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Monday, October 02, 2006

Alleged American War Criminals Want To Invade Iran Without Assistance

Despite insufficient combat forces in Afghanistan and Iraq, to maintain security, the alleged war criminals in the White House want to prevent anyone from assisting them in their illegal plan to invade Iran.

The US has absurdly argued that this person has illegally planned acts of terrorism. What do the alleged war criminals inside the DOJ Staff working for Peter D. Keisler and Alberto Gonzalez call the ongoing efforts to invade Iran? A Foley Meet up.

Put aside the issue that the US illegal war plans for Iran amount to war crimes.

How does the US propose to invade Iran unless it has some assistance? The arrogant war criminals working on the American Joint staff are incompetent, and have insufficient forces in place to defend a single hill in Afghanistan. How do the alleged war criminals working in the State Department, CIA, and DOD propose to put the plan into effect, unless they get assistance?

America's ruse: "We don't want help committing war crimes, we want to continue to fail miserably."

The only thing worse than a war criminal is an incompetent war criminal: They're willing to blame their shrinking support for not stopping them from being reckless.

Was NATO ever in a position to credibly defend Europe, much less a hill full of opium flowers?

Senate leadership calls for Taliban to have a place in Afghan government. Why isn't Hezbollah recognized the same way for Lebanon? Oh, that's right, Isreali war crimes and illegal occupation of Palestine trumps all things.

Can't have it both ways, America. Combat awaits the alleged American war criminals -- they refuse to pay attention to the civil forum: The rule of law.

Abraxas: They're undercover, hiding, and of no help.