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Friday, October 06, 2006

Operation Can Opener

The lessons of Nuremburg apply to Congress in 2006.

* * *

As you review the Congressional investigation, consider the lessons of Nuremburg.

The same excuses which the RNC is using were invoked after WWII ended. The excuses were also illegal excuses for inaction 2001-2006.

The same kind of rationalization, failed oversight, and abuse during WWII has been widespread in America. Indeed, the number of deaths has been much smaller, but the abuse of power is from a common.

Think back to what people wished they had done during the 1930s; the same applies 2001-2006.

___ What excuses did people give to not do what should have been done?

___ What was the reason for saying "Yes," when the answer should have been "No."

___ What choices were people making that ignored important information?

___ Once people knew there was a problem, what excuse were they using to not correct what was a problem?

___ What is a solution we can leave so this does not happen again?

- -


The goal is to protect the Constitution, not protect anyone's right to abuse power or defy the Supreme Law.

___ Should We the People have the Constitutionally-recognized-protected right to lawfully overthrow a government that has defied the laws of war, engages in war crimes, and refuses to assent to the rule of law or courts?

___ Should the States have the Constitutionally-recognized power and right to lawfully raise an army to subdue and arrest Members of Congress who have raised an illegal army to engage in war crimes?

___ Should the States have the Constitutionally-recognized power to work with foreign powers to assist in the lawful invasion and apprehension of war criminals in the US Congress and Executive branch as they wage illegal war and implement crimes against humanity?