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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Narrowly Defining Executive Power

What would a highly motivated, professional trained group of legal experts look like if they were lawfully unleashed on Congress and given fully power to lead?

Ref: Flaws with the expansive view of Executive Power. Time to lawfully destroy this theory, and compel Congress to reassert itself.

We need some leadership that is going to start throwing case law, rules, and laws and round and legally assert Legislative Power against Members of Congress and the President. Either Congress can do this, or We the People will continue to expand our efforts to impose our will through State-level entities.

It's February 2007, and Congress has had plenty of time to send a signal that things have changed. Things haven't changed. Time to mobilize and send another wake up call. Contact your state officials, work with your state attorney generals, and let's get Members of Congress under investigation, indicted, and disbarred for their refusal to assert their oath of office.

We're not waiting until 2008 to make Congress do what they took an oath to do.

* * *
There's something I've been thinking about in terms of Presidential power. The Constitution only defines one power for the President: Executive Power. All other things are merely subsets of that one, finite power.

The way forward is to examine the subset of things which We the People can expressly defines is "not being Executive Power", but part of the things that will make it clear to the President: These things you are illegally doing, because you are not relying on lawful delegations of power, amount to war crimes, and illegal usurpation of power.

There's more than can be done: Redefining the Executive Power narrowly, and making it clear that the US government will report to a central oversight body of some sort that has the Express Goal of daily harassing the US government officials to make them do their jobs.

I'm not talking about a dictatorship, but the opposite: A group of very specialized legal experts whose sole mission in life is to treat the President like a dog, and compel the Congress and Judiciary to respond to We the People.

* * *

This is really non-sense what is happening. Jefferson, Franklin, and others sat down and had a few conversations over matters, and decided that things needed to improve.

Today, we're being asked to believe that the non-sense this government is giving us is divinely inspired.

No, it's non-sense.

* * *

"Wait until we get subpoena power, then things will change."

What a load of baloney. They've got subpoena power, and things aren't changing.

I want to see some subpoenas, grilling of Executive Officers, and I want to see pressure put on the GOP Members of Congress who let this mess spiral out of control -- the ones who refused to engage in oversight.

Look at this list of problems with Title 28 and Title 50 -- these are things that Members of Congress, when they were in the Committees, did not review.

I do not want to hear any more non-sense from Congressional staffers saying, "Oh, what happens if the American public finds out about this. They're be really upset."

No, we're already upset. You have a job to do. We already gave you the mandate, but, by way of response, we have excuses. No, we need subpoenas. Stop threatening the GOP with legal consequences -- just do it.

___ When did the FBI ask We the Peopel if it was "OK" to violate our rights? We were never asked. Members of Congress should stop asking for permission to assert power; just do it. Issue subpoenas without warning. Who cares is the GOP is upset. Give them less time to respond.

___ Why is this so difficult for the DNC to assert power? Explain. Give me something that makes sense.

___ Subpoenas: What are the days and people the US Congress is going to put the Executive Branch personnel on the hot iron, and give them religion: Either talk to us, share your secrets; or you go to prison. No debate, no discussion with counsel -- decision time: Talk with us, or go to jail. These delays are non-sense.

Stop playing nice with these people. They've waged illegal warfare; the buffoons in the State Department who have PhD are complicity with this non-sense. They're retarded. They don't deserve respect. Rather, it's the fact that, despite getting a PhD and they've got this much power, that Congress should be reviewing:

___ What kind of morons is the US government hiring;

___ What kind of idiots, who have no comprehension of legal matters, are silently agreeing to war crimes and abuse of power;

___ Is America in such an economic disaster than PhDs are unable to get a job, but they think they have to put up with the abuse of public service working for a government that celebrates war crimes and refuses to enforce the law?

There's no reason to treat these people with respect. The US government has abused American civilians. it's time the Congress return the favor and make the Executive Branch morons realize that the distance between the Congressional Committee hearing and the jail cell is very short and easy to traverse.

Jail time, legal consequences, rudeness: It is what is permitted under the laws. I would prefer to see more ficus on prosecutions and punishing lazy US government officials who have refused to stand up to this buffoon in the Oval Office; than i hearing excuses as to why the Congress is going to debate yet another smokescreen.

The problem is in the White House. The enablers are in the Congress and Executive Branch. The ones getting the support are those who have created this mess. Hardly inspiring.

* * *

It shouldn't be this hard to get leadership to respond to their legal requirements; and it shouldn't be this hard to get the US Congress to, after an election, to move to assert power and the law.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has an interest in getting views out on the Iraq debate. Fine. I'm personally not interested in more of the GOP non-sense; the DNC, with the majority, shouldn't' have to debate anything -- the majority of Americans, and this Congress, do not support illegal warfare.

Yet, this President and GOP acts as if we're stuck with illegal activity and recklessness. Non-sense. There's something called the law.

* * *

I'm also tired of the non-sense this Congress is giving, suggesting that we have to "put up with" this non-sense until 2008.

No, we just had an election in 2006. That wasn't a green light to go into a holding pattern until 2008. Because then in 2008, after doing nothing, they next excuse is going to be "what about 2010, then 2012. . .".

