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Saturday, September 23, 2006

Draft War Crimes Indictment: Secretary of State, Dr. Condoleezza Rice

Secretary of State Rice has allegedly failed to prevent war crimes.

This is a draft war crimes indictment.

[May be updated without notice]

What's up with those hats?

* * *

Count 1: Obstruction of Justice

Providing misleading information to prosecutors to thwart lawful investigation of war crimes.

Count 2: Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Failing to prevent war crimes and unlawful activity which breaches Geneva. Rice was in a position to provide counsel, but failed to prevent illegal activity where she knew that activity was unlawful.

Count 3: Violating of Oath of office

Implementing illegal policies which abrogate Geneva.

Count 4: Unlawful, reckless supervision

Illegally supervising National Security Council and State Department employees in unlawful execution of the illegal activities.

* * *


Dr. Rice well understand legal obligations, treaties, and memoranda. She has specifically referenced legal documents when outlining her calls for international action.

Dr Rice is well advised by competent State Department Counsel.

Secretary of State Double Standard on Obligations, Tests

Secretary of State Rice is being inconsistent on legal obligations and tests of credibility.

What Secretary of State Rice says is applicable to Darfur, equally applies to the United States.

Rice called for action in Darfur, stating that the commitment and will of the international community is being tested. This language and approach applies to the United States. Anything Rice has invoked as a basis to evaluate any nation, may lawfully be applied to the international community's approach to the United States.

Where the US officials have an obligation to enforce the law and follow Geneva, but they ignore that standard, international actors have the obligation to apply Rice's standard to the United States.

Where Rice calls for international review of their obligations, that standard of review applies to State level officials in the United Stats when reviewing their oath of office.

When Rice calls for action to meet a commitment that Standard shall apply to all other international and domestic officials: To what extent they meet their commitment to enforce the Geneva conventions.

This Congress and President have illegally agreed to accept unlawful conduct that violates Geneva. Applying Rice's standard of Darfur, the world community must rise to the challenge and meet its commitment to ensure the United States meets its international obligations.

International actors have a duty to come to the assistance of state level officials seeking lawful assistance to prosecute, investigate, and indict individual members of Congress and Executive Branch personnel.

International actors have a duty to refuse to provide funding, material, manpower, and resources to illegal US Government activities, programs, and operations which violate Geneva and are war crimes.

The US has no legal foundation to invoke international commitments to human rights in Darfur over American government domestic commitments to follow the Constitution, oath of office, or ensure only lawful combat plans are implemented.

Rice's words about Darfur are at odds with how she has implemented her oath. She has allegedly been reckless. She knew, or should have known, the United States was engaged in grave braches of Geneva in Eastern Europe, yet traveled to Europe to illegally induce Europeans to shut down investigations, not review Geneva violations, and thwart enforcement of international law.

Secretary Rice's conduct amounts to an illegal effort to not enforce the Geneva Conventions, when she otherwise had a legal duty to enforce, and prevent violations of, the laws of war.