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Saturday, January 27, 2007

A New Constitution As An Alternative To This Reckless US Government

This leadership should be careful what they ask for.

McCain asks for Benchmarks for Congress to oversee the President. Stunning -- the GOP did not do this 2001-2006, now wants the DNC to provide a plan. You asked for it, you got it. Stop delaying.

Some have suggested Americans are required to provide an alternative to these plans: Ref Americans are not required to remain loyal to what is recklessness.

A viable alternative is a New Constitution.

Hoc Voluerunt !

* * *

Iraq: If the US government is going to say, "Yes" they better have a track record of success.

The President has no foundation to, after creating a disaster, to put the responsibility on others for solving the problem. This President has rebuffed alternatives; now that he's in a mess, he's asking -- not making -- others solve his mess.

The error is for anyone to believe the President's sleight of hand. We are not required to solve his problem; our refusal to solve his recklessness doe snot inspire confidence.

No American should be fooled. This reckless government -- long before the Sept 2001 attacks -- has systematically violated the law, not done its job, and pretended its someone else's fault.

The responsibility lies with the reckless leadership in the White House and Congress. They are either part of the solution -- and the needed reforms -- or they remain the problem.

* * *

This government cannot credibly talk about solutions, when it offers the same: Reckless deference to absurd Presidential statements. This President is not a credible decision maker. If he want to assert -- which he legally cannot -- that he is the final decision maker, then he bears final responsibility.

The President is manipulating America citizen's minds: Asking people to believe he is the ultimate authority; while shifting attention from this President taking no responsibility for his mess.

The President is the problem. His manipulations need to be openly called what they are: Reckless defenses which should be legally challenged not enabled with silence.

* * *

Time for the President to be challenged by all Americans: "Bring it on, Mr. President." If this President wants to claim the powers of a King, then he should act like a King and directly target Americans in the open, not secretly as he is doing with indefinite detentions.

The President is weak, insecure, and not all that bright. No American has the duty or responsibility to solve the President's problem.

The enemy is emboldened because of America’s recklessness and this President's buffoonery. Congress stating the obvious doesn't do anything new but give the President another excuse to avoid looking in the mirror.

Americans are not required to remain united under the recklessness of this US government. We may lawfully re-unite under a New Constitution.

* * *

Gates is making excuses for the poodles in the White House. Gates has one intention: To make excuses, not provide leadership.

The plan, as applied to Iraq, cannot succeed: It is impossible for US ground units to prevail over something they are not designed to engage, much less defeat: A combined [a] insurgency; and [b] civil war.

Petraeus is in a no-win situation. Americans are not required to support losers with an impossible mission.

There is no reason to give them more time. They need their walking papers. If Congress will not stand up, We the People need to stand with a New Constitution and compel Congress to choose: Between the one they currently ignore; and the New One which will lawfully strip them of the power they refuse to assert.

No American has any obligation to do anything. Only the President has an obligation to act. This President has defied his oath. His arrogant poodle Gates cannot credibly compel anyone to believe that we have any obligation to take responsibility for anything.

This war rests on the back of this arrogant President's lies and delusions. The responsibility for this Congress rests with impeachment and investigation. This President and his poodles in the White House cannot credibly say that We the People have to believe a non-sense leader should be given deference.

That which is absurd should be condemned; a President who refuses to assert his oath or fulfill his responsibility should be stripped of the discretion to assert or avoid his responsibilities.

This President, rather than assert his oath, illegally usurps power, but refuses to take responsibility for what has failed. Where he defied reviews where oversight might provide adjustment, this President should be called to account; where he refuses to account, he should be lawfully removed from office.

* * *

Nobody has a superior responsibility to solve this President's mess. The President, as usual, provides not basis to believe his goals or his plan.

Asserting that something should happen is not the same as facing reality: Whether it will or will not work.

___ What reason has this government given to any American to continue holding any allegiance or confidence in this Government?

___ Is there something specific this leadership has outlined in any plan that would warrant continued loyalty to the buffoons in Washington?

___ Why should any American have confidence in the leadership who, despite reckless defiance of the Constitution, they offer nothing that is better?

A New Constitution exists. The leadership have been denied the power to have inputs or comment on this New Constitution.

Where the President asks for more inputs and ideas, ask the President his views on the New Constitution: He has no comment, because he cannot speak; he dares not to utter a word, knowing the rule of law in a New Constitution may legally do to him what he has convinced Congress not to do: To hold him to account.

The Executive Position can be divided into many parts, leaving the Executive Power in the hands of many, not one; and permitting one to legally wage war on another, especially when the chief violator -- as this President -- wages illegal war.

A New Constitution could legalize lawful combat against one who wages illegal war. Congress refuses to hold the President to account for the law; A New Constitution would delegate to a new Executive the sole power to wage war against a reckless commander in chief.

Where does it say that a New Constitution could not permit what is required: Enforcement of Geneva; or is the leadership asking that We the People require outside help, as opposed to relying on domestic forces that would lawfully, as permitted, wage lawful combat against a reckless buffoon acting as President?