Hay, quit this non-sense. Today, in Feb 2007, Members of Congress have a job: Fully assert their oath, enforce the law, assert legislative power, and make the President and Members of Congress assent to the rule of law.

Time for debating this is over. We don't debate law enforcement. You either do it, or you're not respecting the state right to an enforcement mechanism.

I want to see some prosecution of Member of Congress; I want to see some timely ethics investigations; and I want to see some legal consequences on Members of Congress for their reckless assent to illegal activity.

I don't care whether Congress doesn't want to do this; and I don't care whether the GOP, despite losing, is acting as if they're in charge. They lost. Treat them like losers: Let's get some indictments, clean up the mess in Iraq, and prosecute the people who have lead this Country on illegal war crimes.

* * *

Foreign fighters are openly talking about attacking the US infrastructure. The US government, the longer it delays being prudent, will invite more military attacks.

We need some leadership. We need some credible action to lawfully prosecute Members of Congress.

This is what I need you to do:

1. Contact your state attorney generals, and outline the oversight problem.

2. Discuss the legal methods by which you and your attorney Generals can target for prosecution Members of Congress who have refused to assert their oath; and have violated your state right to an enforcement mechanism.

3. Don't take no for an answer.

4. Follow-up with your attorney general: When are they going to file the papers; what help do they need reviewing case law; when are they going to review the evidence of Member of Congress malfeasance; what is their plan to review 5 USC 3331 and prosecute Members of Congress for violating their state's right to a Republican form of government.

5. Share what you are doing with others. Let your friends know who you contacted. Share what you are learning by way of feedback from your states.

6. Find our which State Attorney has a marginal interest in doing this, and get the word out to your friends about which states are setting the lead. Use the successes you get from one state to inspire others to learn and do the same elsewhere.

7. Ask your members of Congress and their staff what their legal defenses are for these allegations of complicity with war crimes. Ask them whether they have received a copy of the complaint. Who do they plan to call as witnesses?

8. What is your Member of Congress doing to file ethics investigations. Which letters have been written on these war crimes; and when will your member of Congress post a copy of their letter to the Ethics Committee on a public website?

* * *

The point is that it shouldn't take a haphazard group of people randomly walking around the Internet to do this.

This Congress needs to have this pressure daily by people who are paid, whose sole job it is to throw Members of Congress in jail for their refusal to end war crimes.

Ideally, these people are called US Attorneys, but they've got enough trouble trying to keep their jobs, much less assert the rule of law to end Geneva Violations.

My only points is this: This is complete stupidity, non-sense, and absurdity to require a US government to respond to what it took an oath to do, on the backs of what the US population may or may not randomly learn is a requirement.

This is their job. We the People shouldn't have to do this, but we do. It's as if the momentum of Congress, despite the call for change, is moving in exactly the wrong direction.

What's most absurd is that despite "our lady" winning the Speaker's position, it's as if the momentum is not changing. This is stupid. Leadership means leading, not making excuses for not leading.

* * *

Progress Report Needed From Pelosi

I would like to see before the month of February 2007 is over, the following and prefer in writing on her website from the Speaker:

___ A clear discussion by the DNC leadership with the public as to what the progress has been over the last 45 days in office on the DNC goals of cleaning up the House;

___ An explanation of what they have learned;

___ An open dialog with We the People -- them listening, us providing feedback -- of whether they are or are not doing what we sent them to do;

___ A review of their findings related to war crimes, illegal Presidential activity, and an assessment of the House Ethics;

___ What plans they have to forward information to the US Attorney, war crimes prosecutors, or legal counsel on matters related to Member of Congress malfeasance.

* * *

Cleaning up the House requires a plan. Speaker Pelosi is in charge. If she needs help, now is the time for her to share her progress, and her plans on Congressional Oversight.

If she won't talk this, then we have to assume she has no plan; and no plan to get a plan to impose legal consequences on the personnel associated with the Congressional failures.

We don't have to wait for Congress to give or not give an answer. Speaker Pelosi and the DNC leadership need to realize that the State-level action is going to accelerate the longer they delay in providing us with information.

Either the DNC leadership in Congress is doing to clean the House, and forward information for prosecution; or We the People working through the State are going to have to prosecute Members of Congress for them not having fully asserted their oath.

It doesn't take this long to change; this is dilly-dallying. Either they're going to assert power as they took an oath to do; or we will expand our lawful assertion of power on them.

We're not going to wait until 2008; and we're not going to put up with more excuses and delays; and we have other options including rewriting the US Constitution and starting over. With leaders who are really going to lead, not talk about change but give us more non-sense.

If Members of Congress don't want to do their jobs, we need to prosecute them for violations of their oath, have them punished with jail time, and we'll find new leaders who are willing to consider what Jefferson and Franklin hoped would happen: Solve problems, not make excuses to ignore problems as the British Parliament did in 1776.

Time to wake up Congress. We the People are reasonably positioned to expect some leadership and plans on cleaning up the House, not with these non-sense distractions. Clean up the House or we'll clean up the House with a new system of governance, oversight, and seriousness.