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Friday, February 02, 2007


This is to let you know my status in the event I'm out of contact.

* * *
Forgive my formality, but I thought it would be best to let my regular, faithful visitors and readers know my current status.

I'm going to be having some erratic postings in the coming weeks/months. There is no problem at my end; I have decided to make some changes.

I would hope that those of you on the ConyersBlog and SoapBox4Truth continue your work on the Internet, while I change gears. Perhaps I will be able to share some specific details shortly when the good news surfaces. I'm biting my tongue until it's ready to release.

* * *

As to those who are interested in impeachment, know there are many in the activity duty located in Iraq and Afghanistan who detest Bush and want to see him removed from office lawfully by Congress.

I would hope that anyone reading this blog reach out to recently discharged veterans who have returned from multiple tours and rotations in both Afghanistan and Iraq. It doesn't appear the main stream media is well covering the discontent among the active duty combat troops, especially in the Army, who are very disappointed with this President, resent the multiple rotations, and view this war as being illegal, and the reasonable basis to remove the President.

We can reach out to active duty and veterans by reminding them that there are plans in place; and that people are working to bring this to a resolution.

* * *

To new visitors to this blog, I hope you'll take the time to reach out and visit with some of the people who I respect and perhaps you may get an idea of the types of areas that I enjoy following:

Patriot, Reed, Rusty and many others who work very hard SoapBox4Truth
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Katharine at Cut to the Chase [BlogSpot]

KargoX at Kos
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Congressman Conyers' Blog and Frosted Flake and many others who regularly post and visit.

For those who continue active blogging, and wonder if I'm reading your information, rest assured, I've got you on my schedule to review your information, postings, but I may not specifically comment as timely as I have been. Please do not take a delay in commenting as a sign that your work is not carefully considered -- it is.

If you are a first time visitor to this blog, and I have not posted new information, you can get updates about the topics that I'm interested by visiting the above people/links. In the meantime, when the good news surfaces, I will go back to my regular blogging.

Until then, rest assured there are not problems, things are fine, and things are going well. If you do not hear from me do not be alarmed or worried -- I'm working on some other things and will share the news as is appropriate. I will be sure to keep you informed.

Best wishes. It's nice to see the DNC holding some oversight over this President.

* * *

As a thought, as a means to legally punish Cheney -- the Constitution does not prohibit the Congress from adjusting the Vice President's salary; the only prohibition is on changing the President's salary.

* * *

Also, if you're interested in reading some interesting information, I recommend reviewing Federalist 77. My thought is this:

The founders assumed that the legislature, because it directly elected the President, [before the Amendment changing the voter's direct election] wanted to have a balancing power that permitted that body to have the power to remove the President.

If you read the last lines of Federalist 77, you'll see the Framers intended for the President to be subservient to the Legislature when there were large abuses of power.

My thought: Given the mechanism to elect the President has shifted from the legislature to We the People, perhaps, as with Congress, there should be an institutionalised mechanism for We the People to directly remove the President. It seems appropriate that if the President is going to enjoy a direct election, through the electoral college but not through the state legislatures or Congress [as in the original Constitution], then We the People should have a balanced means to similarly impose consequences directly on the President through either a direct vote on removal; or a recall mechanism.

This is a principle of consistency and a balancing principle.

* * *

If you're interested in some other Federalist Papers related to Congressional-Presidential interchange, I encourage you to consider Federalist 69 and Federalist 73.

* * *

Again, I will share more of the good news when it is appropriate, and you are in my thoughts. Keep up your good work and vigilance. There are many silent people who are yearning for more people like you to be brave; there's a large, silent group of Americans who have strong opinions, are directly involved in combat, but they are not allowed to identify themselves or share their real views on their contempt for the President's illegal war crimes and violations of the Constitution.

You're on the right track, keep up the good work, and remember: You're on the right side and are doomed to succeed. Have faith you have more support than you realize from inside the Administration.