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Sunday, February 18, 2007

War Criminals in GOP Targeted By Foreign Fighters

As you read the media reports of the House rebuke of the Senate, GOP, and President, remember this is a smokescreen: The President, GOP, and Senators continue to support illegal warfare and are war criminals.

They have two options: Voluntarily surrender and cooperate with the legal process; or remain subject to lawful targeting by foreign fighters in retaliation for their war crimes.

Ref Abraxas-connected homes, under surveillance worldwide, have been entered; foreign fighters have expanded the hunt.

* * *

It's curious to hear the bantering about the Iraq debate. Iraq is a smokescreen from the President's war crimes, and the GOP-Senate complicity with that illegal activity.

Broadly, taking a step a back, it's a good sign when the US government is debating about debating: They're talking. That's a start.

* * *

The GOP and war criminals working for the President have attempted to make this debate look like a problem. It's quite an achievement for the White House, still under investigation for war rimes, to absurdly argue that someone else has a problem. The problem rests with the GOP, especially the President. The legal consequences for war crimes includes the death penalty, and there is no statute of limitations for war crimes. Small problem: The President can't issue pardons for international war crimes.

Having gotten that on the table, the way forward is to reconsider what the White House hopes to do with its war crimes defense: Do little more than hope.

Problem 1. Contrary to the White House claims, the Senate, GOP and White House are powerless to block foreign fighters from landing in the US, and imposing like retaliation against US government contractors, support teams, and CIA affiliated entities.

Problem 2. The White House, GOP, and Senate can do nothing to make the House do or not do anything. If the House chooses to not provide funding, the President cannot make them do what the House chooses not to do.

Problem 3. The issue is what the GOP hopes would not happen: Americans have not rejected the House action, but embraced it. Another defeat for the GOP, Senate, and White House.

* * *

The GOP, Senate, and White House was shown to be powerless in stopping the House do anything. They could not block the House from debating or voting; nor in making the House do something.

The President, GOP, and Senate can't make the House vote for things it views as criminal activity.

A thin margin in the House is meaningless: It is still a rebuke of the GOP, Senate, and White House.

* * *

The House is the real forum of power in Congress. The Senate has been discredited. It might as well go home as some Presidential candidates prefer. The President cannot be confidence of much: The House isn't willing to support more of his war crimes with a rubber stamp.

* * *

Contrary to some concerns, the filibusters, delays, and excuse are welcome: They are mounting evidence the US government refuses to stop what is illegal. This is admissible evidence. That's not a bad thing.

Mounting evidence of US incompetence in handling issues of war crimes opens the door for foreign fighters to lawfully invade, destroy, and impose like Geneva violations on the US leadership, Members of Congress, and Executive Branch personnel. If the US would like to be treated civilly, then it needs to cooperate with war crimes prosecutors. No cooperation mean more abuses on the US government. The laws of war permit this.

The problem is for the GOP, Senate, and White House to resolve and explain. The House is doing the right thing. The President, Senators, and Republicans are doing the wrong thing. NATO in Yugoslavia used lawful force to punish people doing bad things. Foreign fighters may do the same. That the US government is recklessly ignoring We the People is not bad: Merely more evidence of their denial, incompetence, and unwillingness to face reality -- more evidence they have given up the right to self-govern: A good thing, happy face.

Quite a problem for the GOP, Senate, and White House to leave as a legacy for future generations.

* * *

The moment of truth was when the President and his stooges in the DOJ agreed illegally to violate the law and conduct illegal surveillance before Sept 2001. The excuse of 9-11 had not occurred, there was no AUMF, yet the buffoons in the GOP legal counsel's office are unable to defend or justify this illegal activity.

The GOP legal counsel can either encourage their clients to cooperate with war crimes prosecutors; or their clients may be legally seized, rendered, and lawfully abused in retaliation for the war crimes inflicted.

* * *

The GOP is powerless to prevent foreign fighters from imposing like abuses on US government officials. Whether someone does or does not vote is irrelevant. The question is whether the US government, despite known violations of the law, chooses to vote for the rule of law, or, by their inaction, votes to require foreign fighters to do what the US government refuses: Impose discipline.

The center stage for this is the District of Columbia. It would be preferable if the Members of Congress, especially the lazy GOP i the Senate, would voluntarily arrive to the Federal District Court and admit their crimes.

Until they agree to cooperate with the Judicial branch, foreign fighters have -- through the laws of war -- been delegated wide latitude to lawfully impose like abuses against DoJ Staff counsel, CIA contractors, and DOD personnel who have refused to end illegal activity.

Virginia and Maryland are not impenetrable. It is possible to find people. The question for the GOP is to ask how long do you want to hide. Their problem is that they cannot hide indefinitely. There are two realities: They will, in hiding, die of old age; or they will be caught.

The hunt is on. Checking accounts, identification numbers, and wire transfers are known. The same process used by Americans to abuse can also be used by foreign fighters to hunt.

* * *

The GOP has to decide whether it wants to vote fore accountability; or, through inaction, for the open hunting season by foreign fighters to lawfully detain, abuse, and mistreat US government officials at all levels. The rule of law gives the Senate, GOP, and White House two options: Court; or battle.

The Senate is powerless to make the House do or not do anything.

The GOP is a reckless bunch of buffoons who point to others when the problem is in their mirror. The Senate likes to pretend it is in charge, but it only knows games. Small consolidation for foreign fighters who are hungry for fresh meat and on the hunt.

