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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Needed DNC Committee Action on Iran

Open Source Information on US War Crimes In Iran

The DNC cited articles about the DSM and US problems in Iraq, but whined they didn't have the power to do anything about it. They've got the power to do something, but we've got the same results.

Nothing is stopping the DNC leadership from reviewing in committee the lessons of Iraq and applying them to the unfolding war crimes in Iran. What's the real solution to ensuring illegal war crimes in Iran are prevented, and the illegal plans cannot be unlawfully implemented?

* * *

The lesson of Iraq is curious. Iran seems to have been targeted despite the promises to apply the lessons of the failed Congressional oversight over Iraq.

All that whining about how Powell deceived the world at the UN, but the DNC isn't taking the lead on the Committee Action. IT doesn't matter whether the GOP blocks the Senate from debating an issue, the GOP can't do anything to block the DNC from reviewing in committee the planned illegal actions in Iran.

Ref Spring Budget Reviews means its a good time to ask SecDef Gates whether he still wants a job, or plans to launch illegal warfare in Iran.

Ref Debates on use of force is good: Will Congress debate Iran?

Ref US provocations against Iran are like the Japanese war of aggression in WWII.

Ref Vanity Fair says the Iran Invasion Plans have shifted to StratCom. NJ F-16 are increasing low-levels over the state into the gunnery range.