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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Prosecutors Seeking CIA Personnel Allegedly Engaged In War Crimes

German prosecutors are seeking information about CIA personnel who allegedly engaged in war crimes. Details

Hat Tip Frosted Flake #30, Where you can discuss. [ Ref: An affidavit from Germany, with contact information. ]

If you have information to assist in the prosecution of alleged American war criminals working in the CIA and American government, you could be eligible for a financial reward.

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Canada: US Considered A Nation That Commits Torture

The German prosecutors may be able to get assistance from Canada. The United States and Canada do not view the Geneva Conventions, Article 3 the same way. Here are the details: Canada Filing Protest

Ref: Maybe the Canadians have information of interest to the German prosecutors. The Canadian report identifies Canadian intelligence officials who would have known who inside the CIA was transporting the prisoners. If the Canadians refuse to cooperate with the investigation of CIA identities, charge the Canandians with war crimes as well.
extradition to the United States for a capital crime would violate article 3 of the Convention against Torture)
[See page 65 of 376, note 10: Extradiction to US for capital punishment violates Geneva.]

The US, because of the illegal military commissions bill which permits torture, is now on the list of nations to where extradition is illegal:
Finally, under Article 3, paragraph (1), no state party shall send a person to a country where there are “substantial grounds for believing that he would be in danger of being subjected to torture.” [348 of 376 ]

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What You Can Do

1. Contact the Washington Post E-mail; the reporter covering the story

2. Contact the German Prosecutor, August Stern located in Munich.

3. Contact the EU: .

4. Contact the German Parliamentary Committee member, Hans-Christian Stroebele.

5. Contact the German television network ARD

6. Contact Cem Ozdemir, a German delegate to the European Parliament.

7. Contact the Council of Europe's Dick Marty, investigating rendition.

Case Study: Evidence of Bad CIA Training

A. One agent used the hotel telephone to make a call to a family member in the United States.

B. Italian prosecutors discovered the agents did not use the encrypted diplomatic communications or hand-held encryption technologies. They used their personal cell phones.

C. The American agents have used their same first names, only changing their last name.

D. They did not substantially change their birthdates.

* * *

Discovery Options: How to find the Alleged CIA war criminals.

Ref To assist your discovery, the NARUS STA 6400 evidence line fits into what is a Helix Evidence Model. All the lines of evidence in the alleged FISA conspiracy are affirmatively linked with the other lines of evidence in the alleged war crimes lines of evidence, outlined at this link, as summarized here.

(1) Mandatory Reporting Requirements

The key will be to seek the Congressional memoranda which the President and Attorney General should have provided. Failing to provide these memoranda can lawfully generate adverse inferences.

Under Title 50 and Title 28 of the US Code, when US statutes or treaties are violated, the Attorney General and/or President has to file a letter with the Congress. [ Title 50 Discussion; Title 28 Discussion. ]

Title 23 also includes a reporting requirement for the diplomatic communications system, which would have been likely used once the state Department, CIA, and other personnel coordinated their activity with the overseas installations. This information goes through Fiber Optic lines which Wesley R. Husted, the Abraxas Chief Financial Officer has openly admitted he is associated with: He formerly worked with the US Diplomatic communication system under the State Department, and well knows the State Department Contracting System.

(2) Specific Documents to Request from DoD

Ref: Note that Aero Contractors and Abraxas are on the DoD contractor lists. This means that the US Congress has to review all DoD-Attorney General letters related to the planned violations of American law.

Because the activity relates to an alleged war crimes investigation involving US firms, government personnel, and contractors, it is possible to seek the Congressional Memoranda which Attorney General Gonzalez should have provided to Congress. Where there is no documentation where there should be, the court may presume fraud; and the Executive cannot claim privilege on matters which have been openly shared, as the President did with the disclosure of the CIA detention centers.

(3) Subpoena the Contractor Placing CIA Agents

Abraxas is the firm which places the agents. Abraxas is not part of the US government. Rather, it is a contractor, and cannot lawfully obstruct a matter related to an alleged war crimes investigation. If it fails to cooperate it took could be charged with obstruction of justice related to alleged war crimes. The Abraxas records may lawfully be seized as they relate to alleged war crimes planning, implementation, and execution.

Abraxas personnel also know about LockeedMartin, Loral, and other defense firms which integrate with the American Diplomatic Communications. Here is a map to where Abraxas is located, adjacent to the Post Office: [ Map ]

Ref: This is a list of Questions which may assist the prosecutors in getting information from Abraxas.

Ref Using method the NSA is unable to detect, the CIA and Abraxas personnel have been affirmatively linked with this German-related function, which you may find useful when exploring other data, communications, and lines of inquiry:

Open source name: Calvin Andrus, Ph.D. Sterling, VA 20164
Former Assignment: Germany
Position: Chief Technology Officer
Center for Mission Innovation
Program Manager for the Agency Collaborative Environment Program at the Central Intelligence Agency
CIA Support Directorate

You may review the e-mail in and out of this E-mail address into Germany to find the CIA agents attached to the American Embassy, and cross reference this list with the DoD Entities which Abraxas well knows. Here is the e-mail to put on the subpoena: [ ]

When you contact Calvin, you can remind him that his friend, "White Rabbit One" has returned. Do not believe his confusion. ]

Note: CIA uses the Satellite Relay system, samples: [ ] The Regional Relays are linked throught the world, and a sample for your review, which is connected with the Abraxas-Hawaii personnel, and the Teleconference is located here, which the IEEE well knows. Abraxas personnel well know the IEEE standards, and the computer science personnel are well familiar with the NSA cryptography information openly discussed in courses 6 and 14 at MIT.

