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Saturday, February 10, 2007

US Knows Iran No Imminent Threat -- US Interfering With Required Parts

Ref For the US to sabotage something, it must know what it is targeting.

There's no credible arguement to any US government position that Iran is an imminent threat. The US has the time to plan activiteis disrupting the material supplies used for the peaceful development of nuclear power.

* * *

Suppliers are providing bad parts.

The US cannot credibly argue there is an "imminent threat" of anything from Iran when the US is knowingly interfering with the supply system assuring Iran isn't making progress.

Ref What's baffling is the US government, despite no evidence of an imminent threat, is targeting Iran.

___ What is the basis for these targets?

Answer: None. They aren't imminent threats.

The US plans to attack these Iranian targets are, in the absense of an imminent threat, war crimes.

* * *

Amazing how the NeoCons, despite losing the Iraq war and the November 2006 election, are acting like they're still in charge. We've seen what they do when the win and when they lose: War crimes.