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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Archive of House Ethics Investigation -- House Leadership

This is an archive of the House Ethics Investigation into the House Leadership, starting Sept 2006.

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Ref Analysis of Foley Ethics Investigation Report

Success Criteria For House Investigation

Ref Success Criteria.

Ref Rice's Definition of a Successful Investigation

White House, Senate, and House Leadership

Ref White House and DoJ Implicated. [Explanation: Explanation Here ]

Useful Links and Documents

Ref Ethics Oath

Ref Memoranda: Letter of Instruction

Ref Ethics Rules of Procedure

Ref Sample Investigation

Public Notices and Documents

Ref: Ethics Documents -- Recent Press Releases, Sample Investigation Reports

Ref Ethics Site

Public Oversight of Congress

Ref Performance Audit of House Leadership: Do they have a clue what a checklist is, or how to ensure day to day legislative operations protect the Constitution?

Ref Contrasting European and American Approaches To Goveranance

Ref Conducting Independent Oversight of Congress

Ref Public Oversight: Creating Useful Standards to Oversee Congress

Ref Public "Pre-Emptive Oversight" Applied to House Leadership Malfeasance

Ref State Options: Prosecuting Federal Officials For Failing to Guarantee State Right to Constitutional System

Ref State Options: Consequences on Federal Government For Failing To End Illegal Activity, Exercise Oversight

Ref State Options: Lawful Retaliation Against Defiant House Leadership

Ref House Leadership Malfeasance Relate to Other Criminal Matters

Ref War Crimes Prosecutors Exploring How House Leaders Managed Evidence or Conducted Investigations.

Problems With Investigation

Ref Excuses not to look at patterns of conduct related to war crimes; excuseds to ignore evidence and not conduct a broad review of all patterns of conduct which may or may not fall outside the statute of limigations.

Ref Inadequate House Rules

Ref Inadequate Disclosures To Public

Ref Inadequate Information Flows To War Crimes Prosecutors

Ref Signs House Leadership Not Up To Task

Ref Thin House Committee Legal Experience

Ref Poor Direct Contact With Witnesses

Alleged Unconstitutional Activity

Ref White House Interference, Complicity

Ref Senate Interference

Alleged Attorney Misconduct

Ref Smith Jones: Alleged violations of Landham Act.

Ref AG Gonzalez smokescreen, failure to act.

Ref DoJ Staff Denied Absolute Immunity

Alleged Criminal Charges

Ref Perjury: Hastert

Ref Bribery To Silence House Leadership

5 USC 3331 oath of office: Failure to enforce law, protect Constitution, prevent violations of Geneva.

Ref Title 28: Attorney General Failed to Provide Memoranda To Congress, indicating decision not to enforce Geneva, or other alleged Member of Congress Misconduct.

Ref Title 50: President failed to provide notification to Congress on plan to violate US Code; Members of Congress failed to review FISA violations, or enforce Geneva.

Ref Obstruction of Justice: White House and DoJ AG illegally thwart DoJ OPR review.

Ref Obstruction of Justice: FBI, SAC, ASAC

Ref War Crimes: Members of Congress [ Indictment Archive ]

Broad Oversight Issues: Geneva, FISA, 9-11, Iraq WMD

Ref War Crimes Prosecutors Have An Interest in the House Leadership pattern of Conduct: Failures to Investigate and Do What Should [Geneva]

Ref House Leadership Gives Same Excuses as At Nuremburg -- Failing to Do What One Should Do

Ref: Geneva: US Government officials knew of illegal conduct, but failed to take action.

Ref Congress Fails to Credibly Apply Concerns to Geneva

Ref: House Investigation as Doorway To Other Alleged Criminal Conduct by Members of Congress

Ref: Lesson of 9-11 and NSA -- Two standards on whether American leadership will or will not respond to information.

Ref: Language In Editorial Should Have Been Applied Broadly to Geneva, FISA, 9-11, War Crimes, Rendition, and other alleged illegal activity by Members of Congress

Ref Problem of Narrow Outrage, Without Broader Concern for Geneva, FISA Oversight Problems

Ref Overlap of evidence: Links to the NARUS, FISA, and Geneva issues