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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Alleged Evidence of Formal Geneva Violations Policy

The US government has an official policy of ignoring Geneva. Stimson's resignation, as did Rumsfeld's, exposes him to a direct indictment for alleged war crimes. Ref

When you review these issues, consider the Nazi legislation like the Enabling Act which was evidence at Nuremburg.

* * *

It is serious business when a legal expert in the Bush Administration openly brags that prisoners can be abused, and that illegal war crimes will be fully implemented by targeting attorneys who attempt to fully enforce the Geneva conventions.

Stimson's resignation is not the end of the issue. The next steps include the expanding Geneva indictments which include similarly situated attorneys on the DoD Staff, including the DoD General Counsel.

The disbarment investigation continues; and the war crimes prosecutor review of the illegal military commisions continues. The finding could be adverse legal conclusions against Members of Congress for their failure to do what they knew or should have known was a legal requirement under their oath of office: To ensure that all Geneva treaty obligations are fully enforced, not explained away.

Evidence of GOP Member of Congress thwarting lawful inqiry and debate into these issues is admissable as evidence of war crimes; the DNC leadership, now that it is a majority, has no excuse for assenting to the same.