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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Employees Can Talk About Our Union: The Constitution

Ref Some say that employees can't talk about unions at work.

There's one union every American can talk about: The Constitution.

* * *

As your employers why they won't let you and your fellow employees talk about the Union for all Americans: The Constitution.

___ Why are employers preventing We the People from talking about the Constitution, the Union for All Americans?

___ Which employer is going to prevent employees from talking about the Constitution, the ultimate legal foundation for all business contracts?

___ Which employers are preventing people from passing out copies of the US Constitution?

___ Which employer is preventing an open discussion of the contract We the People voted on: The Constitution?

___ Which employer is arguing that We the People -- their employees -- are bound by contract -- enforced through the Contract -- but we the People are not permitted to require the employer to similarly abide by the same contract in terms of responsiveness, open review of contract terms, and whether the employer is or is not fully preserving the right of all people to openly discuss the source of all union contracts: The US Constitution?