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Saturday, February 03, 2007

Foreign Fighters View Congress As Legitimate Military Target

Refusal To Debate in 2001 and 2003 Prompted Taliban, Insurgency To Target American Troops

Ref America's decision in 2001 and 2003 to not adequately debate issues of international law prompted foreign fighters to expand combat operations. Avoiding the issue doesn't turn the President's continuing combat defeats into a victory, but self-evident recklessness. If Congress refuses to confront the President, the foreign fighters will continue confronting the Commander in Chief.

The US government set the precedent in Yugoslavia, which foreign fighters under the principle of reciprocity, may apply to the US Congress. The US government fatally asserted that similar refusals to act in a responsible manner warranted military intervention.

Some foreign fighters, if not all, may view Congress as part of the problem, not cognizant of the Will of the People or international standards of conduct. Under the required notifications per Geneva, US citizens are warned that foreign fighters view the US government as warranting a humanitarian intervention.

* * *
It's troubling to consider the possibility that the Taliban and Iraqi insurgents, as a generic representative of a class of people, may be more responsive to the Will of the People than the US government.

This is not to suggest that the Taliban or Iraqi insurgency or more democratic or effective in providing leadership, but an emphatic assertion that they embrace Republican principles of the American Constitution more credibly than either American party.

* * *

The way forward, as I suggested earlier, was not to wait until '08 to send a wake up call through the election; but move swiftly to lawfully prosecute Members of the GOP for their complicity with, and refusal to stop war crimes.

The same legal procedures permitting state attorney generals to prosecute the President, can be applied to all 535 Members of Congress.

Recall, it was the Yugoslavian Government's decision not to do specific things; or otherwise say they were not subject to various standards which prompted NATO bombing. The NATO argument, in effect, was because the Yugoslavian government refused to conduct itself consistently with Geneva Conventions, that the only options was for NATO to militarily intervene.

* * *

Pending Foreign Fighter Direct Notification To American Public

Before armed attacks against legitimate military targets -- as foreign fighters view Congress -- civilians are warned of possible military strikes. Those legal notifications to the American public, as required under the laws of war, are pending.

Congress is on notice that foreign fighters consider the GOP efforts, as the Yugoslavian government was, as evidence the US government is not legitimate, not serious about its legal obligations; and that the US government, like Yugoslavia, must be lawfully forced to assent to the world standards of conduct. The lawful options on the table include combat operations against the US Congress on American soil.

The danger in taking impeachment off the table is that the enemies of the US Constitution will be emboldened, requiring a direct military confrontation.

To avoid a needed constitutional confrontation, the GOP leadership is sending a clear message: It would rather have more military confrontations.

Either the GOP leadership will permit a debate on these alleged war crimes, and the military issues in Iraq; or foreign fighters will continue their combat operations not just against US ground and air forces engaged illegally in Iraq, but, as with Yugoslavia, lawfully target the Congress as an institution and individual Members of Congress for their refusal to discuss, much less end, what they have the power to prevent: More appropriations for widening illegal warfare.

* * *

Congress cannot credibly call itself linked with a republican form of government when it refuses to provide an enforcement mechanism of the laws of war against the President; nor can Congress credibly show the world the benefits of democracy.

The world sees that so-called "democracies" will permit war crimes, block efforts to end illegal action, and fail to check treaty violations.

It remains unclear what the US President is fighting for when he claims to be fighting for American values -- supposedly linked with freedom -- but the values have nothing to do with liberty, but tyranny of the worst kind: Grave breaches of the laws of war. Foreign fighters are permitted to impose like violations of the American leadership in all responsible branches of government.

* * *

Please encourage your friends to directly communicate with your elected officials and ask them to discuss the following issues:

___ Why should Americans support a system of government that refuses to end war crimes?

___ What is the plan of the Congressional leadership -- who is the majority -- to not enact some rule changes which require discussion of illegal combat, Geneva violations, or unlawful approprations for war crimes?

___ Do Members of Congress understand that, as NATO engaged with Yugoslvia, foreign fighters view the US Members of Congress as requiring the same discipline?

___ What changes to the Constitution are required to ensure that this recklessness does not occur; what is the plan of the DNC leadership to work with the states to formally enact these required changes to the Constitution?

___ Unless there are legal requirements to compel the US government to fully enforce Geneva -- as required under the US Constitution -- how can anyone say that the US has a legitimate government; or that DNC or GOP control of power means anything?

* * *

Americans are not required to assent to GOP lawless on one hand; or DNC ineptitude on the other. There are legal options to lawfully end this abuse of power.

I encourage all to openly discuss the indictment here in the context of the GOP refusal to effectively engage in these alleged war crimes; and give specific attention to the alleged Members of Congress who know, or should know, the 5100.77 Laws of War program, and their duty under Article 82 of the Conventions to ensure the Geneva Conventions are fully enforced. That line of legal argument is presented in draft form here: A sample indictment against an attorney-Member of Congress.

Don't wait until '08. Foreign fighters aren't. Decide if you want your Constitution; something else; or the American government will be lawfully engaged and destroyed. This is not a threat, but fair notice of the natural consequences of the GOP reckless defiance of the laws of war; and continued refusal to permit open debate on an important issue of international war crimes.