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Thursday, February 08, 2007

DoD IG Concludes OSP Engaged in Illegal Activity

Mounting War Crimes Evidence: Illegal Activity Is Linked With Illegal Objectives

Ref DoD office of inspector Genearl is reported to have concluded the Office of Special Plans has violated the law; and that there was no legal foundation for the OSP statements in any reports. [ Statement Summaries ]

* * *

This is a stunning admission by the DoD IG, especially in the wake of DoD IG ongoing authority to review these OSP plans. We can speculate why the DoD IG took this long to review these matters; or why, despite the known 2002 planning for the 2003 illegal invasion, why DoD IG took four years to remind us what we knew in 2002: There was no evidence warranting an invasion. Going forward, it's apprpriate to consider what issues related to Iran DoD IG has not been able to timely issue a report to Congress.

* * *

There's a continguing pattern of "concerns" by Senators, but ineffectual action.

Recall Rockefeller's involvement with the FISA briefings, but his reservations that things were not lawful. Rockefeller's statement that the OSP activities do not appear to have ben lawful square with his siren-song of concerns in the now declassified memo he penned after failing to bring his legal concerns to the attention of the appropriate Intelligence Department IG.

The IG unclassified memo discloses the following:

A. There was not a lone leader, but a group involved;

B. They knew, or should have known, the activity was illegal;

C. They knew, or should have known, the evidence did not warrant an invasion;

D. They knew, or should have known, the invasion was illegal because there was no imminent threat.

E. The leadership authorized activities they knew, or should have known, would amount to war crimes