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Saturday, February 10, 2007

DoJ Staff Counsel Targeted By Fifty [50] States For Illegal Training

DoJ Illegal Training: Thwarting Congressional Oversight Into Geneva Violations

This DoJ Training is not acceptable: Ref. These are serious issues with the DOJ Staff conduct as they relate to attorney standards of conduct and grave breaches of Geneva.

State prosecutors may lawfully review these breaches of Geneva and formally prosecute DoJ Staff counsel for war crimes. [ Discuss ]

* * *

Congress needs to subpoena all records related to this illegal training which cannot lawfully be classified as they violate ORCON rules in the Executive Orders. Translation: Don't get fixated on the original turf battles with DoJ -- use the training program as the vehicle to openly attack the DoJ Staff and have them disbarred for refusing to cooperate with lawful inquiry into the illegal training program.

Time for the States to take these legal issues to the court: These actions violate the State's guarantee to an enforcement mechanism. Ref Once the evidence is admitted to any court, it's fair game by any of the other 50 states.

Please coordinate with your state disciplinary boards to have this issue -- on a name-by-name basis in DoJ -- review who is involved in this training; and have the results of this disciplinary review forwarded to your state disciplinary boards for purposes of evaluating which DoJ Staff should be disbarred.

* * *

The Attorney General needs to get off his rear end and made to explain what he is doing with this training program. This training program is unacceptable, illegal, contrary to public policy, and wholly inconsistent with the DoJ duty to fully enforce the law.

The Attorney General's comments -- that the training program was to coordinate a response -- is not consistent with the DoJ Staff obstruction. Gonzalez appears to have lied to Congress. Again.

* * *

War Crimes By DoJ Staff Counsel

It is a war crimes to thwart legal review of Geneva violations. the DoJ Staff appears to have systematically orchestrated an illegal policy and training program to systematically shield, hide, and thwart Congressional inquiry into serious and grave breaches of Geneva. These are serious issues, suggesting larger Geneva violations have been known, but evidence of that illegal activity is being suppressed. DoJ Staff counsel implicated with this cover-up could be prosecuted for war crimes.

The Department of Justice Staff counsel has been identified as unlawful combatants and are engaged in illegal rebellion against the Constitution. Accordingly, they may be legally targeted by your state officials for investigation, disbarment, and prosecution. All evidence your state officials acquire related to any DoJ Staff counsel attorney should be collectively disclosed so that all fifty states may review the course of illegal conduct being implemented by this President and the Attorney General.

Other Enforcement Mechanism Outside Congress

There exists an illegal training program designed with one objective: To thwart lawful enforcement of the US Constitution, undermine the rule of law, and interfere with Congressional efforts to enforce the law. The summary of this illegal training is here: Ref DoJ has a training program to thwart Congressional oversight.

Small problem. The don't have a program designed to insulate the President and DOJ Staff from State level action.

Treat the DoJ Staff as if they were unlawful combatants, and you might have an idea what they're up to: No good.

* * *

Review the ABA Model Rules

These are the issues which the State Attorney Generals need to review and move swiftly to prosecute against DoJ Staff counsel.

These issues fall under disbarment issues which DoJ Staff can be lawfully disbarred, especially when they support a course of conduct that thwarts Constitutional oversight and hides illegal activity.

Here are the supervisory standards of conduct which apply to the DOJ Staff supervisors on this training program: Ref

___ What are the names of the DoJ Staff supervisors who are aware of this training?

___ How were DoJ Staff counsel under their review, direction, control, and/or management informed of this training?

___ Did the notification of the DoJ Staff counsel of this training meet or not meet the DoJ Training Notification requirements?

___ Why would the training program be implemented, but there be no apparent documentation whether staff counsel have or have not reviewed the training?

___ Is there a problem with the DoJ supervision -- how can they claim that they have no clue about this, but the OPM guidelines require them to be involved in employee training?

___ How were the OPM training documentation programs involved in tracking that had or had not attended this training?

___ When were supervisors informed, in writing through the DoJ Training notification systems, that personnel had or had not attended the training?

___ Where is a copy of the DoJ Staff sign-in sheet indicating that they had attended the mandatory training?

* * *

Copy of DoJ Training Plan

The training plan is illegal, dishonest, and violates the Attorney Standards of conduct. Ref

The program illegally rewards attorneys who have breached their standards of conduct.

The training program as envisioned, planned, enacted, and concealed raises substantial, material, reasonable, and significant questions in the mind of legal observers about the honesty of the DoJ Staff counsel. These are serious issues of professional misconduct by the DOJ Staff for which they may be legally disbarred from the legal profession.

