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Friday, September 29, 2006

War Crimes: The Proper Comparison Is US Conduct Under Geneva

When reviewing US war crimes, the correct approach is to review two things: (1) the Geneva conventions, and (2) The United States actions.

All other comparisons are meaningless.

* * *

The White House and the legal team hope to mention Yugoslavia and Hitler to make it appear as though Bush's conduct wasn't anything serious. The trap is to argue over whether the US actions are or are not similar or different than other nations and leaders. This is a false comparison.

The goal isn't to be accountable to Geneva, but to change the subject from whether their conduct is or isn't like someone else's conduct. The trap is defend-accuse the RNC leadership in whether they are or are not similar to other leaders. The comparisons to other leaders are irrelevant, especially without reference to Geneva.

The RNC has only itself to blame for hiring defective counsel. As shown with Hamdan, the DOJ Staff counsel failed to correctly apply the law to the United States. The only relevant comparison is the Geneva Conventions.