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Friday, February 16, 2007

DNC Leadership Needs To Be Reminded Who Votes Them Into Office: Not the GOP

DNC Leadership Has Majority Support; No Need to Give Any Attention to GOP Concerns

The DNC voters are with the DNC leadership. The DNC leadership should not care what the GOP will or will not do; the GOP does not vote for leaders.

It doesn't matter if the GOP opposes what the DNC leadership is doing; the DNC leadership already has the majority of Americans behind them.

The DNC leadership should focus on what the majority of Americans want; nor the irrelevant question of how the GOP may react.

* * *

One of the non-sense arguments I keep hearing about the Iraq debate is: "Wow, if we do __X__ then the GOP will oppose us."

Who cares. The GOP isn't voting, the voters are voting.

It doesn't matter what the GOP accusations are. The DNC voters are smart enough to now the GOP arguments are meaningless. The DNC leadership should spend less time on whether the GOP wll or will not oppose them.

It doesn't matter that the GOP says that the budget issues are "difficult" or that the funding cuts may be difficult to resolve. This is non-sense. Members of Congress and their staff can support, with proper management, the phased withdrawal of troops, and appropriately adjust the funding to ensure the troops are safetly redeployed.

The voters, not the GOP, but the DNC in office. The DNC leadership needs to quit worrying that the GOP Will or will not oppose them: The GOP will, as a policy, oppose the DNC, regardless.

That the GOP supports or opposes something is meaningless: The DNC voters, not the GOP, is the base of the DNC majority.

* * *

Rather than asking, "Wow, what is the GOP going to do," the DNC should ask the basic question: IF we do what the DNC asks us to do, would we not get more support from non-voters, and increase our margin.

* * *

I don't want to hear any more of this non-sense, "Wow, what is the GOP going to do to oppose us."

Keep your eyes on the DNC voters: They're already with the DNC leadership in Congress; and the DNC leadership should not care about the GOP opposition.