___ How many of the training slides encouraged DoJ Staff to misrepresent information to Members of Congress or Legislative Staff about the nature of available information for Congressional review?

___ Why is deception being advocated in the training program to licensed counsel?

___ How can anyone in the DoJ Staff argue that this training program does anything but undermine reasonable confidence that legal matters will or will not be adjudicated properly using all available evidence?

___ What is the plan of the DOJ Staff to use this training program to thwart lawful discovery, not provide evidence to the court, or engage in illegal suppression of information in violation of Brady?

___ Does the DOJ Staff comprehend that this training program, without any need to look at any classified information, is material information of interest to war crimes prosecutors showing the US legal community is not serious about its legal obligations under Geneva, subjecting DoJ Staff counsel to serious legal consequences not limited to court?

___ How is this training program being used, provided, dissemination, or coordinated with DoJ-affiliated contractors and lobbyists to suggest that the DOJ Staff has the ability to insulate DoJ-connected contractors from oversight by Congress?

___ To what extent is this DoJ Training program an attempt to interfere with policy making, governance, and oath of office requirements? Ref

___ How is this plan, training, and other documentation related to judicial officer efforts to coordinate ruses, plans, and schemes to interfere with the legal process?

* * *

Required Notifications to DoJ OPR

Once someone inside DoJ realizes this program is illegal, the issue turns to whether the DOJ Staff has or has not reported this misconduct, as required, to the DOJ OPR.

Here is the requirement: Ref

___ When was this training program first developed?

___ Who, by name, specifically knew this training program was developed?

___ When did they plan to provide a copy of the training program to the DOJ OPR for purposes of reviewing whether there have or have not been violations of the Attorney Standards of Conduct?

___ What is the delay in providing a report to DoJ OPR?

___ What is the explanation for the delay in providing the material to DoJ OPR related to this training program?

___ How does the explanation for the failure to report the required information square with the supervisory attorneys’ requirements to under the attorney standards of conduct?

___ How have these illegal training programs been documented and incorporated into the attorney performance reports and annual award fees?

___ Which DoJ Staff counsel have received favorable ratings related to the implementation of this illegal training program?

* * *

DoJ Staff Counsel Appointments

This President has illegally circumvented the Constitution and has illegally directly appointed Staff Counsel to US Attorney positions. Once the President violates the Constitution, the original requirement in the Model Rules does not go away.

Staff counsel are not allowed to work with contractors to secure favorable positions for these appointments: Ref

___ What are the names of the law firms connected with the illegal NSA activity who have been rewarded with US Attorney appointment positions?

___ Which DoJ Staff have promised civilian contractors knowledgeable of this training of a valuable benefit if the training details are not disclosed?

___ How many law firm counsel, aware of illegal activity, have funneled money through shell companies in exchange for promises by DoJ Staff to provide favorable information for appointment?

___ To what extent is an attorney or firms' cooperation with this illegal DoJ training used as a basis to award or deny government contracts to counsel?

___ Who is keeping track of how private firms are or are not supporting this training program?

___ When was this tracking system developed?

___ When, by specific date-time, did the first meeting of this illegal training program start?

___ Why should we believe that the tracking system, which was only developed after the first meeting on this training, was "not related" to the original meeting to start this illegal training?

___ Who, by name, chaired the meeting related to this training program?

___ Where is the sign-in roster of the DoJ Staff assigned to implement this training program?

___ Who, by name, is on the DoJ IT staff that has ensured the OPM and DoJ online and electronic training tracking systems have been updated with this illegal DOJ Staff counsel training program?

* * *

The DoJ Training program violates the ABA model Rules. Ref DoJ needs to get off their rear end and stop messing around. These are issues of war crimes. Foreign fighters know about this. The States are mobilizing.

The DOJ Training program indicates DoJ Staff counsel are being guided to violate their attorney standards of conduct. In no way does this training program logically connect with a reasonable attorney duty to respect the rights of others, especially Members of Congress and We the People. Ref This is reckless.

I want to know how the training program in DoJ is instructing staff counsel to lie, in violation of their attorney standards of conduct. Ref Until we see some full copies of the training packages, we shall presume that the training program is specifically directing licensed attorneys to lie. This is a serious matter. The State Disciplinary Boards -- all 50 of them, not just DC -- need to immediately focus their energies on all of the DOJ Counsel:

___ What were they told in the training?

___ How was the training consistent or inconsistent with the standards DoJ Staff knew were applicable at licensed attorneys?

___ Has the apparent illegal activity been reported to DOJ OPR?

___ Which supervisors in DoJ know about this training program?

___ How does the standard of conduct in the ABA model rules -- as it applies to supervisors -- compare with the performance of DoJ Staff supervisors who have implemented this program?

