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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Cheney Behind McCain Stonewalling on Presidential Oversight

Rather than oversee the President, McCain and Cheney have agreed to shift the attention from the President's combat failures to whether the US Congress ir or is not being specific with oversight.

McCain and Cheney cannot explain why this was not done 2001-2006.

The smokescreen needs to be swept away.

* * *

McCain Makes Disingenuous Request For Benchmarks

McCain was given benchmarks long ago, but has ignored them nor provided his inputs or alternatives. McCain is asking for something he has not started; nor can he point to a list of alternatives.

McCain cannot credibly explain why, despite GOP control of Congress 2001-2006, the Congress should suddenly do something that the GOP leadership refused to do: Oversee the President.

McCain has yet to explain why he and others in the GOP have not developed these benchmarks 2001-2006 when the GOP was in control.

These are delaying tactics. McCain is not serious about benchmarks. McCain needs to explain why he’s provided not guidelines for what Benchmarks he wants; provided no inputs; refused to provide a list or alternatives; or keeps asking for something he doesn’t want to review, hasn’t prepared.

It remains to be seen to what extent the Vice President, as a ruse to distract Congressional oversight of Congress, is shifting the attention from the President’s illegal activity, and forcing Congress to make a list. Perhaps the Vice President could explain his definition of acceptable oversight; until he does we need not take McCain’s call for benchmarks seriously. They’ve been provided, and he’s using his demand for a list as a distraction from the President’s impeachable offenses. The delaying tactic is transparent.