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Friday, September 29, 2006

America's Assault On Justice

The US Congress and President have assaulted the American justice system.

It no longer matters whether the voters do or do not get it.

* * *

The Military Commissions bill illegally affects ongoing litigation.

Legal Challenges

Hamdan is not expected to raise the issue of habeas as this has already been determined in the case; but will likely soon challenge the military commission bill privisions related to evidence and procedures, which the Supreme Court already stated in Hamdan violate Geneva.

Congress has defied the Supreme law, the Geneva Conventions, and the Supreme Court. The Bill illegally denies prisoner-defendants' rights Hamdan otherwise affirmed as Geneva requirements. The Conventions require the defendant the same legal protections that are the part of regular courts. Regular courts in America are consistent with the Constitution.

The United States government has insufficient evidence to prosecute the majority of prisoners of war. If it did, it would gladly parade the defendants and show the evidence proving their guilt. The problem is the Americans have paid for defendants, not for justice.

Grand juries have little patience when they are given the run around, especially when the law is clear, and the conduct is illegal. It's the turn of the war crimes tribunals and grand juries to lawfully assault the alleged war criminals in Congress who have defied their oath.