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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Putin Gives War Criminals In White House Earful

Russia On White House Target List?

Nobody in Moscow should care that the Russians may be taken off the White House Christmas Card list. War criminals on the NSC can't credibly argue they're for peace while waging illegal, aggressive war. Ref

When the White House expands its illegal, aggressive war from Iraq into Iran -- without Congress doing what it should to end the war crimes -- is it any wonder why Iran and Russia are openly talking about the American abuse of power?

Contrary to the US propaganda, Putin's comments are not a Cold War, but a reasonable response to the illegal, hot war of aggression waged by the US.

Ref The world is mobilizing to impose through combat the rule of law in the District of Columbia.

* * *

The Russian President is correct: Thanks to Congress, the US has almost uncontained use of force around the globe. These are war crimes.

Reckless defiance of the laws inspires other nations to take measures that might defend and deter an expansion of the US illegal war of aggression.

The issue isn't that Russia is "more assertive" but that the US illegal activity has awoken the Russians: "The Americans are acting like Japan in WWII."

NATO leaders want Russia to remain silent on American war crimes.

It is meaningless that the White House is "surprised or disappointed" by anything the Russians say. This is crocodile tears, shifting the needed attention from the war criminals inside the US government to whether other nations are or are not opposing this illegal US aggression.

The US can save its lectures on whether other countries are or are not doing the right thing. Once the US ends its war of aggression, the US might be in a position to say what it does or does not expect others to do. The US Constitution, despite clear expectations that the Geneva Conventions shall be the law of the land, is lost on the reckless DoJ Staff and White House NSC. They could be prosecuted for war crimes.

* * *

Putin is correct in comparing the United States to evil, reckless, despotic regimes. Uncontained use of power is illegal.

Russia is giving fair warning: The US, by crossing the line on Geneva, is a lawful target for sustained combat operations.

Despite international law prohibiting this illegal, aggressive war, the US refuses to constrain itself. The arms race is a natural consequence.

The US government is the entity that is being provocative. Putin is merely saying what is reality. Lieberman should wake up to the new reality -- the US is isolated, and Putin's talk correctly captures the US arrogance.

McCain has no credibility telling Putin or Moscow what it "must understand." McCain, despite sitting in a Vietnam POW camp, appears lost and confused when holding the US government to account for aggressive war. The war crimes indictment against Senator McCain is available here.

McCain is a poodle of war criminals. Rather than talking about "needless confrontation", the Senator should best attend to his war crimes indictment and confront the President for the illegal, aggressive American wars.

What do you do when your President commits war crimes, doesn't have enough equipment, and wants to blame someone? After being defeated by people living in caves, the McCain approach is to blame Europe. That's what the Eruopeans get for speaking about war crimes at the CIA detention centers: The wrath of noodle-spin McCain. Are you shaking?

* * *

You'll notice when the Russian leaders talk about reality, the US leaders are defensive. Isn't that interesting. Rather than being defensive, the US leaders should go on the offensive against war criminals inside the White House.

McCain shouldn't get excited about Putin's comments on Iran, the Russian leader openly wondering why Iran isn't responding to the IAEA. Ref Putin is selling the Iranians missiles to strike illegal American aircraft illegally entering Iranian airsapce.

* * *

There is no legal basis to prevent Iran from pursuing nuclear weapons. Even if they were, the threat is not imminent. There's no basis to argue Iran must be stopped in 2007 from doing what is not working, or they are allowed to do. Iran doesn't have to accept any demands, especially when they are launched from an aggressive war in Iraq.

Rather than talk about what Iran should or shouldn't be doing, time to turn the techno9logy issues on the heads of America. America won't share details of its illegal NSA monitoring; why should Iran provide technical details about other programs?