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Friday, October 06, 2006

Congressional Ethics Probe Unsatisfactory

The House has inappropriately stated it may not end the investigation until after the election.

It doesn't matter. We the People need periodic updates and a report at least one week before the election.

* * *

Whether the House Committee does or does not complete the job before the election is irrelevant. We the People are entitled to know the status of the investigation. Whatever the House discovers, we need to know about.

If you are not able to organize a summary report, then you are not organized, and you are not fit to continue as leaders. We have other options.

This is what I expect, at a minimum:

1. A weekly summary -- between now and the election -- provided on the status of the review and an outline of the investigation questions which remain unanswered;

2. An organized presentation that outlines in detail what roadblocks you have encountered, and who has not been cooperative;

3. A discussion of the lines of inquiry you have internally discussed, and which discussion points have or have not been agreed;

4. An outline of the information you have gathered to date, and a best judgment as to what the reason is for the problem;

5. The plan you have to apply what you find to other, broader issues with Congressional oversight and investigations related to war crimes, Geneva violations, and the FISA violations;

6. An outline of the plan, staffing support, and other resources that should have been in place to handle the issues; and the staffing support and management required to accomplish the broader oversight required related to FISA violations, Geneva violations, and other failed oversight related to Iraq; and

7. An outline of the range of memoranda which the Attorney General has not provided to the Congress as required under Title 28 and Title 50 related to these oversight issues; and a discussion of the Congressional plan to find these notices and get a clear statement from the Congressional committees why the documents have not been provided as required under the US Code.

* * *

We the People have had since 2001 to observe this Congress lazily work on issues related to Iraq WMD. The reports to date have not been impressive. If there is a problem, and there are emerging trends, the time to get this on the information is now, before the election.

Unless We the People get periodic updates, and a report outlining the progress of your investigation one week before the election, we can make adverse inferences:

A. You know the problem crosses into the Executive branch;

B. The failed oversight system has direct bearing on the NSA, Iraq, WMD, and Geneva violations;

C. The same failed system of oversight, which failed to resolve this "minor" issue, failed to review the 9-11 issues; has not adequately followed-up on the pre-9-11 NSA mentoring; nor has it adequately addressed the issues related to (1) war crimes; (2) prisoner abuse; (3) illegal war fare; or (4) why funding continues to go to illegal plans, programs, and activities, violating Article 1 Section 9;

D. The DoJ Staff, members of the Exeucutive branch, and Members of Congress are complicit with grave braches of Geneva. You are not fit to be leaders and have defined your oath; and

E. These are not political issues. These are matters of criminal law and war crimes.

* * *

It does not matter whether you do or do not finish this report. What matters is that you demonstrate the leadership to enforce the Supreme Law, protect the Constitution, and assert your oath to the Constitution.

The issues with House leadership -- on this narrow issue -- presents the voters with many lessons learned of what did or did not happen between 2001 and now.

We have been misled. Unless you cooperate with this investigation, your apparent failure to fully protect the Constitution and Supreme law may be used against your during a war crimes prosecution.

You don't have the option to wait until after the election. The war crimes prosecutor has already started its work in Europe. The issue is what excuse does this Congress have to explain away what can no longer be explained away: Alleged complicity of this White House and individual members of Congress with grave branches of Geneva.

Your loyalty is not to your party, nor is it to your Chamber or the President. Your only loyalty is to the Constitution and the Supreme Law. If you fail, this may be admitted into evidence before the war crimes tribunal.

We need updates. You no longer have a choice. Again, your job is to provide what you have at least one week before the election.