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Friday, February 09, 2007

Pentagon Targeted 17 Mar 2007

Ref The Pentagon was told it would be lawfully targeted for peaceful, non-violent protests. ( h/t )

Perhaps if the DoD General Counsel cooperates and does not dispatch JTTF thugs, we won't have to go through any 42 USC 1983 litigation against Haynes.

* * *

Let your friends know the Pressure on the DoD is going to increase, and the leadership is going to be called to account for their war crimes planning.

Recall the lessons at the 2001 RNC Convention Demonstrations in NYC: The US JTTF will attempt to dissuade peaceful, lawful protest using unlawful means. The JTTF officials are very lazy, not inclined t take information related to ongoing problems. They're more interested in getting ready for hearings than in managing information related to suspicious behavior.