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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Absolute Immunity For DoJ Staff Rejected

In another setback for the alleged war criminals in the Department of Justice, the Court has denied a motion to grant absolute immunity to former DoJ Staff. [ Summary ]

Where this is going: Another tribunal, but for American War Crimes, not Yugoslavia. [Visti a Sample ]

Take note of the Nuremburg Precedents: Prosecutors, Attorneys, Judges, and Civilians were lawfully prosecuted, convicted of war crimes, and executed. The same is possible for the alleged war criminals inside the DoJ Staff and Congress -- Failing to prevent war crimes, and approving illegal memoranda and policies that put illegal war crimes plans into effect.

It is clear why the Military Commissions Bill included on page 84-86 language which would provide finances for DoJ Staff counsel for all investigations and prosecutions. Ref The DoJ Staff and members of Congress have a real concern they could be convicted of war crimes.

What the Executive Branch illegally asserts, the courts can take away or not recognzie. [ Ouch, how you liking that Peter? ]

* * *

This means a couple of things:

1. Members of Congress do not have a credible claim to any absolute immunity when it comes to issues of war crimes; and the current legislation granting them immunity to review is illegal.

2. There is no bar for the State Attorney Generals following Governor Schwarzenegger’s lead an lawfully targeting all firms which provide illegal assistance to the United States to engage in war crimes. [ Visit Arnold's Plan ]

3. There is nothing preventing the State Attorney Generals from gathering evidence to prosecute the President; or lawfully support war crimes investigations, and other alleged war crimes committed using state resources; or from lawfully targeting for prosecution state contractors who have allegedly supported illegal US Government war crimes. [ Plan; AG Checklist; War Crimes Indictments Archive ]

4. There is nothing stopping the states from lawfully compelling DoJ Staff to explain the illegal orders, memoranda, and other things which they knew or should have known were related to war crimes, alleged illegal Verizon activity, and alleged illegal Abraxas support for alleged war crimes.

5. Alleged war criminal DoJ Criminal Division Peter D. Keisler could be called to explain is reasons for providing allegedly illegal opinions, memoranda, letters, and non-privileged/non-court filings allegedly threatening State officials for attempting to enforce the state law. [AKA: "Alleged Poodle Boy."]

6. Viet D. Dinh is not immune to being called related to his alleged illegal policies and failures to prevent illegal war crimes and policies. [AKA: "Alleged Wiki Master."]

7. Brad Berenson is not immune to being called, and he may be asked questions about his alleged knowledge, complicity and failure to prevent illegal prisoner abuses in Eastern Europe, in contravention to the Geneva Conventions. [AKA: "Alleged Denial Boy."]

8. Alberto Gonzalez is not immune to being called related to his alleged failure to comply with Title 28, which requires him to report violations of statutes. [AKA: "Alleged Frito Pie Boy."]

9. Bybee is not immune to being called to respond to questions about his alleged illegal opinion related to unlawful conduct which allegedly failed to prevent war crimes policies from being implemented. [AKA: "Alleged Justice Trial Target"]

10. John C. Yoo is not immune to being called about his allegedly reckless, illegal legal opinions which allegedly failed to prevent war crimes, and allegedly materially supported illegal policies. [AKA: "Alleged Berkley Bandit"]

11. David C. Addington is not immune to being called to discuss the Iran-Contra Minority Report, which has been openly discredited, and is evidence that Addington is allegedly reckless and unfit to practice law. [AKA: "Alleged Mr. Cut And Run From Annapolis"]

12. Secretary of State Rice cannot be immunized for her alleged involvement, failure to stop, and subsequent cover-up over the CIA illegal rendition activity. [AKA: "Alleged War Crime Enabler" ]

* * *

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