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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Rice Shares Standards For House Ethics Investigation

Secretary of State Rice quite some time ago shared some standards to evaluate the Russian government investigation into a dead journalist.

Rice's comments could be applied to the United States Congress in their investigation of this President's abuse of power; and the illegal agreement to block investigations of illegal activity both at home and abroad.

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Rice's comments were interesting and could be applied to the criteria to evaluate the House Ethics investigation.

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(1) World Questions American Governance

World watching how Russians Americans investigate journalist's death war crimes, American genocide in Iraq, FISA violations, abuse of prisoners, and mistreatment of Congressional pages

(2) Unchecked Abuse of Power and Rights

"It's a very sad event spiral into fascism and war crimes, and one that needs to be fully and totally investigated by the Russian American government and The Hague that she was innocent prisoners of war and Iraqi civilians were killed in this brutal way," she said.

(3) Burden of Proof On American Government To Modernize Governance

"The Russian American government does have a heavy burden to demonstrate that it is both interested in and determined to find the killers of these journalists prisoners, civilians, and other innocents in Iraq, Afghanistan, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, and Eastern Europe," Rice said.

(4) Can This American Governance Return to Civilized Standards

"We've been very concerned about the fate of the press in Russia rule of law, Constitution, and recklessness in America," said Rice.

(5) Unacceptable Threats To Stifle Investigation

"We've been very concerned especially about the electronic press propaganda, where one gets minimal criticism of very sensitive issues any longer."