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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Iran: Bush Creates Power Vacuum, Then Attacks Power

NeoCons like to make a mess of things: They use the disaster and efforts by others to provide stability and order, to justify targeting others.

The error in Iraq was to destroy a power base, then, when the Iranians did nothing but fill a power vacuum, use the US weakness relative to Iran to focus on Iran's power and relative strength.

Iran's power is not the problem. It is America's powerlessness, and refusal to accept that it has been defeated. Until Congress wakes up to the American bully in the Oval Office, Members of Congress should be lawfully targeted for prosecution: For failing to preserve the Constitution, and letting it decay to its inferior state.

Disbar and prosecute all of them. They are not serious about clashing with illegal power, but enabling tyrants.

* * *

America’s DNC leadership appears to have the incorrect perception that they have indefinite time to lazily go about oversight.

Despite the so-called victory in November 2006, the Democrats are acting as if they are a minority party, not aggressively attacking the abuse of power. It’s as if they’re apologizing for being political creatures.

Just as the GOP leadership was given a wakeup call in November 2006, the DNC leadership needs some wakeup calls. We need not wait until the 2008 elections.

Wakeup calls can be in the form of prosecutions and court action. Members of Congress appear to believe that if they play nice with a tyrant in the oval office, that things will be just fine. This is an error.

* * *

DNC Fails To Awaken To President’s Iranian Ruse

It's absurd for the US government to create a mess, then target the Iranians for doing nothing but watch the US power base implode.

Not wanting to face reality, the US is using the disparity -- the widening gap between the US and Iranian power bases -- as an excuse for the Americans to target Iran.

Had the US not created a mess, Iran would not be in a powerful position.

The US is relying on its recklessness to justify attacking Iran. There is no basis to argue Iran is a problem. The US is using its recklessness as a pretext to point to Iran. Iran would not be more powerful if the US was insecure, weak, and losing.

The powerless pointing to an illusory enemy; pointing to centers of power because their own power base is destroyed.

___ How does the President propose to spring board from his weakened position?

To credibly defeat a real enemy, that enemy must be real, not a smokescreen.

When the leadership chases a smokescreen, We the People are not required to follow them. Let them remain lost in the smoke.

When the American leadership emerges from the smoke, lawfully slap them with a New Constitution.