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Monday, January 22, 2007

American Psychodrama: Crisis Role Reversal

The recurring theme I've noticed is a psychodrama, where people are in a role reversal. The problem has been the experts, supposedly training in crisis mangaement, can suffer from the problems of their client.

Situations occur where the client, facing an expert's breakdown, must assume the role of the expert, and adequately exercise leadership.

* * *

Psychodramas are designed under professional care to teach empathy.

The problem for America has been the lack of competence of the so-called experts. Victims of crime or disaster may be forced to recognize the experts are clueless, or making the problem worse because the experts are suffering from the effects victims might: Disoreientation, confusion, lack of clarity, or breakdown.

* * *

This is analogous to a fire in the firehouse: What would private citizens do if the fire department looses its cool, and panics.

___ Should the private citizens, who may have more stability than the now-panicking fire department personnel, intervene and put out the fire?

* * *

When a vulnerable client is confrontated by law enforcement personnel who may be "ciris management experts," victims should be in a position to recognize when a professional is in a worse position than the client; or how to reverse roles, and protect themselves from abusive expert treatment.

* * *

Usually, a client will, in a vulnerable state, go to someone that is supposedly an expert. The problem is when the expert is having a crisis, and the client, before removing themselves or understanding what is happening, must have some framework to recognize what is happening:

___ The expert is more vulnerable than the client;

___ The expert is counter productive to the client's needs;

___ To ensure the client does

___ What skills could the most vulnerable learn to recognize when an expert is dangerous;

___ What would be an effective way to proactively teach anyone to know the warning signs of a psychodrama, and successfully insulate themselves from an abusive expert or service privder?