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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Disciplining Congress: Lawful State Prosecution In Concert With State Proclamations

Members of Congress can be prosecuted by State-level entities. This is a check on the reckless defiance this DNC-GOP leadership has shown for the rule of law.

It would please me if State Attorney Generals were mobilized to prosecute Members of Congress for 5 USC 3331 violations. States have jurisdiction to prosecute when Members of Congress have violated the right of the state to have an enforcement mechanism.

This isn't an either-or approach to oversight. The Congress needs to comprehend that the States are going to compel Members of Congress to fully assert their oath, protect the Constitution, and hold the President accountable.

Let's get this going: Ref We've heard enough excuses. The war needs to end. We the People through the States need to confront the lazy Congressional leadership with legal action. Time for talking is over. It's almost March 2007, and we're not waiting until 2008. Now.

Let's get this rolling: Ref. We've waited long enough. Members of Congress need to confront the President, they refuse. We the People through the State Disciplinary Boards need to confront the lazy Members of Congress.

Time is up. Congress is lazy. Start prosecutions and disbarment proceedings. Then we'll talk about listening to Congress and their phony talk about "change."

We the People can bring change like this Congress never imagined. Pass the word.

* * *

It's always "really scary" when Members of Congress start talking about history, facts, and reputations.

Makes you wonder what they've been doing. It seems like the country, if not the world, is silently watching this American government speedily approach a ravine. Everyone knows its going fast, and talking about what might stop it. Small problem: The training is accelerating.

I'm all for people waking up, and talking about solutions. The problem is we need something new, not more proclamations. Words are nice; this Congress and President ignore words. They only respond to legal consequences: Either foreign fighter combat results; or credible threats of litigation, attached with jail time and punishment.

Congress sole power is through written law. It can't physically do anything. Congress doesn't build a defense shield; it hires someone else.

This nation, despite the law, ignores the law, thereby ignoring Congress.

It comes as a shock to hear people talking about a "need for change" but they're still arguing for more resolutions. The other ones were ignored, why would anyone pay attention to these?

Sure, the goal is to do "all you can" to document you've done something. The problem I have is that despite "all we can" this Congress refuses to assert power to enforce the law, and compel the President to assent to written law.

* * *

Great! More meaningless resolutions to get Congress to make more meaningless resolutions.

___ Where's the plan to get Congress to do something different;

___ Where are the ethics investigations;

___ Where is the memo from the "concerned" members of Congress using Title 28 and Title 50 exception reporting problems to trigger a US attorney and State level prosecute review of these problems;

___ if the people "in the know" are concerned, where's their request for assistance to the State Attorney Generals asking that the State level prosecutors review this matter, and prosecute members of Congress for inaction and violation of 5 USC 3331 oath of office?