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Friday, October 13, 2006

Might the DNC Refuse To Recognize CT Election Results

Article 1 Section 5 gives the Senate the power to decide elections.

Even if Lieberman were to win, if the DNC were to control the Senate, the question remains open: Might the DNC refuse to recognize the CT election results.

* * *

There's been some discussion of what might be done to challenge Lieberman. Three weeks from the election, Lamont appears to be the losing candidate.

Putting aside the issue of whether this defeat may be a setback for the netroots credibility, the question remains: Did Lieberman fraudulently achieve the result?

CT election laws specify certain election procedures. One of them is to disqualify the candidate when they refuse to comply with State Election laws, or act outside the Party.

CT in effect has two DNC-candidates. This is at odds with the DNC election rules. Rather than keep the DNC contest to the DNC, Lieberman, by staying in the election despite losing the primary, has effectively ignored the primary process, and opened the DNC primary vote to the RNC.

* * *

The question remains: If the DNC were to control the Senate, could they refuse to recognize Lieberman's election.

I think the answer is yes, the DNC could refuse to recognize the CT Senate Results. Whether they do so, is another matter. The DNC has a strange habit of undermining their interests.