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Monday, February 12, 2007

House on The Record

Ref This is a warm up: Are members of Congress going to vote for or against the rule of law, Constitution, Geneva Conventions, and prudence? ( h/t: Unspun )

Let's check the Eight ball . . .

* * *
Great! The House is making some progress: Compelling votes.

Let's hope the Senate learns the lesson: The same thing can be imposed with an impeachment decision -- the Senators shall be forced to vote for or against accountability for war crimes.

* * *

Time for Members of Congress to wake up to their responsibilities. If you're not willing to vote for accountability and ending what is illegal, you might as well stay home and make a reservation at The Hague.

American citizens don't need leaders who refuse to end what is illegal, out of control, and poorly managed.

America can't rest on the laurels of WWII. It needs to face the reality of the 21st Century: People living in caves have forced the American government to think twice.

It looks like the US government isn't thinking enough.

That error can be remedied through leadership from within, a New Constitution, or sustained combat operations directed at the US government.

The rule of law shall prevail. War crimes are against public policy. Efforts by the GOP to expand illegal warfare are war crimes.

American citizens have options. We can support a New Constitution, find new leaders, work with foreign powers to lawfully contain illegal aggressive war, and work with State officials to prosecute Members of Congress for their complicity with war crimes.

If that's not enough to wake Congress up, foreign powers may legally expand direct combat operations into the District of Columbia.

They're not just talking about it. They have updated their plans and have reviewed their combat strike packages. Foreign fighters are ready to expand combat operations into the Capitol.

Members of Congress are awakening to the fact that they have responsibilities. Members of Congress need to assert their oath and end what is illegal, otherwise foreign fighters are going to send more wake up calls.

We the People do not have to play nice with a government that defies its oath, and recklessly endorses and refuses to prevent war crimes and this illegal war of aggression.

Time for Congress to wake up. End this illegal warfare; or you will be legitimate military targets. There is no reason any American should have any sympathy for Members of Congress if, as it appears despite their oath, they assent to more war crimes.

The choice is between the Constitution and Congress doing what it should; or between foreign fighters lawfully destroying the District of Columbia and making Congress do what it should. Did you see that: The common element in both options -- Congress shall do what it should -- end illegal warfare.

The question is whether Congress will end this through legislation and the law; or after being lawfully defeated.

The choice is between the Constitution and lawful, peaceful change; or the possible military confrontation foreign fighters may legally bring to the nation's capital to end unlawful warfare.

If, to protect the Constitution, the only option is for Americans to support combat operations direct at the American leadership's reckless defiance of their oath, it doesn't appear to be a difficult choice. This government has left the Constitution smoldering. I wouldn't share a tear if, to remedy that egregious abuse of power, the nation's capitol was left smoldering.

* * *

Congress needs to go on the record whether it is for or against illegal wars of aggression. If the Congress isn't interested, We the People have little reason to be interested if the US Capitol comes under direct assault by foreign fighters daring to do what this reckless government refuses to do: Ending unlawful warfare.

I don't know how to make it any clearer: Unless the US Constitution is fully preserved, protected, and defended -- as required -- and this illegal activity ends, the US Capitol and District of Columbia could very well be razed with terror bombing, incendiary devices, and open combat.

I'll give you one guess who isn't going to shed one tear if open combat comes to the nation's capital; and foreign fighters lawfully retaliates against the US government for its continued arrogant defiance of the laws of war.

If the Constitution isn't protected, as it has not been, all bets are off on whether the US government will or will not survive as a physical entity in the District of Columbia. The Constitution will survive; the question is whether this government will or will not freely do what it should; or is legally destroyed through lawful change. Whether than lawful change is through a New Constitution, voter rebukes at the ballot boxes, or direct combat assaults on the nations' capitol hardly seems relevant.

Congress needs to change, or it shall be legally transformed into something new. The question is whether that change is voluntary; or through the lawful use of force compelling Members of Congress to reassert the rule of law. It would be nicer if the skies over DC were clear, free of smoke, and did not resemble the trash we saw over Louisiana.

But, when the mess is big enough, sometimes foreign fighters may conclude that the best thing to do is throw the mess into the fireplace and start anew. Congress needs to clean up its mess its left in the Oval Office; or foreign fighters are going to make a bigger mess. Worldwide.

They may legally wage war against a nation that has, as this US government has permitted, illegally waged an unlawful war of aggression. The non-sense coming out of the Congress and Executive Branch does not inspire confidence the US leadership quite understands the problem: We the People no longer conclude this government is legitimate; and we may legally work with any and all foreign powers to compel this government to assent to the rule of law; and we may legally delegate the power to any and all foreign fighters to lawfully destroy this government.

