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Friday, February 09, 2007

GoP Refuses to Debate Iraq, Then Yells At Vets

Ref It's hypocritical and one-sided for the GOP to block an open debate on illegal warfare; then cowardly yell at those they say cannot afford to have public issues debated.

When we get back to real American values, can someone wake up the GOP? [ Kos Discusses ]

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The GOP cannot credibly argue it is the party concerned with troops. Yelling at Veterans is inexcusable, especially when We the People have Our Business thwarted by Congers.

Military professionals need an apology; and the GOP needs a clue: When you shut down debates and abuse those you're supposedly protecting, you've been discredited.

There is no merit to any argument that the GOP, in shutting down the Iraq surge debate, was doing anyting to support the troops. If they were serious about supporting the troops the GOP would support all troops, not just talk about it while doing the opposite.

Maybe the GOP can be induced to filibuster their excuse: Why they refuse to debate illegal activity; but they are willing to abuse those in their offices related to this tragedy.

Not impressed. Just when you think the GOP can't think of anything more stupid than war crimes, they directly target those they say they're acting on behalf. GoP doesn't care about the troops, it only cares about making excuses for illegal conduct.