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Saturday, September 30, 2006

SWIFT Access Allegedly Supported War Crimes

The SWIFT data releases is more than an issue of EU privacy violations, but alleged war crimes.

* * *

SWIFT banks illegally, the EU said, disclosed information to US-related entities in violation of the law. The EU decision that the SWIFT disclosures were illegal means the net is widening on the alleged war criminals.

Recall, the President revealed the illegal detention centers in Europe, which Rice had previously denied existed. A cast of enablers supported the illegal detentions including the telecoms industry, personnel who provided transport, and those who actively engaged in the alleged Geneva violations.

There's nothing wrong with tracing illegal activity. However, if the Americans want to violate the law in order to defend their way of life, they're ignoring what they supposedly are trying to defend. In truth, the Americans are only defending their "right" abuse power and illegally seize oil.

It remains to be seen what role US firms like Abraxas, Verizon, and AT&T played in transferring this illegally obtained information; and how the intermediaries were used to put into effect illegal renditions and prisoner abuse.

We'll have to see how serious the Europeans are in prosecuting those institutions which provided the Americans the information used to engage in the alleged war crimes in Eastern Europe.