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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Action Alert: New Mexico Impeachment Proclamation

Ref: Pass this link to your friends, and encourage them to reach out to people who may know someone in New Mexico.

Please pass this information tonight; the hearing was delayed from Friday and will start Monday, 12 Feb 2007 in New Mexico.

Ref SJR05 -- NM Bill. [ Discussion on Rescheduling ]

For background: Here are the other State Proclamations moving in parallel with the New Mexico effort: [ Here ]

* * *

I'd like you to post the links where there is high traffic and visibility. This is a timely event, and if you have friends in the media please provide them a copy of the press package.

Here's the background information on the House Rule 603.

What You Can Do

1. Send the link to the New Mexico resolution to your friends via IM, blog, and e-mail.

2. Encourage your friends to reach out to people who may know others in New Mexico.

3. Call your local radio stations to talk about the State Proclamation effort; and mention the New Mexico State Legislature action.

4. Mention the timeliness of the State Level impeachment effort: Congress isn't acting; and the President is expanding illegal warfare from Iraq to Iran. Remind your friends and media that Iran is not an imminent threat; the US has taken time to review these issues; and the President cannot claim he must move quickly.

5. Remind your friends that the US is acting like the Japanese empire in WWII: Using world resistance to illegal warfare as the excuse to expand illegal warfare.