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Monday, February 12, 2007

Foreign Fighters Targeting American Civilian Leaders

War crimes are serious. Geneva permits reciprocity and retaliation.

Foreign powers may legally plan to commit grave breaches of Geneva against Members of Congress, DoJ Staff, and individual members of the Joint Staff.

Until the US war of aggression ends, foreign fighters may legally target American civilian leaders.

Members of Congress have more to worry about whether they are or are not re-elected. Foreign fighters have the legal power and authority under Geneva to make the Member of Congress unavailable.

* * *

This American government is reckless and can no longer be confident it will remain above accountability for violations of the laws of war. Foreign powers may legally reciprocate against the US government for any breaches of the Geneva Conventions.

Specific US officials on the National Security Council, DoJ Staff, and Joint Staff can be legally detained, and rendered to The Hague for war crimes.

The reciprocity applies to civilian leaders who refuse to enforce the laws of war. Foreign fighters may legally detain, torture, and inflict grave breaches of Geneva upon individual Members of Congress, because of their assent and complicity with illegal prisoner abuse and war crimes.

All American combat forces used to insulate, defend, or obstruct this lawful intervention in the US is illegal and a subsequent war crime.