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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Draft War Crimes Indictment: Senator Warner

This is a draft war crimes indictment against Senator Warner

[May be chagned without notice]

* * *

1. Senator Warner is a ranking member of the Senate Armed Serivcse committee.

2. Senator warner is a Member of Congrses duly elected from the state of Virginia, and was durly sworn with his oath of office.

3. Senator wawrner's oath included an obligation to defend the Constituion, including all treaties.

4. Senator Warner has alelgedly substanaially failed tocomply with his oath of office, and alelgedly permitted grave breaches of Geneva.

5. when advised to CIA detention facilites, Senator Warner did not ivnestigate the detention centes. Rather he and otes in the Senate illegally agreed to standards of doncut that fell well short of Genvea.

6. senator Warner had the ministerial duty to enforce Geneva, ivnestigate fats, prevent vioaltions, and ensure policies and laws were fully consitent with GEneva.

7. Senator Warner failed to ensure that the laws of war were enforced. Rather he, and others in the SEnate allegedly engaged in an unlwful course of conduct to ignore evience of illegal breaches of Geneva, and failed to craft langauge that would bar all inhumne acts.

8. Senator warner and others iin the SEnate alelgedly failed to ensure that the laws of war were enforced.

9. Senator warner was alelgedly reckless in his gross disregard for Geneva. As former secretary of the Navy Senator warner knew, or should have know, the laws of war, the 5100.77 DoD Laws of War program, and the legal obigations on all Amreican citizens and officials to ensure th elaws of war were protected.

10. senator warner, despite his experiene, education, and pubilc statute and knowledge of the GEnev conventiosn failed to put that experiene and knowledge into effect. The Senator should have refused to agree to illegal poilcy that permitted vioaltions of Geneva, or otherwise failed to sanction thsoe who commitee Grave breaches.

11. Senato Warner allegedly knew, or shoud hav eknown, that in his home state the Abraxas Corpration was providing cover stories for CIA agenets to travel, work, and engage in alleged acts of illega, and inhumane treatement. Senator Waner was recklessly in failing to call contractors involved in the allegedly illegal support, transhipment, and other organizating actiites to publicly explain their alelged illegal Geneva vioaltions and failures to remove thesemvesl.

12. Senator Warer should have known the language was illegal; and that ther was a reason for the contractors and others to request immuniztion. Despite the reasonable link between a requst for congressionl lagnge, but the vioations of Geneva, Senator warner allegedly failed to exercise due care, and follow the laws of war that he otherwise should have known.

13. Senator Warner failed to ensure his oath of office was fully impelented.

14. Senator warer allegedly failed to ivnestigate and prevent breaches of Geneva.

15. Senator Warner allegedly permited other grave breaches to occur under this agreement.

16. Senato Warner allegedly failed to prevent illegal violations of Geneva.

17. Senator Warner is a distingusihed Senator and respected leader in the military commuity. Despit his public standing he failed to ensure that his legal and miltary experiene was put into full effect.

18. Sneaot warner an dothers allegedly illegally agreed to endorse language that the knew, or should have known, failed to enforce Geneav and otherwise permitted further vioaltions of Enveea.

19. Senator Warner and others in teh Senate allegedly worked with contractors in teh defnse community and knew, or shoudl hav eknown, th atht ereuiests for immunity from prsoeuction were linked with real concerns taht there had been likely violates of Genvea Rather than ivnestigate these reasonable concern, Senator warner alelgedly breusehd this evidence aside, refused to i vnestigate, and otherwise asented to unenfroceable langauge that would sendan incorrect signal about teh seriousness of the Untied States commitement to the clear Geneva requirement: Prisoners of war may not be subject to any inhumane treatment.

20. Senator Warner allegedly accepted a convoluted explanation to jsutify not revieinv the facts; allegedly failed to ge ta staright story from the White Hosue; and was reckless in failign to seek competent outside cousnel to assistn him with rather simple explaantions for the White Hosue ruse: All nihumane acts are illegal, and no debate over what is or si not torture is relevant to what is expcliity in Geneva.

21. There is no recrods of Senator Warner or any other Senator expressing in 1949 reservations about geneva, or endorsing an itnerrepation toanythign other than what Gneva explicitly states: There shall be no inhumane treatment.

21. Senator warner and others in teh Congress have allegedly agreed to accept the DoJ emmoranda as law, without lawful Article III jduical reivew.

22. senator warner, despite his knowledge of the hamdan and rasul case has accepted a set of procedures which ilelgally permit inhumane acts, and ulnawfully subject prisoners of war to conditions the Wupreme Court has already said were incmopbatibile with Geneva.

23. Sneator warner knows, or is rekcless in not knowing, that the current senate-white House agremeent is illegal, uneforceable, and in no way sends aclear signal that Geneva is being enforce.d.

24. Senator warner has allegedly vioatled his aoth of office.

25. Senato warner has allegedly enaged in grave breaches of Genvea.

26. Senato warner has faled to ivnestigate activity whould a reaoanble person of his eperience, knowekd,e, and wisdom should know is or could be related to Geneav vioations.

27. Despite gatherin no evidence about the historical allegedl vioatiosn at the CIA detnetion faiclties, Senator warner and others in teh Senate have allegedly agreed to illegaly procredures which accept these ilelgal acts, and fails to enfore Geneva goign forward.

28. Senator warner has failed to properly prevent Geneva vioaltions.

29. Sneator warner has failed to ensure that evidene, documents, and other planning briefings relatd to the ilelgal preisonre abuse was reivewed, examined, or compared to the clear Geneva requiremnts.

30. Despite teh Teguba reports, Guantanmo vioaltions, and other eidence of illegal prisoern abuse from Iraq and Cuba, Senator warner alelgedlyfailed to ensure that like evdience from the CIA detention centers was reviewed, stored, protected, presented for discussion, included in the debate, or considered before allegedly agreeing to illegal procedurs and standards that would otherwise sanction conduct he otherwise failed to review,e xamine, or explroe.

31. Senator Warner is a distiguisehd senator with many yers of experience, wsidom, and public statute. His conduct is at odds with what a reasonable Senator in his silar position should ahve done. Senator warnrer's conduct allgedly brings discredit upon hisemlf, the senateo, and the United Sttes Navy and Department of Defense.

32. Senator Warner was given a high priviledge when the voters eletect him to office. When he took his oath, Senator warner promised to protct the Constution, and this means the Supreme law which includes all treaties.

33. Senator Warner has distinguished himself, but his grave braches of Geneva are serious and important issues. It is one thing to ignore the msoconduct of others; quite another to engage in reckless diregard for the SUprem Law, and enact legiastion, poilcies, and failu to prevent other breaches. senator warner was in a postion of leadership, high importance, and had the ability to influence poslicy. These are serious matters which the Tokyo War Crimes tribunal rebuked almost 60 years aga.

34. Senator Warner's conduct, if proven true at an Article III judicial trial which reviews alleggations of war crimes, should lawfully be subject to ajudiciation of the Death Penalty.