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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Abraxas Allegedly At Center of Rendition, FISA Violations, War Crimes

Abraxas Corporation is interconnected through many entities worldwide. A casual look of the corporation shows some interesting connections with the NSA and the fiber optic network which the NARUS STA splices.

Abraxas is allegedly at the center of many illegal activities. These activities include the unlawful domestic surveillance, the illegal kidnapping program, and the unlawful abuse and detention of prisoners of war.

[This information will be updated as new information is obtained.]

* * *

The American diplomatic communications system relies on fiber optic cables. The firms which support the fiber optic message traffic are indirectly associated with Southern Command.

The firm is closely associated with the American Defense Intelligence Agency, and the DISA communication systems.

Abraxas CFO was formerly assigned to the diplomatic communications program office.

The firm is also indirectly associated with entities and software which NAVSEA uses for military communications.

The United States code lists specific reporting requirements on DoD when involved in non-covert operations. The CIA Detention centers fall under Title 50 reporting requirements.

The US Attorney General is required by statute to report all programs and activities which violate statute.

* * *

The Abraxas corporation also has links with personnel from Hawaii, the site of the diplomatic relay systems. The computer software background of the Abraxas employees has affirmatively been linked with key words the NSA cryptology units use.

This is otherwise known as ELINT, or Electronic Intelligence.

Abraxas-associated entities are also using inconsistent names. The popular names of the firms filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission do not match the IP data; the names have been changed apparently to cloak and mask the connection between the Southern Command Support, State Department, and the commercial entities working for the State Department.

Central to the communication system are the satellite communication systems. These have been affirmatively linked with Loral, which is on contract with the state department to upgrade the embassy communication system.

Aerospace Corporation, which is headquartered in Los Angeles, adjacent to Los Angeles Air Force station, as also part of the satellite communication system which supports the fiber optic ground stations.

The conferences which Abraxas personnel, Verizon, and Narus have sponsored are similar. They were located in Hawaii, and also connect to the same firms supporting the law enforcement communication networks which NARUS STA provides support.

One of the questions has been the issue of intermediaries for billing companies. Abraxas-associated entities provide the facilities to support the fiber optics in the diplomatic communication system. They are publicly identified in Securities and Exchange Commission documents.


Congress should have been informed of the illegal CIA rendition program when it first stated. Title 50 requires the President to report this information to Congress. Congress, despite this requirement, failed to ask for the information; and voted to pass the illegal Military Commissions Bill.

These are matters of criminal law. They are not matters of national security. Open source information confirms the link between the fiber optic cable systems, rendition-related efforts, and the alleged war crimes committed against prisoners in violation of Geneva.

Nuremburg affirmably established the precedent that civilian contractors may lawfully be executed for war crimes.

The President has admitted that the CIA detention centers were real. ICRC personnel and the EU personnel investigating renditions and Eastern Europe abuse are in Guantanamo to interview the alleged victims of American war crimes.

It is a matter of criminal law and war crimes when prisoners are detained, and the data extracted from illegal intercepts is used to abuse them.


1. What is the plan of the United States government to fully comply with Geneva?

2. How was the NARUS STA splicing system, which integrates with the NAVSEA fiber optics, then integrated with the electronic data which JTTF and DHS uses?

3. What is the reason the firms associated with Southern Command are using incorrect IP-designation names which do not match the SEC filings?

4. Is there a reason the President has not provided the Title 50 reports to Congress as required after 2001; and that Congress has not started an investigation based on these Title 50 reports which the IG and Agency heads in NSA, CIA, and State should have reviewed?

5. Does the IG office in either State, CIA, DoJ, or DoD have an explanation for the linkage between contractors, their agency, and the illegal detentions in Eastern Europe?

* * *

The Joint Staff NSA Communication System can transmit Emergency messages within 6 minutes to any location worldwide. The DoD 5100.77 Laws of War Program requires SecDef to ensure the Geneva conventions are fully implemented. The Joint Staff has the legal obligation to ensure that any and all illegal activity which violates the US Constitution, laws of war, and FISA are immediately implemented.

All illegal contracts related to this pending legal matter can be issued an immediate cease work order to fully comply with Geneva, the US Constitution, and FISA. The State Attorney Generals may use your delay or non-response as evidence that you allegedly remain in violation of State criminal statutes and you may be prosecuted for violating State Criminal Statutes.

