the failure of this rests with the GOP.

___ How much prompting does the GOP need to do what they should have done?

___ Where is the GOP plan to review the problems with their leadership, competence, and oversight?

___ Why did it take so long for the GOP to "get around" to doing what they should have been dong from day one when the first reports of illegal activity surfaced?