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Thursday, January 25, 2007

9-11 Lessons: Are We Ready To Debate Now?

The way forward is to accept this non-sense is folly; and the same crew is likely to botch any crisis.

Rather than accept the non-sense as we did after Sept 2001, the way forward is to consider what could be done to prevent the same non-sense we had with the Patriot Act.

* * *

The same conditions we had prior to Sept 2001 continue: The entrenched problems before Sept 2001 ensured the nation's response to 9-11 were folly. In 2007, the conditions enabling the continued mess will fuel a reckless US government response.

* * *

1. Compare the list of problems observed, and identified in the 9-11 Cmomission.

2. Compare and contast those systemic problems with the entrenched issues with prompted the US Government to draft and approve the illegal Patriot Act, and remain silent about war crimes, and prisoner abuses.

* * *

If the forces which enabled the 9-11 attacks are not addressed, the unchanged conditions will mean the response to other challenges can be expected to be as equally reckless as we saw in the wake of Sept 2001.

* * *

Notice the similar conditions which supported and enabled 9-11, continue in 2007:

- Unresponsive government
- Excuses to rebuff information
- Excuses to do nothing
- BLame others for reckless appraches
- Manipulate the most trusting
- Abuse the cooperative
- Silently agree with those who manipulate the powerful
- Refusign to challenge those who manipulate
- Jumping to wrong conclusions
- Failing to heed written instructions
- Making excuses not to accept fully respnsibilty for what happened
- Pretending one's certain actions [arrogance, pacing, outbursts, statements of disapproval] are defended by qualified, uncertain conclusions -- this is a fatal defense

___ How can someone justify confidence in their specific actions and decisions, while they are arguing they were not sure about their mental state?

* * *

___ What has the US government planned in response to another event?

___ What is the plan in place, today, to prevent another non-sense US government response that we were forced to endure with the Patriot Act, illegal war, and absurd AUMFs which "green lighted" already illegal NSA monitorigni?

SOmething needs to be discussed now to outline a plan to mitigate this accelerated non0sense. After 9-11, the debate was cursory; today, with Iraq, some are arguing that any other views are evidence of treason.

This leadership, despite losing the 2006 election, is still rolling over people.