___ Where are records that training has been completed filed and stored for review; who, by name, established this file plan and what training do they have on internal audits and internal controls?

___ Which room is the training video kept on file?

___ Who has seen it?

___ How was the completion of this training documented electronically?

___ What are the training cycles of this DoJ training program?

___ Which computers was this training material developed, by serial number, and which warehouse has the DoJ IG seized and is holding these computers for review by the GAO, DoJ IG, and DoJ OPR?

___ Where is the FBI stand on this?

___ What is the name of the ASAC assigned to the DC office that is aware of this activity inside DoJ; and what is the status of the FBI investigation into this illegal DoJ training program?

___ Which production company made the video? I want to know the name of the former DOJ personnel assigned to these media outlets which have developed these videos; and how this person got it in their head that this was an appropriate training program for licensed attorneys.

___ Which DoJ Contractor, by name and Program Element Code, was funded to develop the briefing materials, staff papers, and other memoranda to support this illegal activity?

* * *

Recall, FOIAs can be court-level motions which DoJ Staff cannot thwart. The DoJ training program appears to be a violation of the requirement to timely respond to courts. Ref

I recommend Congress call DoJ Staff on their bluff and launch all legal requests for information through the courts. This will attach to the DoJ Staff counsel their court-related standards of conduct.

I want to know which prosecutors and DoJ Staff inside DoJ know about this, and understand that this training program is wholly inconsistent with the obligations of prosecutors. Ref This unprofessional conduct brings discredit upon the American legal profession.

Recall, Attorney General Gonzalez openly stated, [paraphrasing] "If you want something, just ask." Tell the court you want the DOJ Staff responses on the record, in the form of evidence, and review the details of this program in court.

___ How is this program being used to stifle judicial branch inquiry, review, and oversight of the legal matters?

Recall the situation with Stimson on DoD-side: The known violations of Geneva, as planned in targeting counsel for defending prisoners, is an entrenched policy.

DoJ is attempting to hide the illegal policies. The issue isn't just the original FOIA requests which DoJ is blocking, but the subsequent training program which -- as a separate FOIA target -- becomes admissible evidence showing DoJ Staff are agreeing to defy their standards of professional conduct.

___ What is the DOJ OPR knowledge of this training program?

___ What efforts to the knowledge of DoJ OPR have DoJ Staff counsel engaged to thwart responses to Members of Congress?

___ TO what extent does the training program defy, violate, or otherwise not fully comply with the FOIA requirements enacted by Congress?

___ Which Presidential Executive Orders have illegally been relied on by DoJ to thwart action and responses to Members of Congress?

___ How have the DoJ Staff superficially targeted Member of Congress requests related to the Title 28 and Title 50 exception reports?

___ What is the Congressional Research Service, DoJ IG, and GAO experience with this type of activity?

___ Who inside Congress has a plan to review this line of evidence in light of the DoJ Staff counsel oath of office as it relates to the Congressional responses?

___ Who inside DoJ or at any contractor or intermediary facility developed this training program?

___ Which DoJ contractor is supporting the training?

* * *

I need you to work with your states, by pass Congress, and do an end run around the DoJ Staff. Work with your state officials to prosecute and disbar all the DoJ Staff counsel involved in these illegal efforts to not fully comply with their oath to the US Constitution.

All efforts by DoJ to train, organize, and spread information that will effectively undermine the Constitution should be admitted into evidence by your State Attorney General, and reviewed by your State Bar for purposes of disbarment of the DoJ Staff.

Your State officials may legally subpoena records from the DOJ IG, DOJ OPR, and other DoJ records related to the DOJ Staff performance for purposes of conducting an expansive, exhaustive, and thorough review of the DOJ Staff conduct under this illegal training program.

The President does not, contrary to assertions, have the power to make rules thwarting Congressional oversight. This President has assented to Iraqi government rules on troop placement; he cannot credibly argue that he is going to ignore the US Congress.

* * *

Also, all fifty states are hereby on notice you may engage in direct confrontation, contact, and other negotiations with foreign powers. You are legally permitted, as allowed under the Constitution, to lawfully work with any nation to lawfully end the illegal rebellion by the US DoJ Staff Counsel, and lawfully bring to justice all DoJ Staff counsel for persecution in any of the fifty states.

Ref DoJ Staff does not have absolute immunity and the courts have rejected their claims they are not reviewable by any court, especially on issues of war crimes.

Ref Constellation Project: We the People need to send a rude, lawful wake up call to the ABA -- Your organization has a discipline problem inside DoJ. What are they going to do about it?

Ref Three Sparrows Have Landed -- Share this with your friends: How to lawfully target DoJ Staff counsel for disbarment.