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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

CA Governor Shows States Can Target Illegal Activity

California Governor Schwarzenegger signed into law AB2941 which directs the California pension system to divest funds from firms doing business with illegal activity in Darfur, Sudan. [ Details]

The lesson of California is important. States may lawfully use their power to target and shut down illegal activity: State power applies not only to foreign affairs, but illegal US government action.

The philosophy behind the bill that will, as the California Chronicle describes "divest of investments in companies doing business in the Sudan," could also be applied to divest investments in companies that support unlawful US government war crimes and Geneva violations.

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CA State Governor Schwarzenegger has targeted illegal activity in Darfur. Relying on trusted confidants, the Governor used CA State power to target illegal activity. The bill, written by the same legislator who crafted the CA State 603 proclamation calling for Congress to impeach President Bush, would prevent California Pension plans from doing business with firms that directly or indirectly support illegal activity in the Darfur region.

The lesson should not be missed. State legislators and governors, working within their Constitutional mandate and foundation, may lawfully take action to target illegal activity. The state power is not isolated to foreign affairs and pension funds. States may also lawfully use their power to target illegal US government activity, both at home and abroad.

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The US plan to impose sanctions against Iran can be a model for the States to impose similar sanctions against the US government for violating Geneva: Ref

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We've already outlined the scope of illegal activity the US Government engages. Here is a plan for the State Attorney Generals can use to target illegal US government operations.

Congress has failed to exercise oversight, investigate illegal activity, or protect the rule of law. Clear violations of FISA and Geneva have not been investigated. Rather, the Congress wastes time on dilatory debates, proposing to pass unconstitutional legislation.

Congress and the President need a wake up call. Just as Governor Schwarzenegger has targeted illegal activity in Darfur, the states may lawfully do the same on the domestic front.

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What You Can Do

1. Share with your friends the Bill Governor Schwarzenegger has signed.

2. Discuss with your friends the power of the States, using economic tools, to target illegal activity.

3. Discuss how the States may use their economic power to target illegal activity abroad.

4. Share with your friends your ideas on how the State Governors, legislators, and Attorney Generals can work together to similarly target illegal US government activity.

5. Share with your state officials a plan your State Attorney General may wish to consider to target illegal US government action.

6. Send a letter of thank you to Governor Schwarzenegger and the CA legislator, Paul Koretz, who drafted the bill. Encourage them to consider applying their power to domestic affairs, and similarly deny California Pension funds the authority to invest in any firms or do business with US investment bankers who support illegal US government activities, war crimes, FISA violations, rendition, abuse, or Geneva violations.

Useful Links

Plan your state Attorney General may wish to consider with your legislature, and State Governor. [Visit Plan ]

A checklist your state attorney General may use to screen which entities may or may not have engaged in illegal activity, and what the US Government may do to thwart the state efforts to target illegal US government operations. [ Visit Checklist ]

Governor Schwarzenegger's e-mail, contact info: here

Paul Koretz' e-mail: [Visit Bottom of Page ]

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Recall, it was Mr. Koretz who sponsored the 603 legislation in California, the bill to invoke House Rule 603, in a proclamation calling for Congress to investigate and impeach the President. Details

* * *

Sample Letter

The Honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger
Governor, State of California

The Honorable Paul Koretz
Assemblyman, 42nd District
North Hollywood

George Clooney, Actor
Advocate for Darfur
Witness, UN Security Counsel

Governor Schwarzenegger, Assemblyman Koretz, and Mr. Clooney,

Thank you for your energy and attention to the Darfur region. The CA bill will lawfully target illegal activity. Thank you for asserting the power of the State of California to target illegal activity.

The rule of law guides our nation. Where there is illegal activity, and the Federal Government refuses to act, the states have the lawful power and duty to refuse to cooperate with those who refuse to do what is right.

Mr. Koretz has drafted a proclamation calling for a needed investigation, and if needed, impeachment of the President of the United States for illegal activity. The facts remain unclear. Congress refuses to act.

Please consider the power of the State of California in not only how it has targeted illegal activity abroad, but how it could target illegal activity at home. Here is a list of ideas which you and your staff may consider when targeting the contractors and firms which allegedly support illegal US government operations, war crimes, and Geneva violations.

Thank you for your work and support in asserting the rule of law around the globe, and doing what is right.

1. Plan for States to assert economic leverage on firms illegally supporting US Government war crimes [Visit Plan ]

2. Checklist of actions DoD and the White House are likely to take to thwart state efforts to target contractors illegally supporting unlawful US Government activity. [ Visit Checklist ]

3. Koretz bill invoking house rule 603 calling for Congress to investigate, and impeachment of the President of the United States [Details ]