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Friday, February 16, 2007

Senate Majority Leader Reid Should Force A Debate

Ref Please call the Senate Majority Leader urging him to require the GOP to debate during the filibuster.

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If the GOP wants to filibuster and block a vote, force the GOP to discuss and debate. Change the subject: Force the GOP to discuss everything but what they say they will.

There is no "problem" with the DNC "not having enough to end a filibuster."

The Senate Majority leader has the power to make the filibuster debate be real, and require the GOP to discuss whatever they want.

The GOP may think it can refuse to cooperate with monitoring the President, but the Senate leadership can force the Senators to go on the records and forever memorialize what is going through their heads.

The Senators talk about being for democracy, debate, and the rule of law. Make them debate. Don't let them threaten to filibuster, but not call them on it.

Urge your Senators to force the GOP to really filibuster.