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Saturday, February 10, 2007

DNC Poodles Support War Criminal Bush's Illegal War in Iran

Ref The President is doing the same thing with Iran as he did with Iraq: Get the Congressional leadership to support an illegal, aggressive war.

Skelton is a poodle.

* * *

Just when you thought the Democrats had rolled over, they surprise you to show they're still stupid.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Ike Skelton released an absurd statement, oblivious to the legal authority of Iran to oppose the US war of aggression in Iraq.

Congress is part of the problem. Congress refuses to end illegal warfare, prompting insurgents to wage lawful war against the United States.

Skelton's comments echo the Japanese War cabinet's call for action after the US opposed Japan's illegal attack on Pearl Harbor.

It is serious when Members of Congress, blind to the scope of this aggressive war, are used as poodles to mobilize the nation for ar.

It is absurd to argue that "everything must be done" to ensure the safety of troops who are engaged illegal warfare. This does not mean, as Skelton suggests, expanding the illegal war.

All attempts by the US to expand this illegal war of aggression are unacceptable. The US is destabilizing the region. Iran is lawfully doing what it is permitted when opposing unlawful US action.

Iran is lawfully doing what the US congress refuses to do -- asserting power to oppose unlawful warfare. It is inappropriate for Skelton to lecture Iran how other nation should or should not do something "appropriate." The appropriate action is for Skelton to awaken to reality: The US is acting like Japan; and Iran is legally opposing the US war of aggression.

IT doesn't matter what the US says about terrorism. The US is illegally waging an unlawful war of aggression. The American public does not need to do anything, nor listen to Skelton. Until Congress ends the illegal warfare, Members of Congress like Skelton remain alleged war criminals and lawful military targets for their refusal to end illegal warfare.

Contrary to Skelton's assertions, the US is not facing an imminent threat from Iran. The problem is the ongoing threat by this Congress against the States.

Skelton is taking the bait, ignoring the US has waged illegal war in Iraq, and is unlawfully expanding aggressive war against those who lawfully support opposition to unlawful combat.

The US intelligence community is providing information to Congress on Iran's lawful opposition to the America's war of aggression in Iraq.

Just like the US "looked" at the evidence of WMD, Congress is best to review the legal issues with an aggressive war.

Skelton should stop being a poodle, and start acting like a Statesman: The war criminals in the White House should be brought to justice, not given more power to wage aggressive, illegal war.

* * *

Update Members of Congress and their staffs have reviewed the sentiment expressed above.