RRF: Regional Relay Facility
Nomenclature: DTS RRF

Going back through the NARUS STA 6400 data, you will see how the NSA using the ground station system, which uploads/downloads the inforamtion to the ground stations and satellites. [ kw="DCGS", Details ]

(4) Open Conference Information

Ref Abraxas personnel are linked to a conference in Hawaii, also sponsored by Verizon and Narus. There is substantial open source information related to the NARUS system, and its relationship with American law enforcement.

Ref: This is a link to the conference, sponsored by Narus, Abraxas, and Terremark. aka [TERRENAP DATA CENTERS ], which openly reports in the 2006 10-K (10-K Filing Date:6/29/2005) that it provides access to the diplomatic fiber optic communications routes, and works with Southern Command. It appears Terremark worked with Verizon and the billing companies to route the billing data with other Verizon-connected entities.

(5) Prosecuting the President

It is possible that the State Attorney Generals may be open to taking legal action against the United States Government. For example, various state Attorney Generals and Utility Companies have started investigations to find details about the illegal surveillance activity. [See New Jersey; and Vermont actions]

It may be possible to work with various State Attorney Generals to encourage them to prosecute the President for war crimes. There is case law and scholarly work in the area.

The point with mentioning the State Attorney Generals and the FIS-litigation: The same firms involved with the domestic surveillance, are also indirectly linked with Abraxas and the use of that information when targeting people for kidnapping and abuse. [ Details ] It stands to reason that if the State Attorney Generals are willing to bring suit for violation of privacy laws, when they realize that the war crimes related information/abuse is also connected with state-level entities, they may heed NJ-VT examples and open criminal investigations.

Ref: A plain reading of American case law laves open the option of States taking action when Congress refuses to enforce the law. Statutes are not required to follow Congress in committing war crimes; rather, the Attorney Generals have a higher duty to the US Constitution, Supreme Law, and Geneva Conventions. The US Government, DoJ Staff, and other US Attorneys blocking these investigations could be prosecuted for obstructing a war crimes investigation and be executed: Here is the precedent from Nuremburg: Visit.

Ref: This is how to work with the State Attorney Generals to prosecute the President, and compel discovery of the illegal activity in Eastern Europe. If you contact Jonathan Turley at Georgetown University, he has written previously on the possibility of States prosecuting the President outside impeachment proceedings.

(6) Issue Cease Work Orders Against American Firms Who Do Not Cooperate

It may be possible get the State Attorney Generals to bring suit against the firms which are allegedly illegally providing unlawful support for war crimes. State Attorney Generals have the power to shut down state-level activities that support war crimes.

Ref: Here is sample legislation of how this could be accomplished.

(7) Economic Sanctions By EU, Through UN General Assembly

It may be possible to pass EU legislation that would substantially match the bill the Americans passed against Iran; but change the bill to impose sanctions against any country or firm that does business with the Untied States. Work with the UN General Assembly and EU.

Ref: Here is a model of sanctions against one country, which could be tailored to apply to the Untied States for its alleged refusal to cooperate with war crimes investigations, and engage in Geneva violations.

(8) Subpoena the DoJ Staff Counsel and Prosecutors

Ref Recall, American Department of Justice Staff Counsel and Prosecutors have been denied absolute immunity. It may be possible to bring this case to an American court under war crimes charges, and request the court issue an order to cooperate with efforts to enforce Geneva. The US has no legal foundation to block investigations of war crimes.

(9) Take A Broader View of The Issue

The issue is not simply one of abuse and rendition. The same firms which are involved in the AT&T-NARUS litigation, can also be directly linked with the same firms and personnel indirectly linked with the NSA, CIA, and the rendition effort.

Discovery could piggy back off the ongoing litigation against AT&T, and discover how the illegally intercepted information was subsequently used, how it was applied.

Use the ongoing litigation against AT&T and the billing companies to trace the companies back to Abraxas then Europe. Using open sources, it is possible to trace Abraxas, Narus, and Verizon to common personnel who attended conferences, and are familiar with the NARUS STA 6400 system, and law enforcement.

Working through the chain of companies that are linked with Abraxas, it is possible to find the source of funding, the firms, and which specific contracts are going to Abraxas, NARUS, AT&T to support the FISA interception system.

The same entities involved in the FISA-violations are also linked with the rendition effort, and the subsequent abuse in Eastern Europe.

(10) Tracing Through Italy

The Italian Court has identified CIA agents. It is possible to trace their records back to the CIA Directorate of Support, and also lawfully subpoena the CIA Directorate of Support. Here is a map to where she works: Three miles up the street from Abraxas.

(11) Flight Plans

The flight logs of the aircraft can be linked with specific takeoff and landing times. The flight plans have to be filed by someone, and these can be traced to the firm which will likely be indirectly associated with Abraxas or a law firm using a post office associated with a bank.