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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Truth To Power

Marueen Dowd said it well: The job of the reporter is to say the truth.

The interesting thing about the interview was the simplicity of the conclusion: When a reporter tells the truth and the President reacts, that's the point -- the President is reacting to the truth, not delivering the truth.

Dowd also reminded us that Cheney's goal is to tear down the checks and balances.

* * *

Bush and the RNC hate the truth. They yell at those who take their requests for inputs seriously. If the media and truth were irreelvant, Bush would have no reason to respond.

He, Cheney, and others like Addington may bully others into feigned agreement, but those who are bullied will never forget. There is no sympathy if the bully is politically or legally destroyed; or if their illegal strategic objectives backfire.

* * *

Cheney's upset that people have him figured out: He doesn't respect the Constitution, he only respects those who abuse power.

Saddam and Cheney would make nice cell mates.