* * *

A New Constitution may legally delegate to the States the power to lawfully unite, organize, and protect the Constitution from the lazy, reckless, and moronic buffoons in Congress. They have an oath but ignore it; they leave the Constitution in an inferior state, hardly inspiring confidence they are serious about their oath.

Foreign fighters see what the US government pretends is not real: That the US government officials are reckless, incompetent, incapable of leadership, and delusional. Combat does not reward the absurd, but what is logically planned and sustained.

America cannot be sustained on the back of non-sense and excuses.

* * *

It is only part of the problem whether there will or will not be GOP defections. The greater question is how many more Americans will withdraw support from this US government, and align themselves with something that might offer a solution: A New Constitution.

This President has no legal foundation. He has defied his oath. Americans must agree to extend their arms to their political opponents, and unite under a New Constitution. One that will impose timely consequences on reckless Presidents; a rule of law that will prevent unconstitutional bills from being enacted; and a system that will impose on reckless Presidential counsel meaningful consequences for their complicity with war crimes planning.

Whether there are defections is meaningless. This President is arguing over the pawns, while real King Makers are considering what must be done to lawfully strike this President from his illusory pedestal, and force him to assent to the law.

This President wastes time, shows not deference to his oath, and he has recklessly manipulated the loyal for illegal objectives and ends.

* * *

No one can credibly argue the President has no "leverage" on Capitol Hill. The ultimate power is for a minority, besieged President to manipulate the masses in the opposing party.

This President has manipulated the DNC leadership to fear accountability. Indeed, where there is no accountability, the US government is illegitimate and cannot legally be recognized as having lawful force, especially when it picks and chooses from the law; but does nothing to show the law is uniformly enforced, especially against a buffoon in the White House.

Do Americans have an obligation to be loyal to something that defies loyalty? Indeed, the question asks that we believe that loyalty is more important that prudence. It is not.

Prudent minds will explore the solution to this reckless defiance of the law. A way forward will examine what will timely protect the Constitution, not let the likes of Addington, Cheney, and the buffoons working for Gonzalez hide behind non-sense, and avoid accountability.

The US leadership has no plan to protect the Constitution, other than to assert absurdity. Americans are not required to remain loyal to this non-sense.

* * *

This leadership has meetings, but the fruit is tyranny. IT is irrelevant what the leadership perceives; the issue is whether they do or do not comprehend the President's continued manipulation.

Leaders do not simply condemn. They legally remove all lawful support for what is criminal. We need more than empty speeches; we need lawful action that will remove the funding support for what cannot be allowed to continue.

Where the Congress says it disapproves, but keeps providing funds, the Congress is saying: Ignore our words and written language, but only focus on the illusion of oversight. This President does that, perpetuating illusion and ignoring the written law.

This American government is not legitimate. It defies the law. It has contempt for the separation of powers. Despite abuses, it commands Americans to remain loyal to something that should be lawfully destroyed through a New Constitution.

* * *

It is non-sense to talk of what should or should not be plans and benchmarks, when the plan hopes to solve a problem that cannot be solved: An insurgency on top of a civil war. The US cannot credibly impose "benchmarks" on another nation when the US government’s idea of reviewing benchmarks is to ignore the rising tides in Louisiana.

As with New Orleans, this government's approach to reality is to pretend reality does not exist. This government should not be given loyalty, especially when it is disloyal to the Constitution, leaving it in disrepair.

* * *

The GOP, despite losing the November 2006 election, has successfully manipulated the DNC Congress not to do what the GOP threatened: To remove the Filibuster with the nuclear option.

The GOP refuses to provide a solution or a plan; there was no leadership in the last two months of the GOP. When they still had power, the GOP refused to enact legislation that would solve these problems. The stupidity is for the DNC leadership to believe they must do something which the GOP cannot do: Solve this President's mess.

* * *

It would please me if the US Government would stop lecturing to Iraq about what it should or should not do; and look in the mirror: Why is this US movement lecturing others about what should or should not be done; and not doing that at home: Demonstrate that it can function.

As with all things, arrogant Americans like to impose standards on others which they cannot meet: Competence, and demonstration of functionality.

___ Why are the Iraqis and Americans assenting to standards which this President will not meet?

No credible answer from the lazy American poodles in the Congress.

* * *

It makes no difference what the Administration might like for us to believe is a weakened position.

If there is real disgust, the defections will not be only from the GOP, from the US government, with growing support for real solutions and better oversight; nor the same excuses.

The burden for leadership rests with the US government. It is failing. If the US leadership wants Americans to believe them, they should go on the record and put their writing for all to see: Why should we believe you; where is the demonstrated competence justifying belief. They have none.

* * *

When the "best" that American can offer is recklessness, the leadership should not be given more chances. The need a New Constitution which will legally impose on them meaningful consequences, and not enable what is reckless.