You have 15 minutes to publicly comment on this information. If nothing is provided through your PR firms, then we will make the following adverse inferences, which are only allegations:

(1) Abraxas is a corporation which is instrumental in providing communication support to illegal renditions and kidnapping;

(2) The State Department Embassy Communication systems are actively used by the NSA, Joint Staff, and commercial entities as a conduit to establish the communication system which commercial contractors can splice into;

(3) The same firms associated with rendition, FISA violations, and the NSA illegal surveillance, are also involved in the domestic monitoring program, provide data support for activities they know or should know are illegal, and also have failed to remove themselves from the unlawful activity;

(4) Federal funds are illegally being spent to provide support for information systems affirmatively linked with entities and contractors which support the illegal kidnapping, interrogation, abuse, and other activities which violate the laws of war;

(5) Members of Congress knew, or should know, per the Title 50 reporting requirements that these activities are illegal, but have failed to investigate or shut down funding for things which violate the laws of war and the US Constitution;

(6) Abraxas has hired a public relations firm to handle the adverse public attention;

(7) Hawaii is one of many of the relay stations used to access the fiber optics, download it, transfer the data to the embassies, and integrate the data with commercial entities, thereby establishing that the State Department and CIA personnel knew or should have known how the illegally acquired data was used around the globe;

(8) The Abraxas personnel associated with Hawaii are well known to the NSA for their computer science skills, and are adept at nomenclature related to cryptography;

(9) Many contractors have a problem because the data transfers through the SIGINT pipeline are related to illegally captured data, information gleaned from abuse, and also instrumental in supporting illegal war crimes in Iraq, Guantanamo, and Eastern Europe. Your failure to remove yourselves makes you complicit with war crimes;

(10) The Joint Staff through the National Reconnaissance Office has the means to adjust satellite positions, shut down the illegal activity, but has refused to end the illegal activity and support which violates FISA and the Geneva Conventions;

(11) There is no disputing that Abraxas is linked, through their software, directly to the US government including the NAVSEA system program office. The program office also is linked with the software and IT companies providing support to the fiber optic cables which support Embassy Message traffic. This is the communication system which was instrumental in supporting illegal activity in Italy which is currently the subject of a criminal trial over allegations that CIA personnel illegally abused Italian citizens, presumably which Abraxas placed and should know about;

(12) The overseas conferences are linked with American universities and consulting firms located in Massachusetts including MIT, which Abraxas has posted job announcements related to computer and economics training in courses 6 and 14 at MIT;

(13) Allegedly, one of the means by which Abraxas is able to transfer data and personnel through the so-called "Abraxas Pipeline" is using the Department of Commerce export-licensing contracts. Congress funds various DOC efforts, which appear to be one of the means by which overseas DoD entities can independently work free of direct Joint Staff control. It is believed that the Abraxas personnel have used fisheries and other NOAA efforts to support their alleged illegal violations of the Supreme Law and Geneva conventions;

(14) Loral and LockeedMartin, both integrated with the embassy fiber optic communication systems, are linked directly to Abraxas personnel, who are familiar with the NAVY underwater fiber optic splicing program managed by NAVSEA which integrates with the NARUS STA system;

(15) Personnel who are familiar with the embassy communication system are openly advertising their experience and association with the allegedly illegal activity;

(16) Abraxas seeks MIT computer graduates because of their training in the hardware, coding, and program languages used within the fiber optic communication system, and their knowledge is useful in accessing, masking, and transferring data through the NSA and State Department relay stations and satellite ground stations;

(17) The White House is affirmatively linked to this illegal activity through (a) the communications hub and personnel; (b) the entities which support the illegal billing-extraction program; and (c) the direct funding managed through OMB discretionary accounts. These relationships are openly known, have been disclosed by third parties, are related to fraud, and cannot lawfully be protected by any claim of executive privilege;

(18) The status reports related to the illegal activities and Geneva violations are, by statute, required to be provided on a periodic basis to Congress. The status updates include reports on the progress of the fiber optic installation, the funding baselines, and assurances that the progress is fully complying with statute. However, public evidence shows these claims are false, and Members of Congress have failed to investigate this illegal activity and false statements to Congress. The Congressional committees, staff members, and individual Members of Congress allegedly complicity with the war crimes include the Appropriations, Intelligence, and Foreign Relations committee staff. Each of the individuals associated with these Congressional Committees is allegedly complicit in forwarding illegal military commissions bills; failing to prevent funds for activities they knew, or should have known, were related to unlawful violations of the Supreme Law, Geneva, FISA, and US Constitution; and failing to remove themselves from activty they knew or should have known were allegedly grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions.

(19) DoD legal counsel and the JAGs are well aware of the diplomatic communication system, the fiber optics issues, and the involvement of private contractors. It remains to be explained what threats they have endured to remain silent about the FISA violations, and their knowledge how the fiber optic tapping was used to support illegal war crimes in the United States, unlawful kidnapping of non-accused American citizens, and the abuse they have allegedly endured in violation of Geneva. The alleged JAG failure to remove themselves raises substantial questions about the JAG alleged complicity with war crimes planning, policymaking, implementation, and failures to prevent Geneva violations.

* * *

These are matters of criminal law. All information above remains to be proven before a war crimes tribunal. They remain matters which have not been proven before a court of law. They are merely allegations.

You are advised to seek legal counsel before taking further action.

Detailed Information

Ref Other links related to alleged Abraxas war crimes.

Ref Each Helix has been affirmatively connected. Verizon, Abraxas, Narus are allegedly actively cooperating to support illegal information collection, transfer, intercept, and decryption instrumental in violating the Supreme Law, Constitution, and Geneva Conventions.