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Friday, October 13, 2006

Rumsfeld Fatally Admits Responsibility

This is evidence in support of allegations against Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld.

This is referred to as a "Fatal admission," or a "failure to deny."

* * *


Rumsfeld fatally admitted that he is responsible for the results in Iraq.

Ref The Defense Secretary's response was on or about 11 Oct 2006. He and General Casey were asked by a member of the press corps who should or should not accept responsibility; paraphrasing, "How should the responsibility be shared between the Secretary of Defense and General Casey."

Rumsfeld (paraphrasing) responded that the media should enter into the record that the Secretary Accepts responsibility; and that the question asks the Secretary to show us your spades.


When challenged with an error, a sign of alleged negligence, liability, and other criminal conduct is a result, plan, and course of conduct which is imprudent; illegal; based on fraud; or far below what a reasonable person should do.

In order to admit into evidence Rumsfeld's admission of responsibility, the court may consider various factors as duress, state of mind, and the scope of the admission. It's one thing to point to an admission of responsibility, but incorrectly link that admission with a result that is unrelated to the admission.

Rumsfeld's admission is not narrow, but broad. It suggests he's looking at Iraq not as a single event, but as a segment in time, 2001-2006. This is important.

With the admission of responsibility comes with it the larger Administration planning prior to taking office, which Secretary of the Treasury O'Neill discussed. If Rumsfeld is accepting responsibility, then attached with that acceptance is the responsibility for what was done prior to the invasion; the alleged illegal planning and deception to get the US to commit to an illegal invasion.

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The Germans were not bashful about what they were doing in WWII. Hitler may have proudly accepted responsibility for the Holocaust, but his decision had no bearing on whether the Holocaust continued.

Accepting responsibility, and doing something about it are different matters.

In effect, he’s admitted that he’s responsible for the 600,000 Iraqi deaths, or American Genocide against Iraqis. Rumsfeld's admission of responsibility isn't, in his mind, a defeat. It's an acceptance in his mind that there's a disaster, nobody can do anything about it, but nobody will fire or prosecute him.

Yes, Rumsfeld's responsible, but he's still Secretary of Defense. That's not being accountable, but arrogant.

War crimes prosecutors do not work for the President or the Secretary of Defense.

If the Americans do not move to end the war crimes and Genocide, other nations may lawfully invade the US. Whether they are supported by Venezuela, Cuba, or Nicaragua remains to be seen.