Preserve the Constitution; or face the perpetual risk that foreign fighters -- at a time and manner of the choosing of We the People -- shall lawfully destroy which refuses to assent to the rule of law.

Members of Congress took an oath to assent to the rule of law. Either they fully assert their oath; or foreign fighters may be delegated the power to use lethal force to compel Members of Congress individually to do what they agreed, but refuse to do: Preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution against all domestic enemies, especially those confused in the Oval Office.

Change is coming to the District of Columbia through either the law; or open, direct, and lethal combat operations. Members of Congress need to get on the side of the Constitution and rule of law; or they may soon find themselves at the uncomfortable end of lethal, lawful, deadly force.

* * *

Consider what NATO did in Yugoslavia. Change the names from "Belgrade" to "Washington DC" and you'll get the idea.

Imagine what a few well positioned foreign fighters could do to the Congress that refuses to end illegal warfare:

___ Roads blocked;

___ Buildings afire;

___ District of Colombia traffic congested;

___ Bridges destroyed, blocking the Potomac;

___ Contractor support facilities at the ports destroyed;

___ Naval crews unable to get relief supplies;

___ Command and Controls systems in Maryland and Virginia unmanned, destroyed, blockaded, and unable to communicate through the emergency backup systems;

___ Classified, secure communication systems destroyed;

___ Encrypted technologies for classified Central Security interfered.

Congress has to decide how long it wants to put up with te non-sense in Iraq; and ask what its views are on similar operations by foreign fighters in the District of Columbia.

American combat troops like to make a mess of things in Baghdad. Under the principle of reciprocity and retaliation other nations may do the same to the District of Columbia.

If you like your open highways over the Potomac, I suggest next time you cross them ask what you're going to do if those bridges are out. It happened in Belgrade. The same can be arranged for the nation's capitol. Foreign fighters have a very bad habit of not forgetting what happens when American war criminals invade their homes, disrespect their Peace, and compel them to assent to illegal abuse.

They can lawfully reciprocate in a time, place, and manner of their choosing.

* * *

Congress needs to wake up. This is not going to end until Congress compels an end; or foreign fighters bring an end to Congress as we know it.

There is another option. We the People lawfully impose a New Constitution radically transforming this government's institution into something that is responsive, not arrogant, as this government is.

Even if Congress does end this illegal activity, it might be interesting to see what foreign fighters might do anyway. Wouldn't that be funny: After Congress does what it should, We the People stand back and watch the foreign fighters do what We the People are not legally allowed to do: Burn the District of Columbia to the ground.

Apparently the House cleaner isn't serious. We might need some people to do some heavy lifting. Members of Congress should go get their fire buckets, dip them into the Potomac, and think about your obligations. Water is the source of all life, but it can be the highway to bring foreign fighters directly to the throats of the nation's reckless leadership that defies the laws of war.

Take a sip of the water. It's your choice. Life, or destruction. The same water can do anything just like a government. The question is what will Compel Members of Congress do: Choose the Constitution over the destruction of Congress as we know it.

The Choice is no longer up to Members of Congress, but We the People. Do we delegate to foreign fighters the power and authority to lawfully destroy the District of Columbia, as permitted under the principle of reciprocity in the Geneva Conventions; or do we listen to the non-sense from Congress hoping to avoid the inevitable transformation.

We the People have the eternal power and authority to leave Congress eternally wondering: Will today bring the end of Congress; or will we let Congress remain untouched for the next 24 hours? After that, all bets are off. In the next 24 hours, it starts over again; and maybe the answer will be different.

We the People get to decide. Congress no longer can control what we choose. Twenty-four hours. Maybe things will change; then again, maybe they won't.

America has a time line: It's the Constitution. This government has ignored it. It's time Americans turn its back on this government and let the time line dictate whether this government will or will not be permitted to survive under this Constitution.

We the People are not required to cooperate with illegal activity; nor assent to unlawful warfare; nor remain loyal to a government that defies Our Constitution. The law is superior to all men, especially when foreign fighters lawfully arrive to compel the Congress to comprehend their oaths of office.

Voting didn't work. Democracy didn't work. Perhaps open combat might wake someone up. Let's see what happens. Tuesday, the 13th of February 2007, might bring a new interest in things long forgotten: The Constitution, laws of war, and the oath of office.

Eight ball says. . . .