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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Administration Overplaying Claims About Iranian Involvement

Administration Overplaying Fabricating Claims About Iranian Involvement in Iraq

As with the Iraq WMD claims, there is mounting evidence the US is manufacturing claims without credible evidence. [Links and sources related to the missing Iranian-IED connection are from Glenn Greenwald, and located by reference at the end of this blogspot.]

Reed31463: Here is a draft letter what the Members of Congress could start by way of inquiry into these fabricated lines of evidence: [ Draft Letter ]

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Contrary to claims the weapons are from Iran, the only real evidence links the explosions to Ireland. Ref The designs were originally given to the Irish Republican Army by . . . [wait for it] . . .British Intelligence. Ref

___ Where's the White House-DoD plan to invade Ireland to defend US troops?

___ What is the US government plan to kidnap MI5 security forces in the UK, as the President ordered against Iranian diplomats in Iraq, for MI5 support of terrorism in Iraq?

Note to Congress: IRA [Irish Republican Army] is not the same as IRAN.

Even the US-captured "evidence" doesn't pass the smell test. Supposed Iranian-sourced weapons have non-FARSI writing, but English (image), possibly from Pakistan.

___ What is the US plan to attack Pakistan?

Oh, we can't do that, Pakistan is our ally -- in hiding [cough], I mean capturing Bin Ladin -- like Iran was after 9-11 until we decided to expand illegal warfare from Iraq into Iran.

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Ref US Acting like WWII Japan.


Ref Comparing US in 2007 to Japan of WWII -- How Addington has twisted international law, shifting attention from the US war of aggression which Iran may legally oppose using lawful force.

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Wow, you don't think the White House is deliberately giving bad information to the media about all this? [/snark]. There's no basis for WaPo or NYT claims that Iran is behind the activity, as reported here.

Subpoenas: White House Memorandum on Iran

Just as there were Downing Street Memos outlining the fabrication of Iraq WMD data, there are likely similar memos in the White House related to Iran.

___ Where are the big calls from the Downing Street Memo crowd, upset at the fabrications and deceptions we saw with Iraq?

___ Wasn't the Downing Street Memo supposed to be the smoking gun?

___ What kind of Memos, like the Downing Street Memos, have been written as these issues relate to Iran?

Lessons from Valarie Plame and Ambassador Wilson

The Niger Yellow Cake fabrications are instructive.

___ Which Executive Branch personnel has the Vice President targeted for smearing if they dare to speak out about the fabricated Iranian IED information?

___ Which reports about the fabircated Iranian IED information has the Vice President hoped would be suppressed?

___ What type of retalation is the Vice President taking against Executive Branch personnel who speak about the fabricated Iranian IED data?

___ What kinds of incentives -- on Members of Congress to remain silent about the Iraq WMD ruses -- are still in play to induce Congressional silence on the Iranian IED ruses?

___ What role does Addington play in responding to Vice President concerns with coverage of the fabricated Iranian IED information?

___ How does the Vice President provide memos to Addington detailing the Vice President's concerns that the argument to illegally invade Iran is being openly questioned, and that the Iranian IED "evidence" is not credible?

___ What roles does the CIA Public Affairs Officer, formerly assigned to the Vice President's Chief of Staff, play in disseminating this incorrect information about the Iranian IEDs through the media and think tanks?

___ Which contractor like KBR, Halliburton, or the Lincoln Group is paid to provide this false information to the media; and how much money are they paid to provide pre-written press releases detailing data they know or should know has been fabricated?

* * *

This line of "evidence" related to Iran is sounding alot like the non-sense on the even of the Iraq invasion: Ref

- Many valid questions not getting answered or asked;

- Ignoring lessons of earlier problems;

- Media failing to challenge the data;

- Leadership asserting that something -- that was never proven -- could not be permitted;

Hillary wants us to believe she can be President.

___ Where's the leadership on challenging the propaganda about Iran?

___ What questions, which the open media might be asking but have not been answered, is Hillary expecting she -- as Commander in Chief -- would better answer? [ Discussion ]

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Listen to Max: The White House is cherry picking again; and the DoD IG should review this matters in Iran, as it failed to timely do with Iraq.

It's one thing for the US Congress to say this shouldn't happen; quite another for the Congress to find real evidence that this is happening. Skelton's being played for a fool: "Protect the troops" -- from the White House propaganda.

Congress Knows The Lessons, Or That It Should Apply Them

Ref Democracy Now on NYT Editor lessons from Iraq WMD coverage.

___ Where's the plan by NYT to apply these lessons to Iran?

Glenn has some interesting reminders from Iraq what the media should be doing about the claims about Iran -- the list also applies to Congress. Curiously, Congress is thinking about reviewing what did or didn't happen in Iraq; but Congress wants to proceed on the assumption the Administration is telling the truth about Iran. It would be nice if the lessons of Iraq were understood before Congress started talking about ignoring them.

__ What's the plan of Congress to learn, much less apply the lessons of Iraq WMD to Iran?

Illusory Problems, Non-Imminent, Lawful Iranian Action

As with the nuclear development efforts, even if Iran was doing something -- by way of developing nuclear weapons, or sending IED to Iraq -- Iran is legally permitted to do this. The US, however, is not allowed to expand its illegal aggressive war.

DoD IG Responsibility

Members of Congress can and should report in a letter to the DoD IG their concerns wtih the lack of information linking Iran to action in Iraq.

Consider the information DoD IG should be applying:

A. Untimely action on Iraq -- lessons apply to oversight of the claims related to Iran;

B. DoD IG in hot water for failing to investigate war crimes;

___ What is the plan to apply these lessons to the Iran oversight?

C. DoD IG in secret testimony has discussed known resource problems undermining US operations in Iran; we know the resource problems continue in Iraq.

___ How will these known problems with resources, planning and equipment in Iraq get applied to Congressional oversight issues on the Iran invasion plan, and post invasion planning?

Illegal Activity Reporting, Documentation, Investigation

These issues link to the Title 28 and Title 50 exception reports.

___ What is the DoD IG plans to review the problems with the White House claims on Iranian involvement?

___ What is the DoD IG plan to apply the lessons of the Iraq WMD problems to the claims about Iran?

___ When will Members of Congress and DoD IG exchange information on the gaps in the Title 28 and Title 50 exception reports?

___ How are the multiple reports in the media -- that there is no evidence of a link between Iran and IEDs in Iraq -- getting reviewed?

* * *

Sources: Link Between Iran and IEDs in Iraq Unsubstantiated

Ref Ireland on the Bush target list for supplying weapons?

Consider the following links raising doubts about the Iranian involvement -- strangely similar to the suppressed doubts about the Iraq WMD issue: ( h/t )

1. Ref U.S. can't prove Iran link to Iraq strife
Despite pledges to show evidence, officials have repeatedly put off presenting their case. By Maura Reynolds, Times Staff Writer February 3, 2007

2. Ref Scant evidence found of Iran-Iraq arms link
U.S. warnings of advanced weaponry crossing the border are overstated, critics say. By Alexandra Zavis and Greg Miller, Times Staff Writers January 23, 2007

3. Ref British Find No Evidence Of Arms Traffic From Iran -- Troops in Southeast Iraq Test U.S. Claim of Aid for Militias By Ellen Knickmeyer Washington Post Foreign Service -- Wednesday, October 4, 2006; Page A21