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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Indicted Rumsfeld Should Be Denied DoD Access

Ref Raw reports Rummy still has access to the Pentagon and has a desk inside the building. HOld on, this is a problem that needs to be resolved immediately.

I would prefer if Rumsfeld's access to the Pentagon was terminated effective start of business Friday, 9 Feb 2007. Rumsfeld needs to turn in his access badges to the Pentagon.

* * *

Rumsfeld should be denied access to the Pentagon:

1. He's facing an indictment by the German war crimes prosecutor, and it is not appropriate for someone accused of criminal activity to have unfettered access to the nation's military command structure. Accused felons should be denied security clearances until their legal issues are resolved.

2. He didn't have the time to do what he was supposed to do when he was in charge. He's not an example this Congress need anyone observe or emulate. Congress needs to ensure Rumsfeld's departure is final.

3. He's no longer a leader of OSD and should move on;

4. It's not appropriate for the DoD to continue providing access to someone who has resigned and there is an New SecDef in place.