Contrary to some claims, this is not yet the low point of American politics. The depths to which the GOP, White House, and Senators are willing to let this absurdity descend knows no limit. The more non-sense the GOP spews forth, the more easily foreign fighters can find the marginal motivation to wander down Pennsylvania Avenue.

* * *

Nobody s required to commit to do something which is folly. Nor can anyone compel others to commit to something which is conditioned upon other non-sense.

Bad leadership cannot be rewarded. Just as buffoons in the DOD cannot expect to get more money fore moronic program managers, the clerk in the oval office cannot expect more money despite his defective management.

The issue is not whether the Senate does or does not wake up to reality, but whether the President can get funding for himself, much less his war. War is one thing, the troops are something else. The object of the Senate non-sense has little to do with war, and more to do with the President: This President is unable to inspire the GOP, Senate, or his lackeys on the White House staff to motivate the House leadership to do anything. They are powerless.

* **

The GOP, Senate, and White House have decided to continue their non-sense denial.

The President is not the same as a war; and the troops are not the same as the President. This President, when he is rebuked, cannot claim that the lawful punishment and rebuke on him has any relationship to his war crimes; or whether the troops are or are not doing their job.

There is a difference between: [1] Reckless leaders; [2] war; and [3] troops. The President, GOP, and Senate are powerless to compel the House to believe they are one in the same. They are not.

Calling for success is not the same as having a leader who will achieve that result; nor change the facts on the ground: There has been defeat, war crimes, and recklessness. Katrina was fair notice of what was happening in Iraq -- where the poodles in media assented to absurd censorship, the American public saw what the buffoons in the Senate, GOP, and White House were or were not doing in Louisiana: Nothing to be proud of. We not be surprised why the Iraqis have rebuked America -- Americans rebuked America, this government, and the buffoons in the GOP.

* * *

___ Where is the magic power wand the President waves to prevent the House from doing something; or making it do anything? The President has no wand. He is powerless to make the House do or not do anything.

___ Where is the solution this President, GOP, and Senators have to resolve the mess that they have not faced? They have no plan. They are reckless. They are war criminals. They have no hope of escape. Foreign fighters may legally hunt them, until they are either brought to justice; or they are lawfully destroyed in open combat.

* * *

Please encourage your friends to mock the Senate. It is not a superior body. It is reckless, incapable of compelling the House to do anything; and the GOP and White House are unable to organize the Senate.

Consider the filibuster: The GOP has no explanation why it refuses to discuss the war. America's WWII allies openly discussed whether Churchill should or should not remain in power. America is not wiling to discuss what the British were willing to confront: Questions of leadership competence. The GOP doesn't want a vote because the vote -- regardless the tally -- would accept that the President could be questioned.

It is too late. We the People are beyond questioning. We have no confidence. The House is our proxy to compel the Prudent, Senate, and GOP to account for their recklessness. Why does the Senate not rise to the example of the House? They have no answer because they are reckless buffoons, lazy, incompetent, and war criminals.

* * *

The one thing worst than being defeated in an election, is to fight for a position in a body that is no longer relevant. Senators may be part of a small club, but contrary to illusions, a small Senate is not inversely proportional to its power.

The small number of Senators cannot make 435 Representatives do or not do anything. A small group is powerless to compel all 435 silent. The Senate has no power to shut down the House; nor can it prevent the House from blocking what the Senator-buffoons attempt to do.

* * *

It is true that the Senators' votes are meaningless. They cannot stop the House. They might as well wander the corn fields in Virginia, announcing their intention to engage in war crimes.

If the Senators, GOP, and White House are upset, they need only look in the mirror. Americans through the House are powerful in casting the ultimate rebuke of this President: Vetoing the Senate; shutting down the power of the GOP; and blocking the Senate from compelling incompetence.

Americans can easily see that the GOP, Senate, and White House are reckless, easily ruffled, and unworthy of public support. The cause for alarm has nothing to do with new leadership, but with the GOP in refusing to lead when it had the chance. Even in the last months, after they sorrowfully licked their spreading wounds, the GOP failed to entrench protections for the minority. Foolish, lazy, imprudent.

* * *

Senators do not have a perpetual claim on power. Some may be up for re-election, but that prospect of an election is not the excuse for them to claim inaction; or defer things.

___ Where is the GOP leadership?

___ What is the GOP doing to justify confidence that the buffoon war criminals in the Senate are going to be properly managed?

They have no plan. They accomplish little but create smokescreens for war crimes.

* * *

There is no reason to press for any resolution compelling payment for things not examined.

Rather, it remains on the table: Until the issues are explored, anything can be funded or unfunded. It's uncertain.

There should be not commitment to continue with what has not been examined; no open-denied commitment to compel anyone to fund what may be reckless.

The GOP refused, when it was in power, to fully fund the troops. They have no basis to compel others to do what the GOP refused to do.

* * *

The President has no power to compel any American to follow him. He has only limited power to enforce the law, not pretend he is a leader when he is a criminal.

We the People gave the green light to the GOP, Senate, and President to openly share their war crimes evidence, surrender, and end their illegal rebellion. The American leadership has refused to do what is legal. They can either voluntarily agree to appear before the District Court, or may be legally targeted by foreign fighters for like retaliation what the US government illegally did in Iraq: Decapitation of the US leadership through a violent overthrow of the US government.

The error was for the GOP, Senators, and White House to believe that the abuses they imposed abroad might never be imposed in the District of Columbia. They miscalculated. Foreign fighters have already entered their homes, are ready, and waiting to unleash themselves on US government officials.