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Saturday, February 03, 2007

DNC Leadership: New House, New Cooking Questions

One Majority, Two Tables

Ref Senator Hillary Clinton says she'll keep all options on the table when interacting with Iran.

Fine. Perhaps she might convince the DNC leadership in the House to keep all options on the table when interacting with the President: Impeachment.

It's reasonable to expect the DNC leadership in the House and Senate to share ideas.

Or is that asking too much?

* * *
Some tables are bigger than others.

Perhaps the DNC leadership may wish to share with the American public why they have inconsistent policies on how big this table is.

___ Why are some options able to fit on the table; but other options are not?

___ Why is a tool to implement a check on the President -- impeachment -- is off the table; but an option of military force -- not based on real evidence, is on the table?

___ If the DNC leadership doesn't have a consistent policy on what this table is, how big it is, or what should or should not be on the table, should we talk about whether they should be permitted to get near the silverware, kitchen appliances, or plastic knives?

___ If you can't trust the leadership to talk about the same table, why should we believe that they'll talk about the same Constitution?

* * *

America's Constitutional Crisis: Congress unable to agree whether a spork is a weapon or a nose-balancing toy.

* * *

Personal Note To Senator Clinton

Senator Clinton,

Perhaps you may wish to share the information you have that would suggest

___ A. Why Iran should be military targeted;

___ B. Why this information is more reliable than the erroneous WMD information; and

___ C. Why anyone should believe that an attack on Iran is not an extension of the illegal war in Iraq.

The error is for Congress to repeat Chamberlain's denial -- finding new excuses not to compare Bush with Hitler and Germany's flawed, illegal arguments to expand illegal warfare into an unwinnable, protracted disaster in Russia.

An unwinnable war in Iraq, if it is extended into Iran, will not make the war legal or winnable, but further stretch US combat forces, making the US defeat more obvious. We can thank the DNC leaders for applauding loudly while the President issues more diversions inside the DNC cloakroom:

Mr. President, was that your hand, or are you just happy to destroy the Constitution?