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Saturday, February 10, 2007

DoD IG Classified Briefing To Congress

Want to know what the DoD IG talked about in the classified section?

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DoD IG Briefing: Smokescreen To Divert Congress From Questioning Illegal, Aggressive War [Geneva, War Crimes]

DoD IG works for the President, not Congress. DoD IG knows, or should know, about the expanding illegal warfare in Iraq and how it is being prepared for Iran. Members of Congress have been given information about the upcoming preparation for the Iran invasion; and data related to weapon system performance problems which may be an issue to implement the strike packages.

This is a diversion. The focuse of the DOD IG, in the interests of the White House, is not to solve problems, but to create a smokescreen over the fundamental performance problems which have not been resolved in Iraq, but should be openly discussed: WHy were these issues not resolved in 2002 before the illegal, war of choice was started?

It is not approrpiate for the Senate to remain silent on the DoD IG ruse, or the assertion that these briefings remain classified. The briefings are exchanging evidence related to war crimes which Members of Congress do not have the legal expertise to oversee, question, or examine as should be done openly in court, not permitted to continue.

The President's goal in using the DOD IG for these briefings is to raise Congressoinal cocnerns that a "viable threat of Iran" [which is lawful in opposing the US illegal war of aggression] should take center stage, as opposed to the corect attention of Members of Congress: How much of the mess the DoD IG is sharing with us is linked with the President's reckless incompetence in lawfully managing and using the finite resources provided by Congress per Article I Section 8 ["raise and support an army]?

The error is for Congress to allow important information to be presented only in classified hearings, then make baseless charges to shift blame from the President to other factors on issues of Afghanistan. [ Details ] Things are messed up in Afghanistan becaue the President is incompetent and recklessly managing the resources only Congress has the power to provide to the troops.

* * *

Specific Classified Issues in the Run Up to the War With Iran

DoD IG has information about classified problems:

1. Performance

Types of weapon systems that are not performing as required;

- Bogus performance

2. Combat Support

The relative risks to national security because known weapon systems are not able to perform because of material problems with equipment, production, and other technical performance;

- Adverse combat data

__ What are we going to do if the media starts asking about the things the troops know aren't working?

___ When troops are killed, how are we going to keep the real reasons for death -- that our weapon systems are garbage -- out of the media?

3. Battle management

Information related to ongoing fraud, production problems, and data related to the inability of the DoD IG to resolve investigation issues with contractors who do not have the technical expertise in house to solve performance problems on the battlefield;

4. Litigation Witnesses

Discussion on operational capabilities which are not meeting the legal requirements, and raising issues of contractor reimbursements or possible litigation, with issues of DoD IG agent personnel problems

- legal challenges

5. Contracting

Issues related to management incompetence in the contracting facility;

- Manpower
- Training
- Education incentives

6. IV&V

Questions about the suitability, appropriateness, and robustness of various tests done on deployed weapon systems, raising questions about the independence of the testing environment, especially when the advertised capabilities are wholly inconsistent with performance;

- Rotations of key personnel
- Education back fills
- Industry experience

7. Award Fee Oversight

What to do about award fee payments to contractors who have publicly advertised they have exceeded operational capabilities, but the actual systems are not able to perform to the level the enemy expects;

- Litigation

8. Test

Whether the testing required to monitor an ongoing program is or is not getting the required results, and what to do when the data collection systems have been tampered, not planned, or have been not made available as agreed;

- Success of disinformation

9. Contracting

Whether fraudulent contractor activity can be disclosed during war time, especially when the enemy believes that a capability exists, but is illusory, substandard, or meaningless;

10. Funding For Trojan Horses

How much money does Congress want to spend deploying weapon systems that do not work, the contractors know don't work, and the military commanders know are useless;

- Combat performance

11. Performance

Which of the weapon system operational problems -- related to illusory performance -- need to be declassified so that the public gets a better picture into the oversight problems which need reform;

12. Geneva War Crimes

Extent to which an illegal war is used as a smokescreen to hide contractor performance problems, and resulting in price escalation;

13. ORCON, Executive Orders

Whether Congress is or si not willing to enforce ORCON which prohibits classification of illegal activity;

14. Media

How much weapon system performance problems -- on top of the known production problems -- does Congress want to keep out of the news?

15. Combat vulnerabilities exposed

Does the Congress want to pretend the insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan don't know about the military performance problems?

16. Credible Weapon Systems

Is it not reasonable for Congress to conclude the public has figured out that the insurgents and foreign fighters successes are related to contractor performance problems on weapon systems that are not able to work as advertised?

17. Material Performance in Combat

Who are we really fooling if the American public can see, as was the case of Israel in Lebanon against Hezbollah, that a supposed modern US military machine is unable to defeat lightly armed insurgents?

18. 3020

How many production problems with armor, equipment, and other minimal battle requirements that should have been resolved well before 2002, does the Congress need to hear about before the public calls into question the US contractor system?

19. SETA

What's broken down in the systems engineering community where contractors and US government contracting officers spend years resolving a technical problem that could be resolved, understood, and characterized in a matter of weeks?

20. Engineering

How much money is the DOD IG aware is linked with back filling positions of formerly assigned contractors who are now receiving second and sometimes third-level paychecks for technical and prosecution issues the primary contractor can no longer afford to pay?

21. Cost

How do the technical performance issues of these various weapon system problems translate into price escalation and likely future budget requests; when does the President plan to forward his request for additional funds?

22. Programming

How much of the money earmarked for combat has been diverted to back fill acquisition funding changes for weapon systems that should be cancelled, or need a new technical team in place to analyze the deployment and ongoing combat related problems?

23. Program Management

Does it appear as though the right management is in place; or, regardless the fees paid, are there insufficient qualified program managers with the technical background to manage these programs and ensure the deployed weapon systems are operational?