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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hastert Allegedly Targeted For Perjury Indictment

Hastert Public Misstatements Target of Probe: Hastert's Misstatements Relate to War Crimes Reporting Period

The Speaker of the House is allegedly under investigation for committing perjury before federal investigators.

DoJ OPR is also allegedly targeting DoJ staff and FBI agents for alleged obstruction of justice; and for allegedly making false statements to the US Attorney's office and Congressional investigators during this investigation.

* * *

Federal investigators and the US Attorney have been given inconsistent, conflicting, and admissible evidence showing the Speaker has allegedly committed perjury before federal agents investigating the House Leadership response to the page scandal.

Speaker of the House Hastert has made materially misleading statements about what he was or was not told when the United States Congress should have been reviewing allegations of war crimes.

Hastert has made out of court, admissible, inconsistent statements which the American public and prosecutors have relied upon. This information allegedly relates not only to events related to the Page notifications, but other notifications he received on other oversight matters.

Hastert is allegedly now the target of a perjury investigation for misleading federal investigators and prosecutors.

* * *

Hastert has made inconsistent statements which are admissible. He's previously committed to specific timelines which other witnesses have independently contradicted.

The lines of evidence are compelling. Federal investigators have relied on the information and have been mislead.

To complicate matters, the FBI personnel have also made misleading statements about the evidence that they were given, and allegedly the target of a DOJ OPR internal review and expanding investigation.

Allegedly among the DOJ OPR concerns is whether the Attorney General has or has not thwarted reports to the DOJ OPR. US Department of Justice staff and legal counsel working for the President are required to report alleged misconduct by peers to the DOJ OPR.

* * *

Hastert has misled the Republican party about the nature of the problem. The investigation will probe into his reasoning for making misleading statements and whether he has other issues which are driving him in 2006 to make misleading statements about what he was or was not told in 2003.

It appears as though the Speaker of the House has other issues. It's not simply what he was or wasn't told about the pages in 2003, but what issues he knew about in 2003 that should have prompted independent Congressional reviews.

At the heart of the 2003-era revelations are the disclosures of the WMD problems, and the other Title 28 and Title 50 reporting requirements which the Attorney General and President had.

We judge the following:

1. Hastert has engaged in misleading statements about his recollections over events related to war crimes, and other felonies which violate the laws of war, but he and other Members of Congress illegally agreed with the President and Vice President not to review.

2. The President and Attorney General knew, or should have known, about the DOJ OPR concerns, but have illegally thwarted reports to the DOJ OPR.

3. The FBI agents involved have committed perjury, and are the targets of the DOJ OPR investigation.

4. Agents assigned to the DC and Virginia offices have made misleading, inconsistent statements to the FBI Supervisory Agents in Charge of evidence and the Special Agent in Charge. The SAC and Supervisoyr Agents have allegedly failed to adequately oversee the agents, and failed to accept information and evidence when first provided. They are allegedly complicit in an illegally conspiracy to back date evidence, provide misleading information to criminal investigators, and falsify the official record related to an ongoing criminal investigation.

5. 302s and FBI Agent cell phone recordings have been seized, and agent records are not consistent with the FBI public statements. Agents have allegedly destroyed evidence to hide the scope of the agency inaction, and transcripts from the interviews have been illegally altered.